Exercises to Improve Clairvoyant Abilities

Clairvoyance is the ability to see things clearly that other people can’t see.  When you look at a tarot card, for example, you will know what is happening and see into the seekers life.  Sometimes it takes a visual form and always is relevant to the question that was asked.

This is considered the internal visualization and sometimes it is seen different ways.  Some will see figures while some will see visions or spirits.  This is called external visualization. This is usually followed by things being seen and heard.

Is Everyone Clairvoyant?

Most people are clairvoyant but not everyone is able to visualize things and that is usually people that worry a lot.  They see the worse things that could go wrong and are always asking “what if?”

A visualizer is able to build a scene and let it go.  Just like a movie.  Some clairvoyance is when people see pictures that come from other places.

It is possible that anyone can be clairvoyant if they practice and try to see visions.

Signs of Being Clairvoyant

Here are some signs that you might be clairvoyant:

  • See vivid dreams
  • Have vison
  • Dreams hold messages
  • See something trying to get your attention.
  • You have good intuition.
  • You get different numbers or symbols.
  • You see auras.
  • You see ghosts.
  • There is a veil that is close to you and helps you to see better.
  • You have one or more clairs.

Exercises to Improve Clairvoyant Abilities

This first exercise will help you to practice with your internal visualization:

  • Sit quiet and breath deep.
  • Imagine a scene in your head and put it with what is around you.
  • Create an action in the scene such as birds chirping.
  • Walk away from the scene and come into the room that you are sitting.

This should only take a few minutes to practice.  Practice this all the time to understand what is going on.

Exercise 2:

  • Before sitting, breathe deep and close your eyes.
  • Don’t create a scene.
  • Relax and see what happens.
  • Ask your guides for help.
  • Pay attention to pictures around you in your mind.
  • As soon as you feel alone, write down what you felt and saw.

You might not get a message at first but don’t be upset, just keep practicing and exercising and repeating until you receive something.

Exercise 3:  Peripheral Vision

  • Sit quiet and breath deep.
  • Focus on objects in front of you.
  • Don’t move but become aware of your peripheral vision.
  • Take note of what you see.
  • Notice if you see movement but stay focused in front of you.
  • Sit as long as you are comfortable.
  • When you are finished take notes on what you saw.


Clairvoyance doesn’t come right away and it has to be something that you really want.  Always practice these three exercises until you get what you are looking for.  It doesn’t matter if you practice them many times a day, do as much as you can each day and each week.

Keep a journal of what you have experienced and write down in detail what you saw and felt, even if it doesn’t seem important.  You never know what you might have picked up that actually met something.  Keep it connected and pay attention to conversations you will have with other people.


You can expand on these exercises and try to connect with angels.  The guides will help you to figure out how to get messages and visions.  Some clairvoyants have a direct connection and some don’t.

It is important to know that your experience is not going to be like other peoples and you have your own unique way of communicating with the spirts.  Just keep practicing and listening until you improve your abilities.