Preparing for a Reading with a Psychic

Preparing for a Reading with a PsychicI’ve always been intrigued by psychics. But I’ve also always been apprehensive about getting my own psychic reading. What if my reader turns out to be a scammer, or doesn’t actually have supernatural sight? Or what if the reader has negative energy and it transfers into me during my reading? Are psychics dangerous? What if I hear things from the psychic that I really don’t want to hear? Are the potential benefits outweighed by the risks?

My curiosity finally overcame me, and I Google searched local psychic readers. There were so many to choose from! Even after poring over their websites for a whole afternoon, I still had no idea who to book my session with, or how I should prepare for my reading.

I told a friend about my plan, and she immediately recommended clairvoyant Saria Reed. After reading through her social media posts and positive reviews, I scheduled a reading with her for the next afternoon.

I thought it would help Saria to read me more accurately if I had clear, focused energy, so in preparation for the reading, I made it my goal to center and manifest my energy. Day-to-day, my energy is fairly scattered. I’m aware of this, and actively work to gather it. I deal with social anxiety and mental issues, so I routinely center myself through spiritual energy work. Here’s how I specifically prepared for my reading.

Yoga and Stretching

When I woke up the morning of my reading, I immediately drank a glass of water and began my daily yoga routine of simple stretching and basic poses. When you do yoga, it’s perfectly fine to modify your yoga poses to suit your physical abilities. The point isn’t to achieve perfection. The point of yoga is to comfortably loosen up your body. I always feel like a good yoga session allows my energy to flow more freely. After yoga, I was ready for breakfast and the next steps in my energy manifesting and cleansing process.

Music and Smudging

After a fruit and yogurt smoothie, I put on some relaxing instrumental music. Music always helps focus my energy into a centered calmness. I then performed a spiritual cleansing by smudging with sage, which helps me open my psychic channels. Since I already had the sage burning, I went ahead and smudged my entire living space, clearing it of any negative energy or bad vibes. To smudge, all you have to do is ignite a sage smudge stick until it’s smoldering, and let the smoke permeate your home. When I do this, I place the sage on a cute little soapstone tray and walk around my whole home with it. It’s important to make sure the smoke enters every corner in every room. The energetic vibe of my entire living space always feels happier, fresher, and lighter after a thorough smudge session, so I like to make one a component of my weekly energy rituals.

Crystals and Meditation

When you’re striving to open your mind and to cleanse your energy, it’s helpful to meditate with clear quartz. It’s also used to amplify energy: pairing clear quartz with another crystal amplifies the vibration and other effects of the other crystal. I usually pair clear quartz with rose quartz, but in preparation for my psychic reading, I used it on its own.

A friend mined some raw clear quartz crystals herself and gifted some to me. I’m really drawn to their strong energy. I incorporated this energy into my preparation for my reading by holding a few pieces in each hand and meditating quietly for a few minutes. While meditating, I visualized that white light was flowing through me vertically, and I tried to center my own energy by manifesting it into that solid light beam. After meditating, I felt cleansed, clear-headed, and ready for the adventure of my psychic reading!

Dressing for Success

What should a person wear to a psychic reading? I honestly had no idea at first. I sorted through my closet, grabbed skirts and blouses off of their hangers, considered countless combinations, and carelessly discarded each one! I thought things through, and decided against wearing a fussy outfit that could cause a distraction during the reading, and settled on a comfortable outfit of jeggings, a soft flowing shirt, and a long loose duster I unearthed from the depths of a dresser drawer. I finished the outfit off with comfy flats, and I was all set.

The Reading

During my reading, she quickly and clearly began receiving profound messages. Throughout the entire reading, I felt as if she was reading me like I was an open book. Saria gave me many valuable insights, and many of the things she told me rang deep and true to me in unexpected ways.

Saria gave me such a helpful reading that I’m convinced my preparation made a significant difference. I’m so glad that I prepared so thoroughly for the reading. I could feel that the strength of the vibes I manifested helped Saria gain a clearer insight into my life and my world. Regularly centering and manifesting your energy is a good habit even if you aren’t preparing for a psychic reading. After all, spiritual self-care is important, and good vibes are key to a happy life!