It is not uncommon to hear about how we are surrounded by spirit guides the are here to help us. Not as common are animal spirit guides.  It’s an interesting fact to ponder.  Is it possible to have an animal for a spirit guide?

Have you every felt an unspoken connection to one type of animal? If you have, you may just have a spirit guide who will be with you throughout your lifetime.  It will help you by sharing its skills and knowledge as you go through your life

There is a way to discover your animal spirit guide. Relax in a place without distractions and breathe deeply until you are calm and open to your thoughts. Take note if any animals present themselves in your thoughts.  The first animal you see is most likely your spirit animal.

You can also request that the universe  present you with a spirit animal to guide you.  As above, be aware of any animal that presents itself.

You may already know your animal guide. If you have had an attachment to a particular kind of animal for your entire life.  You may have strong feelings about a specific animal.

Once you know your spirit animal, you can ask them to reveal the wisdom they have for you.  The information they give you can greatly improve your life. They can help you through your life journey.