Pinnacle Number

When you go through different cycles in your life you don’t understand, you might seek out things that can help you to know more. Your pinnacle number can help you to understand your devotion.

Pinnacle Numbers

When you go through cycles, you will see that this has to do with your path and your life path. Once you go through one pinnacle cycle you will see that that will end, and you will go through the next and the next and this will go on for all of your life.

After each pinnacle cycle, you will learn a lesson and reach a goal. This is a way that you can grow, and you can figure out the lessons you need to learn in your life.

Why Use Pinnacle Numbers?

Pinnacle numbers are cycles that can change in your life and go through one cycle to the next. This can be painful because change can be hurtful depending on what is changing. But as you go through a new cycle, you can make decisions in your life that will help you with your relationships, jobs and more.

People that do numerology will look at the first pinnacle to find out what is challenging your mind and emotions. They will see that there are changes like these that happens when you get in your late 20’s or 30’s and as you mature and develop.

Number Meanings

You can find your life path numbers and your pinnacle numbers will impact your life. You need to see that the changes that happen will take you to a new level and it will be up to you to handle the changes.

Pinnacles are instructions and patterns that are about energy and are there to help you to open your mind and to get past experiences and cycles that have held you back.

Each pinnacle cycle will develop, and you will have energy. The cycles will influence your life and will cause changes. This will leave you looking at your changes and dealing with your feelings. Pinnacles are situations that you have to face and emotions that you have to handle.

Here are the four pinnacle cycles:

  • First Pinnacle

This represents the first part of your life and who you are. This shows your independence and you becoming who you are. You will have different ideas and you will achieve many things. This is when you’re successful and you meet new people. This success will guide you and lead you.

  • Second Pinnacle

This is when you go through times of being responsible and having relationships. This can be business and personal relationships and as you sacrifice yourself then you will move on. This can be marriage or new business ideas.

  • Third Pinnacle

This happens when you mature, and you change your attitude. This is a change in your mind and is creative for you. This is the energies that bring you peace and joy.

  • Fourth Pinnacle

This happens in your middle ages and shows life. This shows your spiritual welfare and will help you to reach your emotional security. This helps you to get through your work and to plan and organize things. You will see that the things that you do will build a foundation for you.

The pinnacles respond to the life stages that you go through each year in your life.

Knowing Your Pinnacle Number

You can calculate your pinnacle number by getting your life number first and you do this by taking the month, date and year of your birth and then bringing it down to a single digit or a master number. Add the numbers together and once you get a single digit you will have your life path number.

You can determine your cycles by doing this:

  • Adding the month and date of your birth. This is y our pinnacle number and then you take the first period of your life and then subtract it form 36.
  • The second pinnacle will be gotten by adding the year of birth and the day and it will give you a time to add 9 years to find the second place.
  • The third one is also going to last 9 years.

Final Thoughts

Use these numbers to determine the meaning of your life and to help you to find out what cycles that you are in. Your numbers and numerology are very important to determine who you are.