Best Crystal for Healing

Crystals have been around for many years and through many cultures. Even in Ancient Greek times, Atlantis used crystals to make the machines work. Crystals are now used for different kinds of things, and they are often found all throughout yoga shops.

Why are crystals so important now days? The first reason is because they are so pretty to look at. Each time you pick up a crystal you can feel its energy and see its beauty and it helps you to feel that you have power. If you have been feeling that you are not sure what crystals are for, keep reading and you can find out how they can better your life.

Finding Healing Crystals

When you go to a crystal shop, you will see that there are so many different crystals that you can choose from. It can even be overwhelming to you unless you have someone to help you to know what to buy. You can ask the person that owns the shop to help you to find the stone that is perfect for you.

You might need to be grounded or to have less stress. If that, is you, you need to tell the person at the shop what you are looking for. One owner might suggest getting a Tiger’s eye crystal which can help to give you confidence while another might suggest a grounding stone such as the hematite. You can even find a crystal that you don’t know anything about and choose that so that you can work with it and find out what it means to you.

When you go to the shop, you should touch all of the crystals and find out which one makes you feel different. If you area n Aries, for example, you might choose to get a bloodstone because it can help you to be strong in your thoughts and your emotions and it can help to take away stress and worry in your life. You can choose the crystal that is right for you by following these tips:

Ask it to Come to You

You can talk to the crystals and ask the one that is perfect to you to show you. This means that the universe will point you out to the crystal that is meant to be with you.

Physical Reaction

Take your pick of the stones that you like and pick them up. See what kind of physical reaction that your body makes when you hold the stones. You may even end up with more than one to buy.

Try Them Out

One way that you can pick a crystal is to see if it does what you need. If you need to heal your chakras, find the stone, and try it on the chakra that you feel is blocked and see if it helps you. Here are some things to know about chakra healing:

  • First Chakra: This is found at the base of the spine and helps you to have security.
  • Second Chakra: Located in the lower stomach. This helps you to have strength and to be strong in your sexuality.
  • Third Chakra: Found in the bottom of the ribcage and is called the solar plexus. This can help you to have fun and to find your inner child.
  • Fourth Chakra is the heart chakra, and it is found in the middle of the chest. It can help you to forgive others and to have unconditional love.
  • Fifth chakra is the throat chakra and is found in the throat. This is where you can communicate and where you can learn to trust yourself and others.
  • Sixth chakra this is the third eye chakra found in the middle of the forehead between your eyebrows. This is where you can reach your intuition and where you can meditate to be stronger.
  • Seventh chakra or the crown chakra is found at the top of the head. This is the chakra that can help you develop your psychic giftings.

When you go shopping for crystals, find the crystal that works with the chakra that you need to heal. Then you can put the crystal on that part of the body when you meditate, and you can see it become unblocked.

Meaning of Crystals

When you want to know what a crystal does, you can look online, or you can ask someone in the shop. All of the crystals have different meanings, and they are able to help you to do different things. You always need to make sure that your intentions are right when you use crystals.


This is a purple stone that can help you to develop your psychic giftings. It is also great to meditate with and help you to use your intuition better.


This stone is a good one because it can make you feel happy and get rid of stress and anxiety out of your life.

Clear Quartz

The Clear quartz is a stone that can help you when you need to have answers to challenging situations. If you feel that you don’t know what to do or you are in a fog, you can use this stone to open up your mind and your heart. This stone can build up your energy.


This is a green stone that can help you to bring abundance to your life.


The Moonstone is a great stone that can help you to clear your thinking. It can help you to meditate on the moon and to manifest things to your life.


The Obsidian is one that can help you to cleanse your being. It can get rid of negative energy and works well with feminine energies to help you to show love and nurturing to others. This is also a great grounding stone.

Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz is a stone that can be used to heal your emotions or to help you with relationship problems. If you have past karma that you are paying back, this stone can help you with that to bring you peace.

Using Crystals

You can use crystals any way that you want and there is no real rule on how to use them. Use them to ground yourself or to help heal something that is not working right. You can use the stones to build up your chakras or to protect you.

Crystals will make amazing parts of your home and you can also use them at your altar. You can use crystals to help you sleep and carry them with you wherever you go. They can be like a good luck charm in your life.

Crystals can also help you to use your energy for the good and to tune into the spiritual world. You can do different rituals to make the crystals stronger. Here are some things you can do:

  • Hold a crystal in your hand and display one in your bedroom to keep your room strong.
  • Hold the crystal in your hand when you meditate and do deep breathing. You can drink warm water and herbs to help clear your lungs.
  • Use crystals to help you to visualize things to make your life better.
  • When you meditate, hold on to the crystal and visualize things. Think of all the images that come to your mind.
  • Put the crystal on a shelf and take a picture of it. Let the energy of the stone go to the picture that you took.
  • Hold a crystal in your hand when you need to let go of something negative.
  • Put the crystal close to you when there is a new season so that it can help you to make our intentions strong.