Will Your Partner Cheat on You?

Do you have a partner that has been unfaithful in the past or do you get suspicious when you think about your partner and what they’re doing?

Here are some signs that your partner might cheat on you!

  • They Already Have!

If you have a partner that has cheated on you in the past, chances are that they will cheat on you again. You might give them another chance but that doesn’t mean that you have to give them a million chances.

  • They Are Introverted People

Someone that is introverted might be more likely to cheat on you than an extrovert. Someone that is an introvert might agree to cheat if someone asks them to.

  • Listen to Your Intuition

Listen to your intuition when you think about your partner. If they look like someone that might cheat on you, listen to what your gut is saying.

  • Long Ring Finger

Having a long ring finger can be a sign that someone is going to cheat on you. This can mean that they had more testosterone exposure when they were in their mother’s womb which can lead to cheating.

  • Wondering Eye

Men that have a wondering eye are more likely to cheat than those that only have eyes for you. If you notice your partner constantly checking someone else out, this can be a sign they will cheat.

  • Lack of Self-Control

Partners that have no self-control in small things might have no self-control in big things. If they aren’t able to stop smoking or they aren’t able to stop playing the lottery then how will they stop if someone asks them to cheat?

  • No Commitment

Someone that has a hard time making commitments might have a hard time saying no. Some men will make a commitment only when they are forced and if this happens then they might have a hard time saying no if someone asks them to bed.

  • Lack of Respect

Your partner might be more likely to cheat if they have no respect for you or for others. Respect is a big thing in a relationship and if they don’t show you respect then they might not respect you enough to stay true to the relationship.

  • They Lie A Lot

Someone that lies a lot about small things will more than likely have an easy time lying about big things. Notice how they talk and what they are being dishonest about.

Final Thoughts

There can be signs that your man might cheat but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will. Pay attention to their actions, how they treat you and what goes on around you and you will surely know if your partner is being honest with you.

Remember, you don’t have to stay with anyone that isn’t treating you the way that you want and deserve to be treated!