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How to Know if You Are an Intuitive Empath

Intuitive Empath

Being empathetic and being an empath are two completely different things. Most people will have some kind of empathy for others that are hurting or are in some kind of pain or bad situation, but an empath is one that feels the emotions and energies of people, animals and things …

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Overcoming Fears in the Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs

We are all afraid so something, but life is there to help us and to keep us safe from things that we fear. We have to learn to be patient and learn to heal from things that have hurt us in the past and learn to see what we are …

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Tips to Find Your Soulmate and Keep Them

Find Your Soulmate

When someone hears the world soulmate, chances are that many people will roll their eyes or get aggravated about the world. The idea behind a soulmate is that you will meet someone that will sweep you off of your feet and will fall head over heels in love with you …

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What Does Being an Indigo Mean?

Being an Indigo

Indigo people are people that are different. If you think that you are an indigo, you might be. There are signs that can show you that you are an indigo and here are some of the signs: Needing to Know Things Indigo adults do not just accept things as they …

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When You Do Your Crafting the Right Way

practicing witchcraft

People that are practicing witchcraft often wonder how they can know if they are doing crafting the right way. They want to make sure that all of the effort that they are putting into their magic is working. No one wants to feel like they are doing something and never …

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Getting Your Energy Back After Negativity

Getting Your Energy Back After Negativity

When you have to deal with negative energy and negative or toxic people, it can pull you down. If you have someone in your life that is like that then you need to realize that carrying the negative energy of others can be hard and that you have to figure …

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Learn to Be a Good Witch Through Prayer


Have you ever wondered what prayer is and how it can be used in witchcraft? This is something that has to be right for you and what you want. Praying with Witchcraft Prayer is often something that is only used in religious purposes but praying in witchcraft is not the …

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Finding the Best Love Spells that Work

Love Spells

There are many people in the world that spend their whole lives waiting for their soulmate or for that perfect person and they never find them. Love spells and other things can help to turn this situation around and they can add a hint of romance to people that live …

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Why Do You Dream About Horses?

Dream About Horses?

One of the most beautiful creatures in the world is a horse. Horses can make you hold your breath and make you feel that your life is full of positivity. What does it mean when you dream about a horse? There are different things that dreaming about a horse can …

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Opening Up the Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Have you ever been around people with a personality that they are so positive, and you can just feel-good energy coming off of them? They are people that love who they are and are always comfortable no matter what situation they are in. These are people that are balanced in …

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