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  1. Wonderful! TY! You’re spot ON Aldwyn.

  2. It’s always a pleasure speaking to Dora. She shoots from the hip and is very kind with her answers.

  3. Portia is superb. Very quick, very concise, and gives wonderful actionable suggestions. She also has a great sense of humor and has bulletproof integrity. She sees the larger picture of how the moment’s melodrama fits into each person’s soul-trajectory, and she doesn’t waste your time giving too many details or background.

  4. Thank you Aldwyn for a wonderful reading.

  5. When she was wrong about the men, I should have never called back. They all did the opposite of what she said they would do. But this time I was calling about a job situation she claimed it was great news. Possibly a move or promotion. On the contrary it was a reprimand in retaliation for making a report. Understand that this lady only tells you what you want to hear. Period!

  6. Thank you for your advice.

  7. Spiritguide has been my stalwart & my go-to over several months of navigating a convoluted and somewhat fraught romantic situation, and given me some VERY valuable glimpses behind the scrim and tips on avoiding the worst of the pitfalls, and I have learned a great deal about myself in the process. The situation does seem to have kinda resolved, not in the way I’d have liked, but I may have dodged a bullet. Her compassion and moral support are palpable, and I’m deeply grateful.

  8. Wonderful conversationalist with great insights to your problems.thank u Lucas.

  9. Jaclyn is s very insightful member of the PsychicOz organization. She will not steer you in the wrong direction.

  10. Really don’t know what I would do without LoveTiffany! She is the absolute sweetest, compassionate and one of the rare true readers on PsychicOz. I am beyond thankful to have had her help these past couple weeks! Thank you for everything!

  11. Thanks MysticSage! Great reading.

  12. Thulla,thank you for a great reading. You were very helpful.

  13. “Nelly, gave me pure honesty, i have been feeling very hurt and she gave me
    good clarity on what i should be focused on. She could hear my
    disappointment and was extremely caring but she didn’t sugar coat anything.
    This call was what i needed to get through today, and i will definitely be
    calling her back.”

  14. Thank you GiftedMary, for telling it like it is.

  15. Alway wonderful talking with Harper

  16. Enjoyed my reading! EXCELLENT!!! Thank you!Portia.

  17. Thank you Suprinam for your insight.

  18. “This reader was great, compassionate, and helped me
    refocus! She has such a friendly spirit to her and has a way
    of putting things into perspective. I’ll definitely be back & I
    recommend her to others thinking about having a reading
    with her, too!”

  19. Sally McDermott

    Divine was very informative of my time frames in which I will take in consideration. She was a bit vague on giving me direct time lines of when events would occur.

  20. Nadia is amazing at nailing the undercurrents of one’s emotions and she never fails to AMAZE me with her accuracy!

  21. My first time chatting with CaloosaWolf. She was very quick, to the point, accurate and added reassurance. Thank you!!

  22. You have no idea how important you are to my soul journey. I don’t know if I would have been able to learn everything I know now without your guidance CaloosaWolf. I completely trust you as my spiritual advisor. Thank goodness you have been chosen to do what you do for all of us just trying to find peace in this chaotic home of ours!

  23. Julie Caruthers

    Not sure why she is not in the top advisor list that is listed on this site…she should be..But Queen is certainly top on my list she is absolutely amazing and has been by my side though this past year if it was not for her I would have fell apart months ago she is a Rock and a wonderful advisor and I also consider her a friend. She is kind, compassionate, you feel a warm healing energy begin when you speak with her…Rocks as always Love you…Happy Birthday my Virgo Libra cusp friend! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  24. there isn’t anything negative I could ever say about TrueWisdom because she is very gifted at ‘reading your soul’ just as she says. This review is more of a note from someone that was looking guidance about my ex who I still loved and hoped he would return or that something would bring us back together and many times TrueWisdom was there giving me what I thought was amazing insight and reassurance. I was blown away by the way she was able to know what was going on for me on a deep level.

  25. She’s great connection as always…knew what was going on without asking questions and was right on the money with the situation…looking forward to having the predictions come true

  26. Serenity is great to talk to. She was able to clear my energy remotely and I felt so much better after a chat reading with her. Like after getting 8 good hours of sleep! She knows exactly what you need to know in that moment and how things will go given where energy is. She is very consistent in her predictions, being able to look at what’s going on and perhaps what has changed. Does not waste your time.

  27. Great as usual. Gave me a great tip on how not to get burnt out hoping for something. Thanks, Analisa.

  28. IntuitiveAlex is amazing. Hhe answers your questions throughly and which such clarity you don’t want to stop talking to him. Do your self a fair and spend your time and money talking to Alex, he Is well worth it.

  29. My first time on PS MissTula was great. We had a very strong connection. Past & present were spot on, future prediction hasn’t happened yet though but confident it will. Pleasure chatting with you: )

  30. Absolutely love Jennifer! So accurate!Truly amazing…

  31. Robin is my absolute favorite advisor. She always helps me even on the bleakest days!

  32. Thank you Sophia, I love you …you always calm my spirit

  33. Missj is a very nice person, she picked up on my problems with hardly any info from me. she answered a lot of my ?’s before I could even ask! shes great and will contact again.

