Being and Empath and Having Balanced Emotions

Psychics are people that have the ability to help others and they have to deal with the emotions and feelings that people put before them each day. This can be hard for some people, especially people that are empaths.

An empath is a person that feels the emotions of other people and that has a deep level of intuition from those that are around them. The word empath comes from the word empathy and this means that you are able to have feelings of care for those that are hurt or suffering.

Being an empath means that you can feel pain and hurt from those that are around you. This means that you might walk into a party and instantly feel overwhelmed because there are people in the room that are angry or hurt. You might be easily distracted by feelings and energies around you because you are overwhelmed by sensations and your conscious mind.

Empaths can find emotions around them that they do not even understand, and they often do not even know if the feelings come from themselves or from others. When you have strong intuition, you might even feel the sadness someone is going through, and this can cause the emotion to become yours.

Psychics can help you to know why you are feeling ill or depressed in your life and can help you when you get a reading so that you can deal with the emotions you are feeling.

Psychics can help people in different ways, and this is not an easy thing. There are people that are always at a battle with their emotions and many of these people have deep emotions of sadness, anger, depression, and other things. If you feel that this is you, here are some ways that you can handle your emotions, especially if you are an empath:

Put You First

An empath is meant to help others, but it is important that the put themselves first. You have to learn to care about yourself so that you can care for others. All of this includes getting enough sleep, resting, eating healthy foods, and working out. Take time to rest and to do fun things such as going bowling or taking a cooking class.

Separate Emotions

Separating your emotions when you are an empath is a hard thing. You have to learn to differentiate if the emotion is yours or someone else’s. You can do this by paying attention to what kinds of feelings you are having and if your feelings shift, find out why. If you are home and you are happy and then you go to the store and you become angry or upset, chances are that you are picking up someone else’s emotions.

Learn to identify these things and here is how you can do that:

  • Hard emotions can mean you are feeling someone else’s emotions.
  • Emotions such as sadness, fear or anger can happen when you are picking up emotions around you.
  • Pains in your body can happen when you are around someone that is sick or hurting.
  • Emotions that come out of nowhere probably belong to someone else.
  • Anxious or upset feelings in a large group can mean you are dealing with the emotions of people around you.


Psychics come in all forms and not all psychics are empaths, but all empaths are psychics. Empaths will feel the emotions of people around them and will pick up on their energies.

Some forms of these feelings are emotions, connections to people or animals, physical pain or sensations and changing of feelings fast. If you are confused about your feelings, write them in a journal so that you can look at them later.


Take time each day to meditate and connect with your own emotions. Doing this at least each day can help you to know what is going on inside of you.

Find a quiet place to meditate and make sure that you are not distracted by things around you. Take deep breaths and let your feelings free. If you feel that your emotions are not connected to what you are feeling, let things go and then try again.

Talk to a Psychic

If you really need to connect with someone that knows what you are going through, find a psychic to talk to. Being an empath means you are already having these feelings and a psychic can teach you how to develop your feelings and how to work on your spiritual journey.