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Past-Life Regression Leads A Way Of Freedom

      We sometimes have these patterns in our lives that doesn’t make any sense at all. No matter what we do to heal ourselves or therapy to make us feel better, our problems continue to persist. This is often because the answer to why is buried deep in …

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Reunite With Your Twin Soul

      It’s not that easy to meet your twin souls. Usually they are continuously challenged before they can finally reunite.  Most often, one or both are involved in other karmic relationships that have to be seen through to the end.  That other relationship in itself can delay the …

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Does Your Expectation Dragging You Down?

    Do you feel unhappy when you should? Do you feel like losing even if you’re being blessed than others? Do you often find that you’re your own worst enemy? Do you build things up in your head to the point that reality has no hope of catching up …

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Vacation Is The Key To A Balance Life

    Life can be a very tiring journey. Each and every day we face commitments, responsibilities and expectations interspersed with moments of joy and relaxation. As days go by the moments of joy and relaxation can get lost in the chaotic shuffle of making it through the day. So what …

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Best Way To Deal With Rejection

    No matter who you are, how much you have, how successful you’ve become… there will always be something that could hurt you so deep and that is REJECTION which is an awful experience. No one likes to be rejected, denied or dumped. Sometimes it might feel like you are …

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Are You Addicted To Psychic Reading?

       Some clients are wondering how often they should get a psychic readings.. Is it possible to call too much? or would it be more helpful to have a regular schedule or just call on a one-off basis? There is no one right answer, but there are some general …

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