  34. I don’t have enough words to explain how special TrueWisdom has been to me. She has gave me insights that have proven valuable for me to understand where my life is headed.

  35. Dorothy is my favorite advisor and has the most beautiful and angelic soul 🙂 She was incredibly and accurately on point with my situation and the people in it as if she was here in person observing it and living it. Her whimsical demeanor and positive, caring, and supportive energy were a joy and blessing to be with.

  36. Thank you Dom you are great and kind. Wish had more time talk to u about POI something not right.

  37. Whatever ails one, she cares and listens and truly wishes to empower me with my own compass and self healing…. Thanks Robin

  38. First reading was fine…second follow up was the best. It made a huge change in me. INtuitALex’s such a good reader.

  39. Sweetest MissTula…thank you so much. Your prediction all came true. God bless you always.

  40. Reading was very good. Enjoyed conversation with GiftedGeorge.

  41. Highly recommend! You were right. The only one who said contact end on the week. Even though it was short. Thank you for your patience. I will keep you posted.

  42. Serenity is SO SWEET! She is extremely uplifting, even in your darkest moments and struggles. She can make you feel comforted and loved in a very short period of time, and she also delivers very good news. She was very accurate in what she saw, and her readings were validated by other readings I received.

  43. Very good. Robin touched on various topics without pushing for information. Top Notch if you ask me!!!!

  44. Melissa thank you so much for the reading and the wonderful advice. This is my second reading with you and you are always on point and very caring.

  45. Joanna, thank you so much for the reading and the wonderful advice. This is my second reading with you and you are always on point and very caring.

  46. Love her and her positive energy. I owe you a lot and your words really helped a lot! Thanks Serenity!

  47. Elizabeth Price

    The best. I am excited to see if her predictions come true and I have faith they will because she was so eerily accurate – right down to repeating something he has said to me over and over and over… “”I feel he does care for you a lot more than even you think”. He constantly said to me (right up until the last thing he said to me the night we broke up) – “I love you more than you realize”. There is ZERO chance she could have known that was his phrase to me …. None.

  48. Libra always says it like it is and I trust her readings and advice not only as a psychic, but as a friend. I’m going to adhere to her last reading and start my new life. Thank you Libra for your help and I’ll be in touch sooner than later.

  49. Loved her! Kelly was spot on with everything and gave me some great advice. I will definitely be contacting her again!

  50. CherryLyn is great! Her energy is wonderful. I enjoyed my reading with her and will call her back.

  51. Subrina’s awesome! Questions got answered and appreciated the honesty, it was what I was looking for .

  52. Absolutely loved Doreen. It was like she knew me and my POI for years. Will definitely be calling back and I hope all of her predictions come to pass.

  53. Very nice, precise and so pleasant to talk to, Robin knew exactly what was going on was doing in point. Thanks for a great reading.

  54. This lady is amazing! Stephanie seems like a very caring and loving person…it definitely shows through her readings. Spot on with every single word! If there were 10 stars, I’d choose it because she’s above excellent!

  55. Aaliyah Howard

    Reading was good. I read over past chats and her timing and things that didn’t make sense at the time ended up being spot on. Julia’s very good reader.

  56. Robin is very insightful and helpful, will be calling again, thanks so much

  57. Robin is amazing, kind and very spot on with all readings had with her xx

  58. Jayden Stanton

    Robin, I want to thank you for keeping me in your prayers. Robin is an amazing and uplifting advisor. She provides me with great insight and confidence.

  59. Seriously freaky abilities!!! As usual, blown away. Gina is best on the site. I love talking to her.

  60. Very caring, loving and personable psychic, MissTula is also accurate. I would trust her gift and her experience. Thank you, Robin!

  61. You know how some advisors are right sometimes and wrong the next, this will NEVER happen with Melissa. The woman is truly gifted good or bad news she will let you know. If you want a psychic to tell you what you want to hear go elsewhere. Her reviews should tell the story. Melissa is the best psychic I have encountered!!! Don’t walk runnnnnn… to Melissa.

  62. Thank you Melissa, I took your advice… I will be seeing him over the weekend. But my heartache was my Cat, you told me she was sick.. I had to put her down yesterday.. I am very very sad that she is no longer in my life she was my protector and always loved me… she will be missed. Thank you for your advice.

  63. I didn’t get a chance to thank you, I’m always trying to get my answers in before my time is out. Thank you so much Lucas!!! I appreciate your patience and kindness more than you will ever know!!! May the good Lord continue to smile on you!!! Thanks again!!!!!!!!

  64. Sweet Ginnie, thank you for the kind words during our reading last night. You remain consistent with what you see with regard to my situation & Chuck. I’ll remain patient as this thing comes to fruition. I know that you tell it as you see it. No sugarcoating here folks. Chat with Ginnie for answers to your most desired questions. She will assist you with the unknown and provide insight to what’s to come. I will keep you posted, Ginnie. Many thanks ~Dee~

  65. Amazing! Tells you things in so much detail and there is no way she would ever know. Stay in Robin’s line and wait! It is worth it.

