Senses to Be Mindful

Letting go of material things and other things and having a clean and fresh start can allow you to have a cleansing and to feel restful in a world that is often overstimulating. We might even be craving the feeling of livening the spirit and manifesting things in our world that we need.

When we feel tired or stressed, we are probably not in the place to look at our higher selves. When we awaken our giftings, we can be motivated to reach our inner self.


One way that you can open up your senses is to meditate. You can even try candle meditation which means that you find a place that you can sit eye level with a candle and watch it glow as it fills your spirit.

Look at the flame with a restful gaze and allow yourself to have peace and to relax. You might see that your eyes will not be blinking and that you are being mindful in the light. Stay in this position as long as you need to.


When you go out to shop for food, take a while and stop at the herb section. Notice which herbs you are attracted to and go to them.

Be mindful in how you relate to the herbs and how they make you feel. You can work with the different herbs by putting them close to you in a vase.

If you feel that there are any herbs that you are drawn to, pay attention to them and use them to reach your higher self.


Take time to be silent and to experience the sounds around you. You might have a hard time finding a place of silence but if you want to try it, you can use sound meditation and relax in a quiet place. Sit by a window and listen to the birds chirping or listen to the sounds that your home makes.

Let the sounds relax you and see how your body responds to the sounds. Take time away form this meditation and then see if you are more tuned into the world around you.

When you increase the senses that you have, you can be more open to what is going on around you.


We have all went to restaurants before and saw something that we wanted to eat before making a choice. There are people that tell you that it is important to take time to enjoy how the food looks before you even choose to eat it.

Instead of looking at your food and using your phone to take pictures of it, allow your brain to notice the texture and how the food and the colors look. Write this down in your journal and start a food journal. This will give you a chance to talk about how the special meal made your life different.

Be mindful of the things that you taste and the texture and the flavors. Notice any deep flavors and write them down. Be satisfied in what you are putting into your body, both food and spiritual things.


We often wonder around the world not noticing things because we are so busy. It is time to start paying attention to the things you touch and how they make you feel.

Look at your body from top to bottom and when you pause, pay attention to what you are feeling. Look at your feet. If you can put your feet in front of you, do it and pay attention to how your feet feel when they walk on the ground. Let your feet stabilize you and if you are barefoot or wearing shoes, notice the vibrations and how the pressure feels and the temperature of your feet. Do not judge either good or bad but just allow your body to experience what it is feeling.


Do you have a favorite way of reconnecting your mind, body, and soul? Learn to pay more attention to what is going on around you and to what you are feeling.