Manifest Your Desires

Using the Law of Attraction to manifest things can be hard, especially if you are living a life that is full of stress and aggravation. The mind has a way that it can take its vibrations and increase them or decrease them based on emotions.

Are you someone that wants to have things in their life and so you use vision boards, or you write in journals hoping to figure out your path and to bring things to your life? The way that you manifest things in your life is more to do with how you are feeling and letting your emotions be in charge over what you do with your life. If you want to use the Law of Attraction successfully, you need to change your feelings.

If there were instructions on manifesting things or if there was a manual or a recipe, life would be simple. You can learn to visualize and manifest things with meditation if you do it right.


Manifesting things that you want should not cause you to be fearful but if you are someone that is an empath, you might not be able to get rid of your energy and you might feel stuck. The Law of Attraction can use visualization to help you to get what you want, as long as you use your feelings in a positive way.

Figure out what you want and send out positive energy for it out to the universe. The bigger the thing is that you want, the harder it might be to manifest it but when you visualize, you meditate and stay calm. This can help you to keep your emotions in check and help you along the way.

Releasing Negative Energies

  • Sit in a quiet place and imagine you are in a room that has a screen in it.
  • Imagine on the screen is a flower. Pick what color you want the flower to be and let it look opened and bloomed.
  • Do not choose black, brown, or white as the color.
  • Watch the flower as it uses energy to go different ways. Let the flower fill up.
  • After the flower is in full bloom, clear yourself out of the energy. Send the flower away to the universe and watch it disappear. Imagine a firecracker under the flower and it is blowing up. This will stop negative energies from coming to you.

Havingness and Deservingness

  • Imagine your screen is clear and you have different scales in front of you. One is a Havingness scale, and one is a deservingness scale.
  • Look at the scale and answer how much you have and deserve to feel in your space. If you have bad feelings or you are judging yourself or others, you have to go back and blow the flower away to clear your space.
  • Once you get a number, you will re-set it. Look at the number and ask them to change so that they both reach gold level. This should make you feel better. Push the scale all the way to 100 and that will make you feel deserving and happy. Make sure both scales are at 100.

Manifestation and Meditation

Make sure that you restart your scales and do this a few more times. Then go to meditation. It is here that you can reach the Law of Attraction to connect with manifesting like never before.  Come up with a plan that you have and set it in motion:

  • Clear your screen and imagine that there are more scales and flowers in front of you. Blow them up with a firecracker and see them go away.
  • Set up your flowers and have one for everything that you want. Let them come across the screen in a row. Set the flowers at different colors and let them be opened or closed.
  • Label each of the flowers for what you want in your life. Write the name of the flower in gold lettering.
  • Look at the flowers and see how they make you feel. If you look at the flowers and you feel doubtful or you feel scared, ask the flower to get rid of any negative feelings in your mind.
  • Once you label the flowers and you feel good about it, see the pictures as what they are and see what you feel about them.
  • Let the flower get full of good feelings and get rid of anything holding you back or making you feel negative.
  • With different flowers in front of your screen, copy the flowers and imagine that you are raising your vibrations.
  • For each of the flowers, bring them to you and imagine them floating over you. Absorb their flowers and their power and manifest your energy.
  • Imagine sending the flower out into the world and go and get what you want to manifest in your life.
  • Come out of the meditation.

This is a great way to practice manifestation and to imagine getting what you want in your life. Doing this can help you to feel positive and can help you to enjoy your process. Feelings are the key to getting what you want to attract in your life and so make sure you leave your sessions feeling positive and full of energy.