In Need of a Soul Detox? Consider the Power of Nature

In Need of a Soul Detox? Consider the Power of NatureSometimes, our minds, bodies, and souls can get downright exhausted. Everyday life can drain our energy and cut us off from nurturing our souls. In striving to live your best life and coping with all of the stress and materialism, you soul can get polluted, making it hard to really feel at peace. But getting rid of spiritual toxins doesn’t have to be a painstaking thing. Instead, why not try turning to nature to help you detox your soul and reinvigorate your mind, body, and spirit. Here are some tips for a few situations you might be facing in which suggestions of exposure to nature can hopefully help you detox your soul and get you in a mindful place again.

When Feeling Cut Off from Your Body and Nature-

If you’ve recently fallen into some bad habits such as eating the wrong things, not sleeping well, or have just become overly stressed, you can begin to feel cut off from your own body as well as from nature. This can be especially true if you work inside all day. So, what can you do to get back on track and feel less cut off from everything? The solution is to get outside and go for a walk. Even if it’s on your lunch break, get outside and stretch your legs for a few minutes. Take in your surroundings and let nature nurture your mind and body.

When You’ve Stopped Listening to Your Intuition-

What exactly is intuition? It’s the voice of truth within yourself that represents your deepest self and gives you the wisdom you need to make the right decisions. If you’re feeling cut off from your intuition, it’s time for a dose of nature. To boost your natural instincts, locate a quiet spot outside that will allow you privacy. Take in all of the sights and sounds around you. Listen to the breeze rattling the leaves. Notice the hues of greens in the grass and trees. Relax and breathe deeply, letting the stress escape and your intuition coming back.

When Your Mind is Way Too BusyWhen Your Mind is Way Too Busy

With the everyday stresses of life, sometimes it can feel like your mind just won’t quit. It’s too busy worrying about day to day things while trying to juggle thoughts of work, love, friends, and family. And when your mind is constantly busy, you can feel overwhelmed and worn out. That means it’s time to get some fresh air and let nature nurture you. Find a place that comforts you, whether it’s beside a stream or atop of a hill. Close your eyes as you relax your body and take in deep breaths. Visualize those breaths travelling down to your spine as you count to six. Pause at that count of six and then exhale to a count of six. Repeat this breathing exercise until you can feel nature surrounding you and cleansing the busy thoughts plaguing your mind.

When You Don’t Know What Your Life is About-

Sometimes, when you endure countless letdowns and disappointments in life, it can seem like you lose your sense of what your life even means anymore. If you find yourself asking what the point of everything is, then it’s time to take a break from that life and get a dose of nature into your body and soul. Find a place outside that is both beautiful and dramatic…a place that really speaks to you. As you sit and relax, take in a deep breath and take in the ambience of nature all around you. Give your stress to your surroundings and take in the clarity that nature is offering. Dismiss all irrelevant thoughts trying to enter your mind while allowing the nurturing answers from nature to give you the confidence you need to live your best life.

When You’re Always Feeling Low Energy-

Whether you’re over-stressing, unmotivated, or have been feeling depressed, it can drain your energy levels, making you feel as though the energy is always just leeching out of your body. This means it’s time for a trip outside into nature. Head outside and look for a tree that really speaks to you. Take a piece of fabric such as a small strip of cotton or linen and hold the fabric close to your eyes as you let all of your feelings that are draining your energy flow out into the fabric. Next, ask the tree to take away what’s ailing our and share with you some of its earthly strength. Then you’ll want to tie the fabric around a branch to give the tree thanks, allowing you to recharge and get that lost energy back.