  66. Beth’s very nice to talk to and she was soothing. Very encouraging. It was a good blend of astrology and Psychic reading. In tune with what I have been hearing from other which overall gives me the feeling that this place has good psychics :-). I enjoyed the reading.

  67. It was such a pleasure speaking with Freyalana today. She was able to give me confirmation and clarity on my situation and the best way that I should proceed for a positive outcome. She is such a beautiful soul and I’ll definitely be using her services again!!

  68. What can I say? He is absolutely amazing! Liam’s timelines are always on point! I can’t imagine trusting someone else with guiding me through my life journey. He is upfront but kind and inspiring! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Liam!

  69. This is my first time leaving a review for Hunter. Even though she is one of my absolute favorites. Hunter doesn’t make assumptions, and give you unrealistic predictions based on the things you want to hear. Hunter foresees accurate predictions. She is realistic and speaks the truth.

  70. Charrine is a saint. What Charrine and her guides predict always comes true. So far, in all the thousands of readings that I have seen she seems to be incredibly accurate.

  71. Alex helps me stay at least a little centered and somewhat sane. The last two years have been hellish and he’s been there for me all the way.

  72. Ginnie is the best! She was right again with exact dates predicted.

  73. I read with Tula a year and a half ago.. she saw my partner coming back in and she thought it would be soon back then and it happened. 2 other prediction came true as well. I wont be looking for other psychics.

  74. Thank you so much Nancy. I did what you said last night. Talk to you soon. XOXOXO God Bless

  75. You had been saying it was going to happen no matter what!! Thanks Robin I know you do not believe in times lines and I have been a pain but you have always been nice!! 🙂

  76. Amazing person. She picked up on things no one else has seen or known. I highly recommend Martha!

  77. Thank you so much for the great reading today, Ruby. Wish I had more time but I appreciate you letting me get all my questions in. You truly are a stellar psychic Ruby. Will be in touch soon.

  78. WOW… I am at such a loss for words… it seemed so REAL and magical… 5 stars for sure all the way Robin, all the way!!!!

  79. She was kind and considerate. I came away with confidence that she knew what she was talking about (confidence in her abilities). Thank you.

  80. I had to call Vivian today after my terrible night last night… after hearing her calmed voice i stopped crying, Vivian i’m looking forward to my bday this year i know your prediction will become true coz u did on my very first call… God bless!

  81. I really liked Luke. I’ve got a long wait for what we talked about but he’s a wonderful person and I felt he was very in tune with my situation. Thank you Luke!

  82. Shemere, OMG your predictions are happening. I am so amazed with you gift! You are such a godsend lady. Thank you!

  83. Joan is very calm, patient, caring and honest. A pleasure to speak with.

  84. Shemere is like a super good friend you’ve never met in person. Yet, she has this unconditional positive regard for you irrespective of the choices you make. She is always kind, compassionate, and gentle even when honest.

  85. Tula completely calms me down especially since I tend to worry- I know I will sleep better tonight after talking with her. Truly amazing. If i could, I would talk to her for an hour or more- I recommend her very highly!

  86. I love Katerena, she is insightful and kind. She’s been so truthful. Thank you.

  87. Robin is lovely. She saw so much more and gave me exactly what I was needing. Thank you Robin.

  88. I have done 2 readings with Stephanie. All I can say is that Stephanie bang on the buck and true to her gifts. This doesn’t touch the surface of her wisdom. I say with confidence as I did it in a span of a month almost and she was reading me without knowledge of my past reading and they both validated. I don’t review readings but this gem, I would personally recommend to say its worth your try.

  89. Nicholas is for real. Before I make impetuous decisions, I always come to Nicholas first. So many times I almost giving up, and his voice telling me to keep going. Nicholas is important part of my life. The best advisor to point me to right direction.

  90. Today I spoke with Robin after almost a year and she’s just as accurate and compassionate as I remember! She was able to provide specific details about my situation without my input and immediately zoned in on the other party’s personality and the situation. Thank you for getting to the point so quickly and providing me with clarity and guidance Robin! I really wish I had more time because I truly connected with you and felt like I was chatting with a friend!

  91. Brittney amazes me. My new favorite for sure. Again I didn’t have to say a thing. She not only picked up on the 2 men in my life but that a third one was trying to come in to it. She was right. I don’t have enough money to get back in line yet but hopefully her prediction is still on course!!

  92. Amazing!!!! Tula said contact was coming and I literally got it an hour after. Tula got his sign right and read his character to a T. Thanks again,

  93. Lotti, you gently unshered in today a day of celebration, of gratitude for my life, with your wisdom, love, and caring and always, with your unrivaled gift of seeing. The new and lovely vision you shared with me today about a beloved young family member staying with us is something that I pray for and hope to see happen someday.

  94. Dear Lola! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel like you saved my life… as hard as it is right now and as difficult as it was to hear the truth, it was exactly what I needed. When you recognized me and said that you’ve been praying for me- that truly and deeply moved me.

  95. Claire is wonderful to read with – she picks up on your situation right away and tells you like it is. She describes things in way that you just know it is the truth. I really love the way she can tell you how somebody else feels about you or what they are going thru. read with her – you will not be disappointed.

