Using Mars in Astrology

Mars is the second smallest planet and is often called the Red Planet because it has a red hew to it. It has iron oxide which makes its surface this color. Mars is a terrestrial planet, and it has valleys and polar ice caps. Galileo is one of the first people to look at mars through a telescope.

Mars in Astrology

People are often aggressive, angry, and sexual. This is part of what Mars does. Mars is one that also rules attraction and romance. It is a planet that takes action, and it doesn’t take time to think.

Mars will do nothing that doesn’t have willpower, and this can mean that you also have willpower when you assert yourself. There is energy on this planet that is creative and when you are channeling this energy you will see that it can make you powerful, passionate, and assertive.

This planet also works at the beginning and end of your life and works with the zodiac signs in the same way. Mars is a nature planet and even though there is pain and hurt, there is also passion and energy. The anger and frustration that impacts the world can be overcome.

Mars is based on the first chakra, and it is a place where fear sometimes rules the lives of people. It can give you strength to help you be grounded to handle things that come in life.

Mars and Signs

Mars is a planet that rules Aries and Scorpio. These are the two signs that have traits mostly related to mars. Aries and Scorpios are able to be passionate about life and they can deal with drama that comes. They are strong and charming, and they care about others.

The Aries and Scorpios are controlling, intense and often impulsive and not everyone likes to be around them.

Numerology and Mars

Mars is the ruling planet in the 9th, 18th and 27th month. People with these numbers are considered to be lucky and romantic. They might be professional, and they enjoy adventures. 9’s are people that like the truth and they have integrity and are honest. They have compassion and love for their family and friends.

These are people that have strong intuition. The numbers can mean a complete cycle or the end of something and this can be a final number that is positive for new beginnings.

Mars Signs

Mars has a sign like every other planet in the solar system. Mars signs are the position of Mars when you were born, and this is the house of Mars. As Mars moves through the signs it will spend 2 months in each sign and will be into retrograde every 26 months.

Mars in Signs

If you have been curious about your Mars sign you can figure it out by finding the position of Mars based on when you were born. This can help you to understand how you express yourself and understand what drives you.

Mars in astrology means that someone might be pushy and aggressive, and they might be easily offended. They also will be motivated and will be able to use their energies to reach their goals. Mars is in a weakened position sometimes and this can cause the energy to not be as strong in the people.

Mars in Aries

When Mars is in Aries it can mean that the person is passionate. They will argue if they need to, but they are loyal. They likely have a hard time controlling their emotions, but they have goals, and they will do what it takes to reach them.

Mars in Taurus

When Mars is on Taurus these are people that will find pleasure in taking things in life slow. They like to be around things that make them happy. They will overcome things and will work to focus on their passions in life.

Mars in Gemini

People that are driven and that are flighty might be when Mars is in Gemini. They are people that are not able to keep their mind focused and they get mad when things are heated.

Mars in Cancer

When Mars is in Cancer these people might have anger outbursts and they can find it hard to keep their emotions in check. They are loyal and giving but they can lose their heads easily.

Mars in Leo

Mars when in Leo can be a fire and fire that come together to bring heat. This can make people angry and explosive, and they will likely fly off the handle. They will be loyal and will down hat it takes to reach their goals, but they can get mad easily.

Mars in Virgo

When Mars is in Virgo it can mean someone is ambitious. They will reach their goals and do what it takes to achieve them. They are meticulous when they do things and charismatic.

Mars in Libra

People that have Mars in Libra will be emotional and intelligent. They are assertive and make good leaders. They are great friends, and they are challenging.

Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio can mean that someone is mysterious and that they are intriguing and will go out of their way to have revenge. They are passionate and they are vengeful, and they will do things when they feel put down or challenged.

Mars in Sagittarius

When Mars is in Sagittarius it can mean that someone is full of excitement and joy. They have a spark of motivation, and they have friends that are always there for fun.

Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Capricorn can be a challenging. They can be people that have strength and are able to reach their goals. They can take orders from others, and they are great leaders. They are people of authority and are rational.

Mars in Aquarius

When Mars is in Aquarius these are people that will fight for others. They will fight for justice, and they put others first. They will do what they can to help everyone around them.

Mars in Pisces

When Mars is in Pisces these people will be gentle and kind. They will not assert themselves. This is a passive sign, and they will express their emotions when they feel upset by something but not in a negative way.

Final Thoughts

Mars is not known for being small but for being fiery and hot. They are a passion planet, and they have a temper and a strong drive. This planet makes sparks and can keep a connection alive inside of yourself and inside of others. When people behave in a way that they can’t seem to control, this is a time when Mars is in control.