Should you listen to your intuition?

You may be familiar with a “gut feeling”. It usually comes out when you have to make a decision.  It may come from something as minor as what toppings to choose on your pizza too something as large as finding a new job.   You may not trust it, but all of your instincts tell you to do it.  There are signs that you should go with your gut feeling and follow your intuition.

You may often feel as if you know something. You don’t know how; you just do. You wouldn’t go so far as to say that you have psychic powers, but you still know things without being told. That knowledge comes from you intuition.

You may also get the feeling that you should or should not trust someone. This does not come from out of nowhere.  Science tells us that our brains take in your surroundings and quickly runs the process and your intuition chimes in to give you that“hunch”.  Science gives you the basis, all you have to do is trust it.

What dreams do come

One sign that your intuition is working is the vividness of your dreams.  Intuition and dreams both come from the your subconscious. If you have vivid dreams, it may be because your subconscious is trying to tell you something.

Is it in the timing?

Do you sometimes catch yourself looking at the clock only to notice that you seem to be getting it at the same time? Every single time? That could be your subconscious checking in on you at the same time every day.

Simple empathy

If you are especially sensitive to how others are feeling, that is if you know when those around you hurting or if you feel a pull towards a specific emotion in a way that guides your reactions in certain situation, you definitely should trust your intuition.