  96. Many thanks Robin for your reading! I am very grateful for your kindness and all your help for me. I will read from you again.

  97. Katerena thank you again, I hope your prediction is right about me meeting someone new who will make me a priority in their lives. I really want to have Mr. Right in my life, not looking for perfection just someone who likes who I am. Thank you…. I will be back in touch! K.

  98. Loretta Coggeshall

    Thank you Shemere, I am trying to circulate like you say but I guess I wanted things to work out with P. You say he will be back hopefully he will come back with a apology and want to make a go of us. Well all I can do is wait and see. Thank you.. for your reading.

  99. Daisy was really sweet, her words calmed my broken heart & silenced my cry. Somehow I know things will pan out like she says because I’m truly a good person and deserve the life she described for me in just a few short months . I’m laying low and staying out the way.

  100. Shelly is a God sent…You WILL NOT be disappointed! I did get your message! Much love!

  101. Henrietta Combs

    Andy is simply the best. When Andy says it will happen, for me, it is as if an angel had whispered such affirmation in my ear and suddenly, there is no room for even a modicum of doubt.

  102. Violet is the constant sign from heaven I always receive whenever I ask for one to guide me. Her gift is phenomenal and it is blessed and comes from the divine. My cup runneth over with gratitude and joy and love from this reading with my Violet, like always.

  103. It was my second time speaking with Sita. Sita knew things that I did not tell her. What a great gift you have to help others.

  104. Margaret Suthard

    Leona is my rock. She acts as your team mate, trying to source the information that you need most to accomplish the understanding you seek. She referred to herself as blunt, which i absolutely love!

  105. Robin is always the best. I have been reading with Robin for almost 3 years now and she is always right! Thank you for all the readings Robin! Don’t know what I would do with out you.

  106. I finally unlinked Ian today. I’ve had enough of being dismissed. I love you Vivian. Thanks for everything.

  107. Wow. Thank you Heather for putting up with my repeated questions and for being you.

  108. Sudie Goldston

    Lotti had a good picked up on text today for his birthday. I didn’t even mention it. Lotti’s the best.

  109. Ricardo, I just want to thank you for being you. You are one of the most beautiful people I know. Love you with all my heart.

  110. Edward Newkirk

    Georgina has been advising me a few times for the past 2 months and Georgina is truly gifted. From the first call she was able to say Scorpio man, i see the party. i see this without any input from me. She is wonderful.

  111. Adrian is always accurate and very nice to talk to. I really appreciated what she said.

  112. Terry Connolly

    Raquel is like a warm, fragrant blanket when one is a little cold and uncertain of one’s surroundings. I am ever thankful as Raquel always there to revive my faith in the beautiful path. God bless Raquel!

  113. Jenn is a truly special person. I always feel connected and she always makes me feel better no matter how down I am.

  114. Roxanne Oxendine

    I will be posting 5 star. I trust and have no doubt that everything will happen just as she predicted once again Thank you Lotti and I look forward to calling you and letting you know. Yeah, it all panned out.

  115. You nailed it Ricardo. You said closer to the week end. Late Friday morning, plans are set. Thank you.

  116. Jane Elizabeth

    Ruby told me that my cat had come back to me finally and verified things my new one is doing. I love Ruby!

  117. Lynn Fleetwood

    Jenn is always amazing. It’s like talking to a friend. Thanks for the advice talk you soon.

  118. Your time frame prediction was completely accurate and came to pass today in a major way! Now to just get everything back in order. There are still some things to figure out and I will be in line soon to speak with you about them. You are the best Ruby; if you say it will happen it will! Thank you Ruby!

  119. Martha, you are truly an angel. I always have the most accurate reading & great energy when we connect.. I will update you on the reading you gave for the situation.

  120. Thank you Alex. You put me at ease. I feel confident with your readings because you have been right for me before. I can count on you.

  121. Had a great reading with Molly today and she was quite accurate. I would definitely consult with her again. Her reading of the past and current state is right on.

  122. Right to the point, would recommend you to all seeking clarity. Peace, light, love go with you my friend. Tula is by far the best for me.

  123. You said if I dont end up i where I want to be that God has other plans for me and I will be right where I am suppose to be. You were right Luke… I am not where I was headed but I do believe I am where I was meant to be.

  124. I asked Dee about a certain person, and just using the person’s name, she saw the situation immediately! Dee probably wonders why I keep asking the same questions over and over about a certain someone, but I swear, there is a method to my madness. Dee always reassures and calms me, even when I feel like I’m at my wit’s end! Thank you Dee, and I will keep you updated!

  125. What’s surprising about Robin is that she said that i will go thru this 2 more times, well its happened twice since i spoke to her this time. says that it wont recur. lets hope shes right and that it finally works out like she thinks.

  126. I really like Alicia. She is very honest and friendly.

  127. Always great to chat with Dee. Thank you for the ego boost. You are like my big sister!

  128. I am so glad I called Christopher. I felt comfortable with him from the beginning. He is very compassionate and helpful. Christopher was also accurate concerning the person I was calling about. He made me feel so much better, and I just can’t wait to talk to him again. Thank you so much, Christopher.

