13 Signals the Universe is Trying to Communicate with You

Humanity has been fascinated by the spirt world since antiquity.  If you are looking to connect more deeply with the spiritual realm here are 13 ways you can recognize if it trying to connect with you.

  1. Flickering or dying light-bulbs

Psychics believe spirits can influence electricity like home lighting.  If you have recently installed a new light bulb and it suddenly blows out, it might be a sign a spirit is nearby.  Consider asking the question “who is this?” either out loud or in your mind, a face and name will suddenly come to you.

  1. Fluctuation in ambient temperature

A sudden change in room temperature despite no windows or doors being open can also alert you to a supernatural presence.  This change may be noticeable to a particular person or group of people depending on the intention of the spiritual connection.  Consider a time you felt a cool chill throughout your body when you thought of a beloved departed friend.  A similar reaction can be produced by the brain if you are in a eerie situation due to disturbing your aura.

  1. Noises

This may manifest as hearing you name being called out in your mind, or hearing sounds no one else notices.  Both are clues that the spirit world is trying to talk with us.  You may also notice a random song play in your head on appear on your playlist with lyrics that speak deeply to you.  This is major way the Universe is trying to talk with us or a departed loved one is saying hello.

  1. Frozen clock

If you see a stopped clock it could reflect the time a loved one died and show you, they are reaching out to you.

  1. Butterflies

Ancient Chinese cultures viewed butterflies as the spirits of people who have died and have shed their earthly forms and now one with the Divine.  Seeing a butterfly and thinking of a “lost” loved one lets you know that are finally free and at peace with the Universe.

  1. Familiar faces

When you stumble on a person that looks like a beloved deceased person this is a clue that they are trying to connect with you.

  1. Shadows just out of view

Seeing something just outside your field of world is one of many ways the Universe is signaling to you that it is trying to get your attention.  Take a moment to settle yourself and let your intuition guide you to what issue might need to be addressed.

  1. Touch

Sensations on your face or body can come out of nowhere.  It can involve a variety of pressure, just ask the spirit to confirm their presence by touching a particular part of your body.  This will confirm this touch is wanted and not a malevolent force trying to cause chaos.

  1. Technology glitches

Computers can start acting out of sorts.  Perhaps a television turns itself on.  Pay attention to any images or sounds you are noticing. If you need more clarification ask the Universe for additional messages.

  1. Dreams and visions

These can be received as comforting or jarring, but these will mostly likely be very vivid.  Messages can seem either very clear or jumbled.  If you find yourself having frequent dreams, begin to keep a notebook by your bedside to record as many details as possible upon waking up.  This will help you remember your visions better and allow you to more fully analyze them.  If you continue to be disturbed by your visions, seek comfort in the form of religion or prayer.

  1. Telepathy

If you are experience thoughts in your head in a voice that is distinct from your own, you are most likely hearing a spirit trying to speak with you.  Ask them to repeat the message again for greater clarification and direction.

  1. Odors

You may notice a sudden aroma that sends you to another place or reminds you of a person.  Ask the universe or the spirit world what they are trying to alert you towards.  If you don’t feel comfort with this outreach, ask the entity to stop and they will.

  1. Photographs

There are many accounts of photos suddenly falling off the wall or mantle.  Other times you may notice a photo becoming crooked or developing a haze.  This indicates a spirit of a dead person in the image is nearby.  In digital or printed photos, you may notice floating orbs in the frame.  Psychics report these balls of light are spirits being captured by the camera and reminding the photographers that the dead and the mystical are never far away.