Your Soul’s Journey

When a love one dies, it natural to wonder why the Universe decided then for the person to be called to their next lifetime.  But what does it mean to die?  One minute your love one is there with all their gift and in the next moment, their eyes have closed for the last time and their voice has been forever silenced.

Exploring the void

Deep within us we have some sense of what it means to die, because we experience it every night as we sleep and let our mind dreams without a physical body.  Our psyche has an innate sense of what is true and what is a myth.  The person is more than a body, they are a spirit that possesses those wonderous traits and quirks and that loving, unique spirit will endure without that familiar physical body into an extended Dream World experience.

Where do they go?

The spirit world resides within our soul and doesn’t require a body.  This world is the seat of our creation and our ultimate home for every lifetime.  There we harness the masterpiece of the Soul: the ego consciousness of daily existence on Earth.  The artistic take is to broaden the human consciousness and experience to benefit all humanity and living beings.

Understanding the soul?

A soul takes the ego’s insights from a singular life and process it through a mystical lens of a journey through the complex and totality of the human mind.  Our personalities travel psychically though our web of our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and dreams.  The personality of a soul expands with each lifetime without losing the crux of our symbolic experiences, goals, and inner essence.  A soul creates the Universe!

As the soul learns more about the complexity of human experience it craves to be human again to learn even MORE!  Thus, it can create another masterpiece out of the newest phases of the soap opera that is Earth.  Our souls crave the challenge of broadening the quilt of the Universe so it can forget the starry expanse is merely a reflection of your truth.  You are a treasure, a singular ego cast adrift in the wonderous and mysterious Universe; always a single step beyond any ability of full comprehension.  We endure this mortal quagmire with each and every lifetime and the Universe celebrates us all for it!