  129. Katherine, you always settle me down. Thank you so much.

  130. Danielle Richards

    What can I say. An Angel God send literally… Nice, Compassionate, honest, and is clear with her answers.. Predictions have all happened how she said it would.. Annie is truly gifted.

  131. Dee is scary accurate at least 95 percent. She and Robin are the best.

  132. Ginnie is like a sister to me. She is professional & quick- doesn’t waste time, and is very positive and uplifting!

  133. Sara is so good, and gets these little details that I can’t wait to verify when? and I get back together.

  134. I’m taking Josephine’s advise and I’m trying not to make things any harder than they need to be. I’ve seen the difference in myself and also in the guy I’ve asked her for advice in. Josephine- you were so right, things are shifting!

  135. The best! Hard to connect but well worth the effort. Debra’s quick and most often right!

  136. Excellent. Donovan is definitely worth talking to. He made me feel comfortable.

  137. Very nice and calming. I hope and pray he is right about the job. Anthony connected well and I highly recommend this advisor.

  138. Simply the best! The details that Jessica has picked up about my job search and the interview process is amazing. Even the timing has worked out like she said it would. For those of you who call for days on end to reach Jessica, keep trying! She’s worth the wait and you won’t be disappointed!

  139. Amazing always.. Jessica, I was lucky enough to actually get through to you and I can totally understand why the wait! This was my first session with her, so will have to wait on predictions, but she picked up enough to verify she definitely has “the gift”.

  140. Lupe is very good. She is direct and to the point. She forewarned me about going out with person. I decided not to see him.

  141. Thank you, Alicia! My grandma was much calmer with me. You have a client for life, .

  142. Robin, thank you so much! You were spot on! I pray everything will work out.

  143. I can’t thank Gabby enough. The accuracy of her talents is simply amazing. She connected me with my great grandma and a sibling who recently passed. Without hardly any information she described each of them to me and sent messages from my loved ones to me. She is truly amazing and a gift here on earth. Thank you so much!

  144. Sher is honest and picked up on many emotions. Feel she also picked up on the situation correctly and gave some good thoughts. All positive.

  145. Lovely and on point. Priscilla gave a wonderful reading and had a very positive energy about her. Great reading.

  146. Great! Please call Krystal. I really enjoy her true willing advice!

  147. Maya helped me get some peace of mind. I’m very thankful.

  148. I feel Maya is the first to be honest with me. Even though it wasn’t good news. So I just have to move on and lick my wounds. I’m glad it’s over. Thank you Maya.

  149. Professional, kind and concise. Wonderful lady! Thank you so much, Ginnie.

  150. Amber helped me a lot. I was able to contact my grandfather, received advise on family and my past and future.

  151. The best. I always leave my sessions with Alex feeling reassured and having a sound sense of direction.

  152. Dora was great and very sweet and made me feel very relaxed and reassured. I recommend her.

  153. I really appreciate the time, Ginnie. It’s very eye opening. Great understanding.

  154. Thanks! You are truly gifted and on point, Dee. Plan to return soon. You are totally awesome!

  155. Pretty consistent and honest. Eddie is really awesome.

  156. She is very accurate and good empath! Lupe is incredible. She helped me a lot.

  157. Rita Carmichaels

    Great to discuss business. Troy hit the nail on the head!

  158. Kind and honest, no matter the situation. Matthew is someone I can trust wholeheartedly.

  159. Aurora is quick and on point! Thank you for the clarity.

  160. Thank you, Robin. You are such a very good clairvoyant.

  161. I have 5 words to describe this amazing empath. Genuine, honest, accurate, nonjudgmental and fair. I thank God for blessing us with a gifted psychic like Aurora.

  162. I love Ginnie and you will too! She channels the info she receives from her guides and will tell you what is in your POI ‘s head and heart. Ginnie’s honest and accurate! She’s my angel.

  163. Thank you Dee for talking over some really tough issues with me. I knew I could trust you with this question. Thank you, I love you Dee.

  164. Charisse Young

    Thank you so much Maya. I appreciate you helping me to have clarity in all this.

  165. Karina Crabtree

    Consistently right. I have consulted Debra many times over the past 3 years and her predictions are precise and true. Debra is excellent!

  166. I always get great readings with Aurora. She’s always spot on.

  167. Will is straight to the point and is very helpful. I am pleased with him. Thank you so much.

  168. Dee is a solid reader. Best skill is getting a sense of another’s thoughts/intentions.

  169. Camille, thank as always for your patience and your honesty.

  170. I spent like 5 minutes with Grace and she did not waste any of my time. I got answers to all my questions and what she said made sense. She was quick and accurate.

  171. It wasn’t just a connection through feelings, Violet stated facts about what was going on without asking any leading questions.

  172. Thank you Luke, I needed to hear what my guy was feeling and I’m so glad you told me . Always accurate!

  173. I can never say enough about Katherine. Katherine predicted things last year that are still unfolding today. If she sees it happening then it will.

  174. Thank you, Shelly! Keep doing what your doing to help souls with honest answers.

  175. Hannah’s reading is amazing! After talking to her, I feel more clear about what should I do now. Also I want to say thank you to Hannah. I will call you again.

