Money Chakras

Our body is born with bones, organs, skeletons and more and our bodies are also born with chakras.  These chakras are part of our energies that come from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet.  They connect with our bones and work towards the nervous system.

They rotate in a clockwise manner and when you face outwards, it goes in the same direction that the galaxy revolves.

Each chakra has a different feature and frequency and helps to control different parts of our bodies.  They are associated with different colors of the rainbow such as red, violet and other natural and pure colors.  As we get older, our chakra colors fade because of the toxic things in our life.

The negative thoughts and feelings connect to the chakras and does not allow them to vibrate like they should.  This causes the frequency to be less and can clog or block our chakra, making the body suffer.  When the chakras are unblocked and clear, they give us strong vibrational frequencies.

We can clear our chakras from the toxic and negative energies that accumulates when we do different daily practices.  We can find out what our life holds and be present in the moment and this will bring joy and happiness within.

When we are clear in our chakra, it allows us to enter into a healthy state of mind and body.

When we balance our chakras, we can be fully present no matter what life is bringing us.

Root Chakra

The root chakra is important, and it is found at the bottom of the spine and is grounded by the physical body.  This chakra lets you know that you are safe and protected and that you are wealthy and strong.

The root chakra can restrict the flow of energy to the body when it is blocked, and this can bring tiredness and insecurity.

What is Happening?

When your root chakra is out of balance, it causes you to lose your ability of stability.  IT causes you to feel unconfident and scared.  When you want to take care of your needs and be loving, you have to have a strong root chakra.  You cannot make money and work when you are overly stressed and sick.

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is located in the stomach, below the belly button.  This chakra brings creativity and happiness.  This is part of your sex drive.

The second chakra or the sacral chakra is what allows you to attract to others and it is associated with the color orange.

When your sacral chakra is out of balance, it will cause you to be sad, unattractive and have no sex drive.  You must understand that there are issues when you become negative.  You have to figure out how to get out of the drama and to face your challenges so that you can be stronger.

If you feel that you are unworthy, irresponsible and you are not able to make it on your own, your sacral chakra might be blocked.

What is Going On?

When your sacral chakra is unbalanced, it will mean that you are lacking confidence and that you are not able to make good decisions.  You are not able to do things when you are not able to enjoy what you are doing.

When you find that you are not enjoying your job or your life, get your sacral chakra balanced.

Your sacral chakra can cause you not to be able to make money because when it blocks the idea of enjoying your job and your situation, you will not be able to make the situation better or go to work unless you unblock your chakra.

You have to learn that you are worthy and that you are good at what you are doing in your life.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Your solar plexus chakra is located in your center and controls our metabolism.  This chakra is the third chakra and it gives you purpose and gives you power.

When your solar plexus is blocked, it can cause you to be an introvert and to not meet your goals.  You have to be able to move forward to meet your goals both in your life and in your finances.

When your chakra is strong, it is associated with bright yellow.  This power gives you the chance to do things in your life and to work hard to make the right decisions.

Your solar plexus chakra, when blocked, might make you feel that you are making bad decisions and that you cannot do things on your own.  It can make managing money hard and make you feel stuck.

What is Happening?

When your solar plexus is out of balance, it makes you not have confidence in little things such as managing money.  It does not allow you to enjoy things that you are doing, and it makes saving money even harder.

You cannot manage your money when you are stressed and aggravated about life.  You must identify what is holding you back.  You need to get your negative feelings out and get your life in control, know that you are powerful and good at what you do.

Heart Chakra

Your heart chakra is located in the center of your life and brings you balance and understanding.  It brings you feelings of security and having a strong identity.  It allows you to be accepting and to not be hateful to others.

The heart chakra is the fourth chakra and is full of love and forgiveness and is connected to the color green.  This chakra tells you that you are good at giving money but not getting it and that you need money when you call it.  It tells you that you can make a lot of money and bring happiness.

What is Happening?

When the heart chakra is out of balance, it means you don’t have confidence to be loved or to be appreciated.  When you want to make money or call money into existence, you can’t because of this blockage.  You don’t feel like you will be compensated for what you do.

This blockage can stop you from earning money because you don’t feel like you are good enough to make it.  You might find the emotions that are causing this blockage and you must tell yourself that you are good and that you will be compensated if you can forgive yourself.

Don’t let the negative inner critic take over what is yours.

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is found in the throat and it allows you to know that you are expressive and secure.  It gives you feelings of trust and being able to know your future.

This chakra is located at the base of the throat and helps you to communicate.  It is the fifth chakra and part of your inner voice.  This chakra allows you to feel that you are good at investing money, that you can good expression, that you can trust others and that you can show your emotions.

What is Happening?

When this chakra is out of balance, it makes you not confident.  It causes you not to be able to call in money and you are not able to protect it to let it grow.

When you want to invest and this is blocked, you cannot save, and you will not be able to find good investments because your body is not ready.  You must figure out what emotional challenges has caused this blockage and learn to say that you are good at investing your money and you are confident in yourself.

Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is the sixth chakra and is located in the forehead between your eyebrows.  This chakra is good at being able to help you see beyond yourself and into the future.

The third eye tells you that you are good enough and that you can trust your intuition.  It allows you to identify with yourself and is associated with the color indigo.

What is Happening?

When the third eye chakra is out of balance, it causes you to feel that you are not good enough.  It makes you think that the world is not good enough and that it has nothing to offer you.

When this chakra is blocked, it can make you feel that you are not able to do things and cause you to be sad.  It can make you feel that you never have enough money.  You have to identify with these emotions.

You need to get your negative thoughts under control and know that you are good enough and that you can make money and invest it.  You have to understand that the world does have enough money for you.

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is located on the top of the head and is your awareness chakra.  This is the seventh chakra and is part of being wise and having understanding.  The crown chakra is associated with the color violet.

When you have an imbalance of the crown chakra, it will make you have disbelief and not feel connected to your body or soul.  This will limit your energy and bring about feelings of not being good enough.

You will lose your enlightened wisdom and will not have clarity.  You will feel disconnected and not believe teachings around you.  When you live disconnected from your crown chakra, it will tell you that you can’t have good things and it will tell you that you don’t need faith.

What is Happening?

When the crown chakra is out of balance it will make you feel that you cannot do business and that you are separated from people that can help you.

It will tell you that you are a disappointment and that good things cannot happen for you.  You will have a shift of money problems if you do not get this balanced.


Shift away from your inner circle and your inner critic and stop allowing it to tell you that you are not good enough.  Do daily cleansings and meditation to get your chakra in balance so that you can bring money to you and have peace and happiness in your life.