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Increase Your New Year’s Luck With An Altar

         It is very easy to get caught up in a social ritual of shedding old skin to welcome another New Year with the undying promise of a new you. However, life has a way of cycling between waves of enthusiasm and exhaustion, making it hard to sustain …

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What Does Numerology Says About Your 2018?

        Do you know how to use Numerology or read for yourself?  In Numerology, your Birth Number is reduced down to the vibration of a single digit. For example, 2018 is a 2 year. How did I figure that out? Well, 2 + 0 + 1 + …

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Getting Ready For 2018

     New Year always gives us the opportunity to change those things that no longer bring us joy, or pull in the things that will! Time can be our friend in this process, for as it flows forward, we can latch onto that movement and move our life ahead …

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Increasing Luck in 2018

       Let’s say your 2017 is pretty boring with lots of bad luck, who can you blame? Well, If you weren’t born with the “Luck of the Irish” or born under a lucky star, are you doomed to a life without luck? Well, consider this your lucky day because …

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Right Way To Spend A Cold Christmas Alone

       We have this perception that holidays are characteristically a time to spend with family and friends but some of us will be spending Christmas alone. Due to distance, travel cost, work commitments or strained relationships, not everyone has the luxury of listening to their grandma’s endless stories …

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Getting The Best Reading With A Psychic Medium

       Have you ever had a reading with a Psychic Medium? They have the ability to connect you to your deceased loved ones, whether they be human or pets! It’s an amazing skill to witness, and if you’re curious about reading with a Medium, I have five tips to …

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Are You Drifting Apart To Your Friends?

        It isn’t just romantic partners and close family members are important. Our relationships with friends are some of the most important bonds in our lives. For some people, friendships are their number one relationships, especially if they are single or not close to their blood relatives, …

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Recognizing A Pretentious Kind Of Love

      Time will come that you’ll meet someone and you’ll instantly feel a spark of recognition in your soul. You’ll feel a sense of having come home, a longing for something not quite remembered, you may intuitively know you have met before. You’ll feel a connection that goes way …

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Wondering Why Others Disrespect You?

Do you always find yourself feeling unappreciated, unnoticed and even belittled by those around you? Usually, your first instinct may be to point the finger at them. After all, their not-so-nice words and actions hurt—shouldn’t they know better than to treat others the way they do? However, you may, completely …

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Your Spirit Animal Could Be A Reptile

     Some of the most important messages in life that we needed to hear are delivered by unlikely sources and that includes those scaly creatures that may make you shudder with fear. Remember, spirit animals can take many forms and may be an unusual encounter with an animal in …

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