  176. Nicole was very clairvoyant and accurate when depicting my situation.

  177. I’ve been talking to a lot of advisors for so long. But after talking to Dee, so far no other advisors can come close to her style of reading. Dee is now my top favorite! I like her in soo many ways – she is very detailed and accurate on tapping the thoughts and feelings of people in question. And she is very smart to dissect the situation and dig deeper to get to the heart of the matter.

  178. Always so fast and accurate. Kathryn is one of the best.

  179. Shana has been wonderful and is one of my go-to advisors. Shana’s readings have been fairly consistent, and I’ve asked her about a wide variety of subjects, including love and career. She is incredibly kind, funny, and tunes into people’s spirits. You can really tell she is receiving a flood of information. Thank you, Shana!

  180. I have been getting readings from Ginnie about an ex I must admit at first I was very hesitant about her predictions. I confirmed tonight that she is the real deal. Thanks for your gifts Ginnie, you’re awesome girl.

  181. Aurora is a kind reader. Time will tell if I get the new position by that time!

  182. Jacqueline Brackett

    I soooo loved her readings… Ginnie is the most straightforward yet very nice psychic that I ever encounter. Ginnie’s like a friend who knows a lot about you.

  183. Luke always makes me feel at ease. I am so thankful for having an advisor with a gentle heart.

  184. Talking to Samara is as if you are speaking to the person you asking about, or that persons spirit. Spoke to Samara two separate times and was consistent both times. One of the most unique experiences I’ve had talking to a psychic.

  185. Camille has been very much spot on with her sense of my love life and it’s development, and direction. Camille is truly deserving of these five star rating!

  186. First time caller and you were amazing, Samantha! Fast delivery and accurate with details and situation. Will definitely call again and again! Thank you!

  187. Sable is so special. She has a truly warm hearted spirit and a huge gift to share. I enjoy talking to her and she gives me great insight.

  188. She is very accurate. Katerena is someone you can trust. Give her a call, you wont be disappointed.

  189. Juliana tunes right in and she tremendously helpful. Try her.

  190. Shana was wonderful and put a lot of things into perspective for me. I unfortunately couldn’t finish the reading since I did not have anymore credits.

  191. Dearest Denise, I enjoy your readings and you always keep me calm and give me lots of hope and clarity! Can’t wait for your predictions to come true!

  192. Thanks so much Aurora for a very quick and direct reading with very useful information! I will be in touch soon, Aurora!

  193. Luke is without a doubt the best in here!!! He’s so in depth and answers absolutely everything.

  194. Nothing short of incredible! By all means, read with April! April knows her stuff and she can really help.

  195. I read with Robin weekly and she has been very accurate with all the info she has given me. She will not feed you a fairytale, only honest info. Thank you Robin!

  196. She is very kind and sweet. Called her back twice and she gave me a wonderful reading about my POI and my career outlook. She’s my favorite! Thank you Shana!

  197. Extremely pleased. This was my first reading. No question, I am definitely reading with Celine again.

  198. Accurate timing regarding POI and contact. I believe she is accurately picking up on that situation. She does not waste your time or money. Thank you, Carol!

  199. To say the least, I highly recommend her!

  200. I have been getting readings done for years by Dee and she said I would marry my husband and and that he will be a different man! Boom it happened 3 years later we are together and this man has changed and I am blown away! He is and became the man that I have always wanted!

  201. Thank you for remembering me and for the compassion. You’re the best Katerena.

  202. Great reading! I am so thankful to her for being real and understanding.

  203. Amazing. Very sweet and picked up on a lot of things.

  204. Always easy to talk to and very accurate.

  205. Another reading to get to the bottom of things – and as always, I am following Kelly’s guidance and message as they’ve never been wrong.

  206. Thank you Maya! As always, she is honest, sincere and tells it like it is! I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

  207. It’s always a pleasure to speak with Robin. She is very clear and specific in what she sees and the guidance she offers. Everything she has provided in previous calls has been on target and successful. I appreciate her gifts and guidance.

  208. Great as always. I love Sita. She can be trusted to tell you the truth.

  209. I have spoken with many psychics over a few years and experienced AnneMarie to be the most intuitive, informed and gifted psychic of all. She was able to discern many intricate nuances of my situation without prompting and provided me with clear guidance in a supportive manner.

  210. I have had terrible experiences with psychics just not be real or not reading me at all. Maya read me immediately, she touched base on something I was hurting so much from and it brought me so much comfort. I will be coming to her from now on.

  211. I love her dearly. Her gifts are very accurate and her advice is wise. She connects to me very well. While on the phone I feel like I’m talking to a close friend, to the point, when she tells me something about myself. I think “wow, how does she know that?!” But then I remember I called a psychic lol. 5 stars every time.

  212. Robin is extremely gifted and polite. She has good communication, great personality, and quick. My favorite psychic. Thanks.

  213. Hannah Wilkenson

    Tatiana is that sweet and gentle reminder that all will be well. I am so grateful by this reading, as I always am with you dearest Tatiana, dearest adviser, dearest friend!

