Achieve Your Goals with the Law of Attraction

What do you most desire?  Are you seeking to increase money or love into your life?  Perhaps its time for a new career.  Then its time to apply the Law of Attraction.  This universal law states people have the freewill to create the life of their dreams.  When you shift mindset, true blessings occur.  It is important to not that the Universe helps people who feel empowered, and not plays the victim.

When you focus on victim mindset you tell that Universe that you are someone things happen to and not someone who creates their destiny.  The Universe desire us to harness our freewill to shape our destiny.  When a person thinks like a victim, they use this sob story to justify why their life is horrendous.  They typically will pass this thinking down to younger generations, each feeling more and more unworthy in the process.

The Universe rewards those who become the hero of their story.  Although we all have pain and require degrees of healing, the Universe aids those that feel inspired to raise above their obstacles.  Instead of feeling sorry for themselves, they take action like finding a therapist, releasing toxic relationship or habits from their life, and cultivating more joy in their day.  Sometimes all a person needs a small act.  Like dancing to a favorite song, reciting an affirmation or talking with a positive influence in their life.

There is no word “no” in the Universe’s language.  All the word “no” does is serve to form a boundary between one’s dream and their potential.  When people are unhappy, they often focus on the feelings of stress and perhaps the source of the unhappiness.  Over time a small trouble morphs into a huge hurdle.  Consider how a bad first date can quickly devolve into you thinking that you are unlovable.  Instead of seeing the string of lack luster dates, the universe wants you to see the opportunities or “yes” in the situation.  Like how each subpar date teaches you more about what you want in a romantic partner, and brings you one step closer to your true love.

The universe loves the word “yes.”  If you commit to moving to a new city to find better job opportunities, the universe will direct you to a fabulous real estate agent.  This creates a cycle of action both of you creating pathways for the universe to send you the blessings you desire.  The universe matches your energy creating a plethora of opportunities.  You cannot manifest from a place of lack.  The more you focus on what you wish you could have, the more resentful you will become, and the harsher your situation and mindset will become.

Maximize how the Universe matches your vibrations! When you stress about anything the Universe will resonate your pain dragging you further into the quagmire.  By understand the Universe matches your energy frequency you can begin to make necessary changes to improve a situation.  If you are frustrated you didn’t get the last job you interviewed for, release the frustration.  That interview is now a part of your past.  By fixating on what you could have done you are only creating more angst.  You can’t change the outcome, so what is the purpose of stressing out?

Create distance from your negative emotions and thoughts.  Shift your mindset and opt to focus on the positive aspects in your life.  When you display gratitude for your blessings, you create an open pathway for more to arrive!  For example, when you think about how fulfilled you feel when you are around your close friends, the Universe will rejoice and create more opportunities for you to create additional treasured memories together.

If you believe it, the Universe will help you achieve it!  When you are able to honor and receive the Law of Attraction and its lessons with gusto, you will open the gateways to the Universe sending you wonderful new opportunities your way.  Yet, if you continue to doubt or minimize its impact, you will be stuck in the cycle of achieving nothing but stress and frustration.

Sincere belief in yourself and the Law of Attraction is paramount to attaining growth.  Too often, society showcases cynical actions and squelches the ability to live a bold and empowering life.  Apathy extends well pass teenagers today, to bored, listless and unhappy adults who are enmeshed in thinking life will never work out for them.  Because they are so afraid of continued failure, they resist any options for change.

To have a happy life you must know fully within yourself that you matter and that you desire a bountiful life.  If you don’t belief you are worthy than you block the Law of Attraction from finding you.  Start to remove these walls by creating a mantra to help you realize your full worth for goodness to permeate throughout your life.  Create genuine self-esteems by recording some of your favorite qualities about your yourself, and all the good work you have done within your communities.  Process that the Law of Attraction never stops working and that you should also be aware of your words and thoughts.  Choose each day to promote gratitude and joy and you’ll discover the universe is working to help you make your wildest dreams a reality.