Cope as an Empath

An empath is someone that picks up the feelings and emotions of people around them. These energies can leave the empath feeling tired and overwhelmed. There are ways that an empath can cope and because of their natural gifts and their strong intuition, without coping, they can be lost.

If you are an empath and you are overwhelmed and can’t seem to get things in order, you might need to talk to a therapist or a counselor to help you.

Here is how to cope as an empath:

Know What Drains You

The biggest thing that you need to do as an empath is to know what drains you. Learn to identify when you are feeling energy and when you feel the energy leave you.

Once you understand this, you can learn to not put yourself in places or situations that bring you down. Find ways to get your energy to be strong and healthy.

  • Put Up a Shield

You have the strength to put up your own shield to protect your energy. You can use an energy shield like a bubble. Anytime you are about to leave the house, visualize a shield surrounding you so that you can stay balanced and strong.

The shield or the bubble will protect you from people that are negative and if you feel that you are getting tired or overwhelmed, hide in your shield.

  • Notice Your Thoughts

If you have a hard time shielding yourself, you can stop negative thinking form taking over your mind. If you find that you are feeling bad or angry, find out if the anger comes from you or if it comes from someone else.

What is the feeling trying to tell you? Maybe you are not able to understand this at first but with practice you can learn to let go of the feelings and to know who they belong to.

  • Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations can help an empath to remain strong. Even though an empath might have a hard time being positive all the time, once an empath knows that the negative feelings aren’t there’s, using positive affirmations can help to keep positivity flowing.

  • Stay Grounded

It is important for an empath to always stay grounded. Try any kind of grounding technique that will uplift your energy and make you have stronger feelings. Ground with the earth and let the earth guide you.

  • Use Forgiveness

Forgiving yourself and others can build up your energy and can help you to have a strong life force. Once you learn to let go of hurt, you can heal from it. Being sensitive means that you are likely getting hurt often but as you learn to forgive fast, you will feel better. Also, learn to forgive yourself for allowing people to hurt you.

  • Busy Mind

Remember, you will have a busy mind if you are an empath. You need to let yourself have these thoughts and also you need to let yourself have the emotions that you have. Express the feelings that you have and don’t hide them.

  • Spend Time Alone

It is important that you spend time alone and that you embrace this time to do things that you love. Spend time with family and friends that make you feel good and spend this time doing things that make you feel happy.

  • Choose a Safe Place

Find a place that brings you peace and designate that as your safe place. Whenever you get tired or overwhelmed, go to that place. Don’t watch television or get on your phone but just take time to relax.

  • Eat Healthy

Eat foods that are healthy and that keep your mind and body in tune with each other. This can balance your life and your emotions. Eat things like vegetables, fruits, and lean meats.

  • Move

Make sure that you are taking time to move. You can go to the gym, do yoga or something to keep your body moving. While you are moving, try to meditate and get your mind and your body in check with each other.

  • Nature

Going in nature is one thing that you can do to feel healthier. Let your energy build up while you spend time listening to the birds, smelling the fresh air and being part of nature.

  • Look from a Different Point of View

It can be hard to see things differently when you are an empath. Picking up emotions and feelings can be hard, and this is a time that you need to learn to be calm and kind. Don’t indulge in behavior that are hurtful.

Try to get rid of things that are holding you down and if people are hurting you, remove them from your life. Some people are rude or hurtful because of past trauma that they have experienced. If you are willing to accept that, you can learn to accept them and their negative emotions. If not, it means you need to move on without them.

When you look at things from a persons point of view, you can learn to have more sympathy for them.

  • Keep Your Chakras Strong

Make sure that you are keeping your chakras strong. Find out if you have chakras that are blocked and then do what you can to make them work their best. Use crystals, certain foods, colors and sounds to make your chakras flow.

  • Be Thankful

As an empath, the gift might be overwhelming, but it is a gift that is given to you from the universe. Learn to embrace this gift and to see it as a good thing. Don’t let the negativity take away your gift.

  • Have Boundaries

All healthy relationships have boundaries and as an empath, you need to increase your boundaries. Doing this can help you to have a clear mind and a clear heart when you keep yourself safe.

  • Be Responsible

Be responsible for your own wellbeing. Learn to have peace and to find joy for yourself. You can have these things if you believe in yourself. Even if you are having a hard time finding peace and happiness, you can take time to talk to someone. Find a therapist or a trusted person that you can talk to.

When you get the help you need, you can face bigger issues that are hindering you from growing and you can resolve problems that you are having. Overcome the issues that you face and learn to have a happy life.