  214. I think Sidney is a magician, honestly. I know my energy was all over the place, but when I spoke with Sidney, she does something to calm me. She calms my nerves. Sidney gets deep into the psyche of the people I ask about and she sees what’s happening. Sidney has been steadfast with her prediction.

  215. I needed that time to talk to you and there you were. I was literally brought to tears today. You remembered my babies L and R. As a person you are so truly valued. It is not solely about what you have to say, it is about who you are. I am so glad we have had the chance to meet on the phone. Your kindness amazes and soothes me.

  216. Thank you Ramona. I will always call you before anyone else . Yes, you are worth 10 stars in my book.

  217. Sidney is truly amazing. She helped me deal with the loss of my beloved pet and bring me peace. Assurance. She picked him up perfectly and I am grateful for her insight

  218. Regina Mcdougle

    Tracy, you were right! Whenever I start losing hope I remember your words. Thank you so much for keeping my spirits from drowning!

  219. She was amazing. Tina will provide the truth no matter how hard it is. Give her a try.

  220. Helen is great. My first reading was amazing but my second reading with her seemed to be more general.

  221. Josefina Barrera

    Tammy is the best of the best. You don’t have to say much of anything, she is in tune and can read your situation. If you want the truth and a solution, choose Tammy, she will guide you in the right direction!

  222. Manuela Ashburn

    Thank you so much, Annabelle! You were exactly what I needed. I appreciate your kind and thoughtful words and will find more patience for what the future will bring. Many blessings!

  223. Madeleine Jones

    Sylvia has always been a pleasure to speak with. It’s a real joy to talk to Sylvia who has such a positive force.

  224. Juliana Heymann

    Today’s conversation with Sita was the most awe-inspiring, faith affirming, love sustaining one I have ever had. She sees the truth with such clarity and shares it with such lovely, effortless grace.

  225. Pebbles is exceptional always! She knows exactly what is going on without me saying a word.

  226. Excellent. Jasmine picked up on the person and situation in question right away without me telling her.

  227. I have so much to tell you, Samara! Everything you told me is beginning to unfold! I truly got to a point where I never thought it would happen! Thank you so much. You are amazing!

  228. Vance Mcconnell

    She always puts me at ease and Sunshine has such confidence in her predictions.

  229. Serenity’s insight is awesome and she’s always on point.

  230. Carol is always awesome. I really enjoy talking to her like she is like a best friend. Thanks for all your advice. You are the best.

  231. I will focus on that, Cecilia! Thank you so much for waking me up from my illusion. I now feel better because of your help.

  232. Jeni is so gifted and her accuracy is unbelievable. Will be talking to you again and God bless you and your family.

  233. Annabelle, you are one of a kind psychic. I will give you 10 stars if I can. Thank you for being non-judgmental and right on point.

  234. Aurora, I am so glad that you are there to guide me on my journey. I wont be able to do it without you. You are one of the best. Thank you so much.

  235. Am praying very hard! Zen, thank you for not giving up on me. I know I can quite frustrating but you’re still there and helping me. Thanks, Zen.

  236. Thank you Cecilia for the beautiful reading! You were so right about travel. I will call you to let you know what happens. Warm hugs from my heart to yours!

  237. Thank you, Rita. You are always there when I needed to talk to someone. Thank you for being a good psychic. I will be back.

  238. Dee, you are truly awesome! You are so clear, swift and accurate! You don’t waste time at all! Thank you!

  239. Sena knew my situation right away, good connection. Thanks!

  240. I was excited to get through to Sable because of her popularity and I’m glad that I did. She read me like a book and very understanding.

  241. It is finally starting to happen. Erika, thank you so very much for all the help and all the talking me down off the edge and not allowing me to give up hope. Thank you so much.

  242. I just want to tell you Amber, I sincerely and genuinely love you from the bottom of my heart! I don’t know how I can repay you, you’ve done so much for me and my husband. You’ve played a big part and so much to my life and with my relationship that I cried with tears of joy! You’re a hero, a true sister, a true mother and a friend!

  243. Sita’s been helpful eversince and I will definitely have her for good. Thanks Sita and lots of blessing!

  244. Eva is truly a great person and helped me with difficult situation in my life.

  245. Thank you very much, Serenity! Words cannot express how thankful I am for everything!

  246. Sorry, got cut off and had to go but will call you back tonight. Thank you, Jeni.

  247. Darlene Fitzgerald

    Angelina is the best! She is worth every dollar spent.

  248. Amazing! I just like the reading I had with Dee. Her energy is very light and lively, you will feel better.

  249. My reading with Astra today was absolutely incredible! I was left speechless as she identified the elements of my issue. She was very insightful and used “word for word” the same verbiage that I have used to describe my own problem. Unfortunately, time ran out, but I will definitely be speaking with her again. I have been in such pain over my particular issue these past months and after speaking with Astra today I can finally let that pain go because she made me feel that things are going to get better…I can’t say enough about her…

  250. As always, you are my angel. Thank you for always being there, Amber.

  251. Antonia completely blows me away with her accuracy and ability to see through the very heart of the matter. Wonderful reading as always!

