3 Ways to Unblock Chakras after a Breakup

Breakups are hard. Anyone going through this has all these feelings but may not understand what the situation has done to their seven chakras. Every chakra is affected by both the intensity of a relationship and by the feelings associated with the breakup.

Here is a list of the seven chakras and how they play in a relationship:

  • Root Chakra is connected with feelings of security and safety.
  • Sacral Chakra is the energy, particularly sexual energy, between you.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra is the power chakra that could be lost.
  • Heart Chakra is connected to how you two feel about each other and it can turn numb in a breakup.
  • Throat Chakra is your voice that you may feel you’ve lost in a bad relationship.
  • Third Eye Chakra is the one controlling your intuition and is responsible for telling you something is wrong in the relationship. A negative relationship could result in you doubting your intuition.
  • Crown Chakra is your sense of self and you could now feel lost.

Broken or Blocked Chakras

A break-up can result in either broken or blocked chakras that can have negative effects on your moods and life. Depending on the power of each chakra, you can feel lost, depression, anger, a lack of a voice, a lack of power, a broken heart, and a host of other feelings.

Chakra experts say that healing your seven chakras will also pull you out of these negative vibes. While each chakra has a specific healing method, there are a couple of common elements to each method.

There are three ways to heal chakras and they are listed below:

  1. Meditation

Calming your spirit and delving into your psyche will help to heal your chakras. Meditation is particularly good for the Third Eye Chakra as it is associated with spirituality and intuition.

Take some time each day to quietly sit and breathe. Get in a comfortable position and clear your head. Close our eyes and breath in and exhale in a rhythm. This will go a long way to healing.

  1. Use tones and sound

Experts tout different frequencies help heal different chakras. These tones put your vibrations on a higher level than they are so you can unblock your chakras. Research which tones and sounds are best for you.

  1. Use music

Music has long been known to offer to heal. Some studies show incorporating music in hospital therapies have better results for patients’ healing. It is possible because music contains high vibrational tones, but the reasoning for the connection has never been identified.

Likewise, singing has also been known to unblock and heal chakras. Most theorize the reason for this is that singing involves full-brain participation and includes all the chakras.

The beauty of these types of therapies is that they are low-cost and will never harm you, so there is only a benefit to reap. Understanding how your spirit and chakras work with your emotions will help you in the healing process.