Signs You’re a Psychic

When you journey through life you will have ups and downs and you will have problems.  You will not understand everything that happens to you.  Life is all about learning and understanding things that come in our life.  When you observe what is happening around you or you remember things about our past, these are influences and not facts.  When you are in the psychic world, you will see things that you are not able to express or even understand.

The psychic phenomena are something that is very popular, and people teach it and practice it.  What we know about it is that there are parts of our culture that seek to live this life and they believe in the spiritual world of mediums, psychic seeing, hearing and other gifts.  There are many that believe in the supernatural while others do not.  Some people are curious and want to know more about what is in the universe that they haven’t seen, and this causes some people to investigate things such as instinct, intuition and the sixth senses.

Intuition and Psychic Gifts

When we look at intuition, it is not easy to explain, but some think it is the mental process that allows you to get information that you have experienced over your life.  Some believe this is an accurate judgement of knowledge that is unexplainable.  This means that people can be intuitive because of things that they have been exposed to in their life, including things they have read or things they have believed.

Some information that we get comes from other people, how they look at us, their body language and this can be a root of intuition.  Others get information from a sense and it is because the universe plays a role in what we are thinking and when something works with our unconscious mind, we are able to communicate without ever knowing why or how.

Psychic Ability

Instinct is something that we get from the eternal world or from behaviors of others.  This is seen in people and animals in response to something that is happening around them.  This is something we are born with and we have a motivation to act a certain way.  Some animals will respond to their environment and this is unique to people.

Intuition uses the mental senses to tell us what is happening, and it will tell us when something isn’t right or when we need to pay attention to something.  This can come in the form of a tingle or a sick feeling in the stomach.  This is the intuition telling us something.

Spiritual or Scientific?

Some people believe that intuition is a foreknowing and is scientific while others believe that it is spiritual.  It might have a link to both and be part of the everyday experiences that we have in the world where our intuition is laying a foundation for us.

No matter what the reasons is, our culture encourages us to be rational and to make good assessments on what we are doing.  These things are not always correct and sometimes our emotions play a huge role in how we act about something.


If you have ever had a gut feeling and it turned out to be true or had something happen and you knew not to do it and wished you had listened, this is a sign of having intuition.  This can be an insight inside of you that you cannot explain.  This means you have acquired some type of psychic abilities.  All people are born with some psychic abilities and gifts and it is up to them on if they believe it or not.

Here are some signs that might indicate you are psychic:

  • You have an inner voice.
  • Your voice urges you to do things.
  • You aren’t afraid of being mystical.
  • When you feel ill or sick it is because someone around you is ill or sick.
  • You want to support people without real reason.
  • You suffer when someone is hurting.
  • You are very creative.
  • You feel that rules stop you from being free.
  • Your ears ring.
  • You have restlessness and anxiety at weird times.
  • You connect well with animals.
  • You connect well with children.
  • You have vivid dreams.
  • You see things around you and try to make sense of it.
  • You have a psychic in your family.
  • You get overwhelmed when there are a lot of people around.

It is possible that you have psychic gifts and you have to develop them and expand them if you want to make them stronger.

Psychic Train

People all over the universe believe in miracles and are searching for reasons that things happen.  Having psychic abilities is not just about having a psychic nature, it is about the universe being unseen to the world.  When you don’t understand what is happening to you, you have to engage and understand the spirit realm in order to practice these gifts.  Keep trying and keep an open mind and see what you discover about yourself.