  252. You are really a kind and great psychic. Thank you for your help, Sable.

  253. You are a godsend, Katerena. You immediately picked up what is going on and the feedback is right on the mark. It’s really refreshing to speak to someone who perfectly reads a situation and predicts what happens and with patience. Thank you.

  254. Samara will always be the best for me. She’s a good advisor and very genuine.

  255. Super knew just what I felt the night I went out with my potential guy. Jade’s astrological sense is also a great help!

  256. Charlotte is always good! She’s a very gifted lady and she’s been so helpful to me!

  257. Thank you, Jules. You’re such a gifted clairvoyant, I feel so comfortable with you. Thanks again for checking into my situation.

  258. Laurie, your are so sweet! I can believe you remember who I was when I call this morning. Thanks again for all your help.

  259. Sylvia is a gift to this world. She is gifted, unique and wonderful. I don’t know what I would do without her. Love you, Sylvia!

  260. Sita deserves a 10 stars. She’s very nice and very gifted.

  261. I’d heard of Stacy and wanted to get clarity on a complex situation. What I got completely blew me away and got a razor sharp responses with no wastage of time yet. This lady knows stuff. I guess there’s a reason why she is the top one/ two on this platform. Thank you, Stacy.

  262. Super sweet! Layla is very positive and uplifting in what information she relays. I feel much calmer about the situation. I am just trying to be patient. Thank you so much for helping me through this. Definitely recommend! Thank you!

  263. Thank you, Ella. What you sees and tells me is the way things eventually play out!

  264. Ginnie was spot on! She provided accurate details regarding my man that I did not tell her. I was like wow! I will get a reading from her again. I do not have any doubt her prediction will come true so I will sit back and wait. Thank you!

  265. Brooke is one of my angel here on the earth. Thank you for always answering my questions and give me hope.

  266. Thank you for letting me ask the same question over and over. I just have to wait now for my poi to contact me.

  267. I don’t know where would I be without you, Rey. Thank you so much for answering all my questions and giving me hope. I feel much better after talking to you.

  268. Madison is awesome as always. She’s kind and caring. She’s also non judgmental with her clients.

  269. Gianna’s abilities are so astonishing! Sometimes, she knows what I need before I know myself. Her gift of knowing things has been helping me get through a very difficult life situation. She has been so encouraging and comforting. I now have hope for a beautiful life.

  270. Tina is amazing. She is very compassionate at what she does and she wants the best in all her clients. She is truly a gem!

  271. If you tell him true facts…. You will get truthful and accurate information. You should get a reading with Luke.

  272. I really enjoyed my reading with Amber! What I really loved and valued was the transparency, insight and overall guidance I was looking for. I felt much more clear-headed after speaking with her.

  273. Percy’s readings are amazing. She’s so right on and I can’t wait to talk to her again. Thank you so much.

  274. Thank you, Hannah! I feel strong connection with you. You gave me truthful information that I need to digest.

  275. Shana’s always the best. I’m so thankful for all the help and insight.

  276. Robin is the best and it shows with her waiting line. I really look forward to check with her every so often. Love her.

  277. Always right. I look forward to talking to Jen. She’s well worth waiting for.

  278. Neo delivers sharp and precise messages quickly and unwaveringly. He offers such inspiring insight each time I connect with him. Thank you Neo for shining your light so brightly.

  279. Samara is really amazing. Her predictions did come true in the past and I believe that they will again. What she described to me was accurate. Thank you.

  280. Kayla is so amazing. She’s always right on with everything.

  281. Robin always knows who I am no matter how much time goes by and however many people she is reading for. The predictions never change and so far, all of them always happens. She always makes me feel better with her concrete details and insight into situations about other’s feelings etc. I am hopeful that all Robin’s predictions comes true!

  282. I love Bianca. She’s quick accurate and consistent.

  283. Rocco is very good! Quick responder and he doesn’t waste your time!

  284. Rocco’s real. I can’t express it no other way as he’s been right all along. His guidance has been truly appreciated.

  285. Amber, you’ve been totally spot on. The universe definitely has a sense of humor, good thing I have you on my side to take care of me.

  286. Sita is one of the best! I call her often and there is always a wait to speak with her. She’s worth the wait! Very accurate with timelines. She said my POI would call today and he did!

  287. Sable was very consistent. She picked up new information that I recently even discovered this weekend without me even mentioning it to her.

  288. Kayla, you are wonderful and know what’s going on. I feel better talking to you.

  289. Giselle, you have so much confidence that he will follow his heart and I am trying to stay positive. It is so hard when I have never been important or felt loved in any relationship but he started to show that he really cares.

  290. Adri, last time we spoke you were right on the dot. I need to speak to you again, please! I’m in a stressful state of mind and need answers. Thank you!

  291. Arielle Jensen

    Ginnie is accurate. Most of what she predicted came to fruition and she can connect to my poi right away.

  292. Sita’s been right about everything. I will definitely call back for more guidance.

  293. Thanks as always, Carol. You’ve been keeping me sane.

  294. Jackson Windridge

    I could not be more grateful, Annabelle! You’ve been there for me when I already want to give up. I owe you my peace and sanity. Thank you.

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