Dowsing Rods

Dowsing rods are very popular and they have power beyond what people can imagine. Dowsing rods are things that are used in Feng Shui and in other places and things. Dowsing rods can be in copper and can be used for many different things from finding water, measuring auras, and finding lost things.

Measuring Auras

You can move the dowsing rod around and this can help to measure auras. The best way to do this is to hold the rod pointed out at the chest and hold it parallel. Hold your arms six inches apart and let your elbows stay at your waste.

The rods will measure the aura and it will allow the dowser to be able to know how big an aura is and how much positive or negative energies is around the person. Dowsing rods can be used opened wide and if the student is upset or angry, the negative energy will go into the energy field, and it can make it darker.

Finding Spirits

You can use a dowsing rod also to find spirits. This is a way that you can look around your room or your environment and find out if there are spirits around your area. Some people can see these with their eyes while others have to have tools to help them along. The dowsing rod can show you the exact location of where the spirit is.

Finding Lost Things

Another thing that dowsing rods can do is to help find lost or missing objects. There are many times where we misplace things and while you are searching for these items, it can be very frustrating. his can be missing keys or other items that you need to have right away.

You can enter the room where you think the object might be and you can put the dowsing rod out and it can help you to find the item. Some people will use them to find the exact room or area that the item is located in. After you find the object, always thank the dowsing rods for helping you.

It is important that you learn to ask the dowsing rods to help you. You can move the rod back and forth and this can lead you to where the object is. Try asking yes or no questions and then find out if you can discover the missing item.

Yes or No Questions

The best way to ask questions to your dowsing rod is to ask yes or no questions. The no answer happens when the rods go across each other. If the answer is a yes answer, the rods will open up wide. A maybe answer is when the rods will stay parallel and will be opened only a little bit.

Final Thoughts

If you are trying to find lost items or you need to know if spirits are around, you can find a pair of dowsing rods to help you. Copper dowsing rods are great because they can help you to get what you need and are strong and durable. Find a set of dowsing rods and start asking questions.