Is He Using You for Your Money

You might meet someone, and you feel that the relationship is great or maybe you are starting to see some red flags. You deserve to know what the intentions are and if you are being used for your money, this can be a deal breaker and you might need to move on.

When you fall for someone, you are someone that will give of yourself. You deserve to have the same in return and to be loved for who you are and not what you have. If you and a guy are dating and you figure out that he is using you for anything, let him go. He isn’t going to change, and you deserve to have someone that cares about you.

Is He Using You for Your Money?

Here are some signs that you should pay attention to so that you can know if he’s using you for your money!

  • Paying for Things

If your partner isn’t able to pay for things often then this is a sign that he is using, you. Sometimes both of you will make financial arrangements but if you haven’t agreed to this then you shouldn’t be putting all of your money out for him to have things he wants.

You can tell someone is using you when they aren’t ever taking the bill, or they are always asking you to pay for things.

  • He Never Pays

A guy that will never offer to pay the bill is someone that is trying to use you for your money. They sometimes won’t even pay when they are the one that offers to take you out. If he always forgets his wallet then he probably wasn’t going to pay anyways. He is taking your money and wouldn’t be with you if you didn’t have any.

  • He Always Needs Something

He might keep borrowing money from you and offering that he will pay you back eventually. This can be to help him start a business or to buy something he really wanting. If he always has a reason why he needs to borrow money, then he is using you.

  • He Takes Interest In Your Finances

A sign someone is using you for your money is when they want to know about your finances. They will ask you about how much money you have and what you pay your bills with. You might decide this person is toxic and make a bold move without him.

  • He Doesn’t Work

When a guy doesn’t work but he is able to buy everything that he sees then chances are he is getting his money from somewhere. If he gets offended when you ask him about it because you know he doesn’t have a job, he is probably using someone.

  • He Lives Too High

Having expensive taste is one thing but when you can’t even afford to buy a cheeseburger but you’re driving a Lexus, this can be a problem. If he is wearing expensive name brands and driving expensive cars, then he is getting money from somewhere. This can mean that he is planning on getting money from you to support his habits.

  • He Dates Rich People

Pay attention to someone that is always dating rich people. He might think that you will be his sugar mama and give him whatever he wants. Always be upfront with what you expect and what you will give to him and don’t let him trick you.

  • He Wants to Be At Your House

One reason that he wants to spend time at your house is that he doesn’t want to spend money on the things that he gets while he is at your house. He might like to watch your television or eat your food. He also might like it that you buy extra things for him to enjoy while he is there.

  • He Gets Mad When You Talk About Money

If you ask him about his spending or where his money went and he gets mad, chances are he is using you. He has intentions on using you and he didn’t want you to find out, so he is embarrassed.

  • He Doesn’t Have Goals

Notice if the man you’re seeing has future goals or not. If he doesn’t and he doesn’t seem to be interested in bettering himself then chances are he is going to use, you for what you have. If he doesn’t want to work because he doesn’t care, he will need money from someone.

  • He Wants You to Spend

A guy that uses you for your money will encourage you to overspend on things that you don’t need. Instead of trying to get you to save, he will pressure you into spending large amounts of money on things that he can’t get for himself.

  • He Wants to Do Things He Can’t Afford

When a guy is a freeloader, he will suggest doing things that he can’t afford because he will know that you’ll pay for it. He will suggest it and then say he doesn’t have the money or that he forgot his wallet.

  • He Tells You How to Spend

You never need someone to tell you what you should spend and how you should spend your money. This can be someone that is using you and being toxic to you if he only cares about your money.

  • He Worries About Others Spending Your Money

A man that wants to spend your money will be worried if someone asks to borrow money or asks you to buy certain things. When another guy comes around and shows interest, he will act jealous because he is worried about losing your money.

  • He Gets Mad if You Forget Your Money

When he asks you to do something and you go with it, but you forget your money he gets mad. He doesn’t want to have to pay for you. He is emotionally blackmailing you so that you can spend all of your money on him. He will hate you if you set boundaries with him about your finances.

  • He Doesn’t Want to Spend the Night In

He is someone that always wants to go out where he can spend his money. He never wants to stay in and just watch television but instead he wants to go out so that you will pay for everything he wants.

  • He Doesn’t Care About Your Life

The only thing that he seems to care about is money. If this is the case and he doesn’t care about other things in your life, then chances are that you are in a toxic relationship. He just wants to be with someone he can use.

  • He Isn’t Emotionally Connected

A good relationship that is serious means there is emotional connection. If there isn’t any with you and your partner, then chances are he isn’t in it for love. He just wants to see what he can get out of you.

  • He Puts in No Effort

A man that is using you won’t put in effort when it comes to anything other than spending. He won’t show you that he loves you and he won’t be responsible for your heart. He might not even show you affection or give anything to you, but he is always taking.

He is Secretive

Another sign that he is only in it to use you for your money is that he is secretive. He doesn’t tell you where he is going, and he doesn’t tell you what he is doing unless he thinks you’re going to pay for him.

He Won’t Answer the Phone in Front of You

A guy that is using you for your money will not answer the phone when it rings in front of you because he wants to make sure that you don’t know who else he is using. He might be dating someone else that is paying for things. This is a clear sign that something isn’t right, and you aren’t a real part of his life.

  • He Might Be Cheating

When you’re dating someone for love you expect them to be honest and to be true to your love. You might notice signs that he is cheating but if he’s just using you for money, he won’t care to have other women.

  • He Won’t Meet Your People

Someone that loves you will want to meet those that are important to you like your family or your friends. If your partner is always making excuses why he doesn’t want to meet them then he might be worried that they will see right through him and see what a user, he is.

  • He Wouldn’t Like You If You Were Broke

Maybe you feel that this guy wouldn’t even like you if you were broken and if you feel that way, run. Get out of the relationship fast. He is probably using you and you are knowing this by listening to your gut feeling.

  • Money Issues Means Fighting

When you run out of money, a man that loves you would step in and help. If your man gets mad when you don’t have any more money to spend on him that month then he is just using, you. He is attaching you with your emotions so that you will give him everything that you have. Move on from him.

  • People Tell You

You might have a friend or a loved one that is telling you that your guy is using you. Instead of making excuses for him, step up and admit that he might be doing this.

Final Thoughts

If you have a good man, then this is a good sign but if you feel that your man is using you for your money then you need to make a decision that is best for you. You might need to get out of this relationship. If he loves your money more than he loves you then you are settling with a user, and you will never find the happiness that you want. Love yourself more than that and get out of a relationship where you are just being taken advantage of.