Awakening the Heart

Awakening the HeartWhen you look inside, you can let out hurts and emotions that are found in the center of your heart.  In society, we see things that are full of distractions, materials and love, expectations.  We have an idea of love that shows us material things and ways we attach t things.  This is why people get stuck in the idea of what love is instead of really loving someone.

ON some journeys, we will get stuck in our mind versus our heart and if they connect as one then it means we can wake up the center of the heart.  This can be a conscious decision toward our soul and if we are able to understand ourselves then we can learn how to forgive.  Some people get stuck in their chakras by having emotional problems and having issues with the mind and the heart.

This means that we will sometimes move emotionally form our heart to our mind and back and forth trying to find a place that is comfortable.  This can be hard and emotional when you feel guided and you feel that you are not awakened to yourself.  When you find a way in this process then you will stop feeling like you are going back and forth.

When we realize there is a battle of the mind and heart then the bridge between marriage of these things can unite and you will see that without the heart the ego cannot work and without the mind, the heart will be out of control.  The worlds have to come together as one.


When the heart is open, we become more empathetic and connected and we have an ability to see the souls of people.  This is a heavy thing because the awakening of the heart is about finding forgiveness and being compassionate.

Everyone is reflected against you and everyone is interacting with you and your internal world.

Everything has to do with awakening the heart because once you figure out yourself then you can figure out how to battle yourself by working on your inner needs.  This can help you to stop being angry and not letting people upset you.

Empathy is what connects you when you are talking about your past or your identity and this is when drama happens and when you feel guilty about the truth.

This is powerful and simple because your heart awakens.  You are feeling emotional and this is because your heart is healing.

Sacred Tools of Love

The real aspects of your heart are learning how to love and accepting yourself for all the good and bad that you have.  If you can’t figure out your self and love yourself then you will not be able to put your heart and mind to a deeper place.  Love will reflect back into your relationship.


Put yourself on top and take care of yourself for a while.  When this happens, you can take the small things like taking a bath or reading a book and let it make you happy.


Being empathetic might seem hard or ordinary but its because it is communicating with your soul.  You can get information through your emotions and use your senses to understand what is happening.  Empathy is crucial and it helps to teach us and soften us to let go of the past.  It shows us pain of others and helps us to help them.


When your heart is awake then you will become very emotional.  You might have tears and feel out of control.  You will desire to hold on to things and let go of sadness.  The pain will be deep, and you will be more empathetic than ever.  Let go of your old hurts and your past.


You can hold onto grudges forever, but this will not let you grow.  You need to block out bitterness and let your heart become forgiving.  Forgiveness is better for you because it lets you embrace your love and your heart.  Forgiveness can help you to be fixed and not broken.  Forgive others and have peace.


When you look in the mirror and see a stranger, that is you.  You need to know that you are connected to everyone you meet in a beautiful way.  You can understand that when you see your shadow that you will see the reflection of others.   Understand who you see in the mirror and change things around you that are negative.

Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz can help you to find love in your heart.  It can help guide you toward better relationships and help you meet people. This can help you get rid of depression and to have good dreams.


Sometimes when you are upset you see a word or a story that shakes your soul.  You realize you have issues and that you have memories that are always resurfacing.  What is important is what is happening now, forget the past and create your happiness by living in the moment.


The best way to awaken your heart is to ask it to give you a personal wake up call.  Ask for a sign from the universe and ask it to help you know that things will be okay.  What do you need so that you can move forward?  What do you need so that you can find love?

Being Me

The heart is one of the things that help you to find love.  Whenever your heart isn’t aligned, you will go through times of forgetting and remembering things.  If our heart isn’t aligned, then you have to remember to be yourself and to love your identity.  You need to forget yourself by losing yourself and have people in your thoughts and work for your future self.

The heart is where you can find yourself again and get inspirations.  You remember yourself again by your heart center.  You remember everything inside of you.  Allow yourself to be well.  Awakening your heart takes bravery and you can do this by being humble and by being fearless.  Doing this can reveal things to you and give you a better and happy life.