He Only Wants to Be Friends

It can be hard to deal with someone that made you think that they liked you but then they only want to be friends now. Maybe they gave you a lot of attention and they said nice things to you that made you feel good. They might also have been someone that you would have fun with and that would flatter you.

It can be hard to know what to do next but what happens if now, out of nowhere, he wants to just be friends? Here are some reasons this can happen:

  • He Doesn’t Really Like You

Some guys aren’t going to really like you. He might have thought that he was falling for you but then he realized that he really wasn’t. He might have been into you and now he realizes that he just wants to be friends.

He might have been someone that thought he would fall for you right away and this might have been why he led you on. He still might like you, but he might not be sure, or he might just not really want to date anyone.

If this has happened to you, the best thing that you can do is to let him go and let him do his own thing. Be as great as you were from day one and don’t let him get you down.

  • He Wants to Have Fun

Some guys don’t like the idea of being in a serious relationship. They just want to date and have fun, but they don’t really want to settle down. If he wants to be friends with you now and you thought he liked you, just ask him why.

If you aren’t wanting to just have fun with this guy, be clear with him and tell him that you’re looking for something more. Be firm with him. If you’re interested in just having fun too, let him know that you like that idea.

  • Weak Feelings

He might have liked you at first but then he realized that he didn’t love you. He had serious feelings, but they weren’t really strong enough to be in a serious relationship. He might have gotten bored with you, and he might have realized that his feelings changed.

When this happens, you need to realize that some men come into the picture because they want to be a hero. They have things that drive them and when this happens, some guys will be fully committed.

If you want him to give you what you want, give him time to figure out what that even is.

  • He Wasn’t Sure

Chances are that this guy started dating you and liked you, but he wasn’t really sure what he wanted. Some men will lead women on, and this happens both ways. Some men aren’t really sure what they want and so they will make things not that serious.

If he led you on, he probably wasn’t really sure what he wanted and so now he wants to just be friends.

If he isn’t ready for a relationship, give him space and don’t try and force things on him. He will maybe come back to you when he is ready. If he isn’t really that interested in you though, don’t chase him.

  • He Loves His Ex

There are some men that date other women so that they can get over their ex. If he led you on and made you feel like he liked you but then wanted to be friends, he might not be ready to move on from his ex-girlfriend yet. If he is still in love with her, he will only want to stay friends with you in case he can get her back.

Being in a rebound relationship is never good. Know it for what it is and then decide if that is what you want or not. Don’t let your heart get broken.

  • Backup Plan

A guy that is leading girls on often wants to have a backup plan in case their relationship doesn’t work out. He might be waiting to see if something better or if his ex comes back to him. If he is keeping you as an option, think this over.

This is a selfish way for a guy to treat you. If you are being treated that way, then you need to realize that they only care about themselves. If you don’t want that, tell him about your feelings and then move on.

  • Making His Ex Jealous

There are some guys that will lead a girl on because they want to make someone else jealous. He might hope that his ex will see you and will come crawling back to you. He might like you, but he might not be over his ex and not sure how to move on.

The best thing that you can do for yourself in this situation is to let him go. He isn’t ready to be in a serious relationship with you and if you try to force him then it won’t work out. He might decide later that he likes you and if you still want to stay friends then do it but be careful with your heart.

  • He is a Player

One reason why a guy will lead you on is because he is a player. He will do what it takes to get what he wants but when he gets it, he doesn’t want it anymore. They will lead you on and see what they can get and then will tell you they just want to be friends. This is a guy that isn’t going to commit to one girl.

If you don’t want to be with someone that is a player, get out right away. He isn’t someone that is going to be ready to commit to a relationship with you or with anyone. Don’t expect much from this kind of relationship.

  • What Happened?

Sometimes a guy that acts like he likes you and then wants to be friends might have something big that has happened in their life. Maybe they have a big change in their life, and they were trying to keep you around because they needed to have their void filled.

Don’t expect much from this guy and don’t expect him to get back together with you later. Chances are that he is moving on after this happened and he knows he isn’t ready to commit to anyone.

  • Hooking Up

A guy might try to lead you on because he wants to hook up with you and nothing else. He might want to just have sex with someone, and he feels that you are the right person for this. He knows that he will never want to commit to a relationship anytime soon and he wants things to just be casual.

He likely isn’t someone that is going to be serious with you and its best not to get offended. If you want something more than a casual relationship, let him go and find someone else to get involved with.

  • He Likes the Chase

Some men just want to see if they can get who they want. He might be someone that has a lot of friends or someone that wants to be popular. He might be wanting to see if he is living up to his manly name.

This guy isn’t someone that you are going to want to be with. You need to move on and let him go. If you are really wanting to be with him, know that he is who he is and accept that he will chase you and then chase someone else later.

  • He Doesn’t Know

If a guy doesn’t know if you like him back or not, he might just say that he wants to be friends. This is a way that he won’t get his heart broken if you reject him.

If you like him and he likes you, tell him how you feel. If you want to be more than friends, don’t wait for him to ask you but tell him what your feelings are and see what happens.

  • He’s Immature

Some men are immature even when they are older. They can’t get over just having fun and they are always looking to find someone new in their life. They want to be friends and they might want more for a while, but they aren’t really sure. Someone that is fully grown might still not be mature enough to make a serious decision.

You might feel like you have a connection with this guy and now he just wants to be friends. You can give him time to experience life with other people and if he doesn’t realize that you are important, let him go.

  • Life is Hard

A guy might have become attracted to you because they are going through something hard in their life. When this happens, he might have been attracted to your heart and your love, but he might not really love you. Even though this could turn to love later, you need to give him time.

Life doesn’t always give you what you want and sometimes things won’t work out the way that you expected them to. Some guys will come back to you, but some will forget you. You are taking a chance when you are trying to catch someone that only wants to be friends.

  • Why is He Flirting?

You might wonder why this guy is flirting with you if he just wants to be friends. Here are some reasons this can be happening:

  • He Likes to Flirt

Some guys like to flirt, and it makes them feel good and makes them feel like they are playing a game.

  • He Doesn’t Know

Sometimes a guy might not really know if he likes you or not. He wants to keep his options open until he figures it out.

  • He Shows Off

There are some people that just like to show off and show that they can get someone to fall for them.

  • He Is Trying Out His Skills

He might be trying to see if he can get someone to like him by trying it out on you.

  • He Doesn’t Realize It

Some guys are naturally flirty, and they don’t even realize that they are flirting with you.

  • No More Feelings

You might wonder how you can stop having feelings for someone that only wants to be friends. This can be hard, but it can happen. Here’s how:

  • Be Compassionate

Be compassionate with yourself about your feelings. Allow yourself to feel bad for what happened but then get up and move on. Admit he is leading you on and move on without hurt.

  • You Are Special

Men want to date you but not all men are going to be the right person for you. Know that you are special and remember that you deserve to have someone that loves you.

  • Make a List

Make a list of the reasons that you can’t be with him and why the relationship would never work out for you.

  • Stay Busy

Sometimes its best to just stay busy and get someone off of your mind. Find something to do to keep yourself busy. Have fun and enjoy your life.

  • Stay Away from Romance

Don’t torture yourself by watching romantic movies or listening to love songs. Stay away from things that talk about love so that you don’t get sad and depressed.

Final Thoughts

When someone leads you on, it can be hurtful. This can also cause you to question everything going on in your life. Don’t let this situation get you down or make you to stop having love for others. The right person will come into your life, and it will be worth it.