Everything is made up of energy and if you want to have a reality of something in your life, the energies need to match. Using psychometry means that someone is able to read the energy of an object or even a person or a pet. Some psychics will give psychometry readings and they will listen to the energies and what they are speaking.

Objects can speak and you can find out if they are from things like a family heirloom or if they are part of ancient history. Psychics can connect with these energies and can find out where and when they were around and what countries they frequented.

The messages that these items give can allow people to use their intuition to connect with them and they can even find out if objects belonged from their past life or not.

Understanding Psychometry

Psychometry is when someone is able to read the energies of something through some kind of physical connection. This is a gift that some psychics have, and it can show people information about things, places and even spirits and people.

Psychometry is associated with touching and holding something. You can use your touch-to-touch things that are living. Even when you hug someone, you make a connection with their energy, and this is a nonverbal type of communication, but it evokes strong emotions.

Psychometry is usually not done on living things though it is normally a connection that people will make with an object such as a piece of jewelry or a book. The actions, feelings, and emotions that a person has when holding certain objects is the energy of the object. If you want to try practicing psychometry, when you hold an object, you should ask:

  • Who owned this object?
  • Has the owner died or are they still alive?
  • What did the object go through when it was with the owner of it?
  • What places are linked to this object?

Tapping into the energy of the object is essential and it will evoke different emotions. You might feel joy and peace when holding the object or you might feel angry or sad. Note the different feelings that you have because they will connect you to the story behind the object.

You can learn from things in the spiritual world by using this. Hold things even around you like a flower in nature or a crystal. Hug a tree and let your soul find a connection with its energy.

Why Is Getting a Psychometry Reading Helpful?

If you have never gotten a psychometry reading, you will find that this can help you to do many things that other readings might not be able to give you such as:

  • Connecting with a Passed Loved One

You can use psychometry to help you connect to things around you and to get messages from spirits. If someone that has died has left you feeling lost and confused, connecting with a medium and getting a psychometry reading can help bring you closure.

  • Pets

There are some people that lose their loving pet and if you can find a psychic that does psychometry, they can hold an object that the pet owned, and they can connect with the pet through telepathy.

  • Understanding the Object

Having an object that you aren’t sure what it is or where it came from can be confusing. If you want to know the history of the object in front of you or know where it came from, try using psychometry.

  • Crimes

There are some psychics that can use psychometry in order to solve crimes. They can touch objects and know if there has been criminal activities that have happened with that object. This can help police solve crimes that have missing pieces.

  • Buying Homes

If you are purchasing a home and you want to know where the house has been and what has been in the house, getting a psychometry reading might be important to you. You can find out if the home is full of spirits or if the home is free and clean of anything out of the ordinary. You can even have the psychic hold things in the home to find out what kind of energies that they have.

Final Thoughts

As you explore the world of psychometry, note the things that you learn. Take time to understand the objects and to work towards increasing your psychic gift as you practice psychometry. If you want to get a reading, find a trusted psychic to help!