Spiritual Tie

People have different names for spiritual ties to others including soul ties or karmic bonds. They are the same and the purpose is to balance energy and show each their power. A soul tie may also be connected to show you the direction or determine your path.

Karmic bonds can also present problems. Having a soul tie to someone no longer in your life, someone proven to be a bad influence for you, or someone who has a lot of negative energy is all things that will drag you down. These are the cases where you should consider severing the soul tie.

How Are Karmic Bonds Created?

Some karmic bonds are naturally created while others are chosen. For instance, you have an immediate soul tie to your parents and siblings whether you want it or not. You were created in their spirit as well as physical so there is a tie there.

The person you marry or have a relationship with can produce a soul tie. This is the one you choose. Usually, this type of karmic bond takes years to produce but happens gradually and gets to a point where you can almost read their thoughts.

A spiritual tie is also created when you have sex with someone, even if you aren’t in a relationship with them. Sex is as much a spiritual ritual as it is a physical. That is why many religions mandate that it occurs only in marriage. What you do in the body does affect the spiritual realm and sex creates a karmic bond.

Reasons to End a Karmic Bond

Some valid reasons exist to end a karmic bond. It could be things such as abuse, neglect, or simply abandonment. It could be they are a bad person and you want no part of that. It could be that you both decide to part ways and so the bond must be severed spiritually as well as legally or physically. It could be that the person dies.

Unlike a physical or legal bond, it is the soul tie that is hardest to severe. It has been said that a parent can spiritually reach up from the grave to suck the life out of a child because of unresolved issues. This is true. This is a case where soul ties should be cut. That doesn’t mean you will never value that person or think of that person. It just means you are putting them in a particular place in your life and that is where they will stay.

Cutting the Bond

Five things will help you cut the karmic bond. Each will take some time to implement in your life, but they all must be done for you to feel peace.

  1. Don’t give it energy.

It takes energy – your energy – to activate a karmic bond. Anything you give energy to gains a certain amount of power over you. Refusing to give it energy will lessen the power.

This means controlling both your thoughts and your actions. Don’t think about them, argue with them, or trade insults through emails.

  1. Cut cords in your mind

This takes practice but visualize cutting a spiritual cord in your mind. It may take several attempts during the day for several weeks to feel the effects of this but continue to do it until you feel the tethers to the other person loosening and being released.

  1. Keep it positive.

Don’t talk about them and especially don’t waste your good energy by talking negatively about them. Ongoing talk reactivates the bond between you.

  1. Improve yourself.

Take some time to improve yourself. Expand your thinking and your energy. Clearing out the old and bringing in new people, hobbies, or knowledge will go a long way to reducing the karmic bond to the other person.

  1. Forgive.

People often don’t give forgiveness enough credit. Forgiveness does more for you than for the other person. It clears your heart and energy and breaks any remaining tie issues with the other person.

Learning how to break a spiritual or karmic tie isn’t that challenging. The challenging part is following through with it. Most people want to hang onto the familiar, even if it’s bad for them. Letting go and severing certainties, although painful, will allow you the freedom to move on.