Clarity and The Law of Attraction

Clarity and The Law of AttractionAttracting and acquiring things you want requires pure intentions paired with the simple output of positive energy. This principle is called The Law of Attraction. All human interactions operate based on this simple law.

While The Law of Attraction is easy to understand, it’s rather difficult to harness. It’s a simple philosophy, but people are profoundly complex! When employing The Law of Attraction to manifest what you want, the most important thing to help you is to be as clear as you can be about what you want. If your goals are ambiguous and foggy, The Law of Attraction may deliver you results that are ambiguous and foggy.

Here are some fun and simple exercises that, if practiced regularly, will help you gain clarity about what you want to attract.

Keep Gratitude Papers

Keep a supply of paper, pens and pencils, and crayons or markers in a prominent location in your home. This will make it easy to spend about 10 minutes every day writing about things you have that you feel grateful about. Fill a whole sheet with both words and pictures. This is not an art or literature competition, so draw and write only for yourself.

Stack your Gratitude Papers together. Occasionally, address an envelope to yourself. Pull several random pages from your Gratitude Papers, seal them in the envelope and send them. You’re literally delivering gratitude to yourself. The universe will duplicate this positive energy, and bring things to you that you can be grateful about. You have to practice gratitude to be able to properly receive what the universe can deliver.

Clarity and The Law of AttractionEmphasizing gratitude for what we have can create an abundant life needs only a few specific things for improvement.

Choose Positive Friends

Hanging out with people who believe that “everything sucks” will block positive energy from descending from the universe onto you. People can crush your dreams simply by telling you why you’re wrong to have those dreams. Old loyalties or relationships are thus reinforced, and your life will be all about dreams deferred.

The time in your life has come to surround yourself with positive people. Leave the grasps of people who give off negative energy vibes through their opinions, comments and general bad attitudes. Bad attitudes and the negative energy they generate can be difficult to spot. A person who acts nicely but consistently insists that the world shouldn’t have winners and losers may appear well-meaning. But if you’re in a competitive field, this seemingly benevolent attitude could block the universe from giving you what you want.

Positive friends will support you for who you are and for what you can offer to the universe, regardless of what you will receive in return. Spending time with positive people will immediately break the barriers to success that your negative friends built up with their bad attitudes.

Emulate a Hero

Ambiguity can act as a block to love and positive energy. Having a hero—someone who accomplished something historic and great—is one way to break ambiguity. Knowing that a great person attracted success and made a difference can drive you to confidently release your positive energy into the world, which will help you attract what you want.

Heroes give us values to emulate, and proof that a vision can lead to success. Familiarity with the lives of great people who gave to the world can inspire you and give meaning to your own life.

Start Scrapbook Journaling

Lots of people keep a scrapbook journal. The daily ritual of maintaining a project like this can kindle The Law of Attraction to act in your favor. The repetition in the ritual will allow you to see trends develop and help you get to know yourself and what you really want. Discovering who you are and what you really want can help the universe to send it your way.

Scrapbook journaling involves writing out meditations about what you want. The scrapbook element adds images of what you want to your writing. As you daily repeat this ritual, you’ll notice that details about what you want are becoming more specific and clear.

One woman who scrapbook journaled started out by writing about her dream man. She collected pictures of attractive male models for inclusion her scrapbook. As time went on, she began wishing that she was more attractive. The male models disappeared from her scrapbook, to be replaced by beautiful female models. She wrote about what makeup to buy and which clothes to wear.

She kept practicing her ritual, and it evolved again. She came to realize that every beautiful model was airbrushed and caked in makeup, and therefore were not that special. She wanted the universe to see her as special, as more than just another airbrushed face. She began to think that college was something that could help her become educated, and thus beautiful—the ultimate combination.

Her journal chronicled her college journey, and her scrapbook came to included pictures of literary figures. And guess what the universe eventually delivered for her? Yes, a boyfriend. He was just like the man she’d described and pictured so thoroughly in the early pages of her scrapbook journal. She’d gotten more and more specific. This taught her how to become the person to whom the universe could finally deliver what she’d really wanted!