Love Spells

There are many people in the world that spend their whole lives waiting for their soulmate or for that perfect person and they never find them. Love spells and other things can help to turn this situation around and they can add a hint of romance to people that live in the modern times.

Someone that does spell casting will work hard to make sure that the person that you are meant to be with will find you and that they will bring you peace and love. They will put in effort to make the love spell work and it can go to a point where the person will love you and confess their undying love for you.

If you are someone that has never found your soulmate or you want to get back with your ex, some love spells can easily make this happen or you. Sometimes all you need is the right spell and the right mindset.

Easy Love Spells

If you are someone that casts spells and you think that this can require so much energy and tools that it is impossible, it is good to know that most love spell casters only use these three things to make them happen:

  • Honest intentions.
  • Magic of faith and love.
  • Strength of your love for someone else.

Love spells can take time, but some can work right away, and this can work because of the positive energy that is surrounding you. The way that you desire things into your life can bring magic to you.

Some love spells casters will take their cooking pots and turn them into magician cauldrons, and they will do this because they believe that love magic will make the spell work.

Candle Love Spell

Some love spells will work with candles and the candle will show a flame that can be an attraction towards the person you want to be with. The color of the candle will represent what you have as intentions for your love.

A red candle, for example, can mean that you want to have passionate love for someone that you had love with before, but it went away. If you are wanting to attract someone new or have stronger love bonds with your partner, use a pink candle.

Casting a Candle Love Spell

Here are some steps to do a candle love spell:

  • Find somewhere quiet to sit and light the candle that you choose.
  • Deep breathe and focus your energy on the person you want to be with. Imagine your love for them.
  • Light a red or pink candle.
  • Write your first name and the person you are interested in, their last name on white paper.
  • Draw a circle around the names without taking your pen off the paper.
  • Imagine what your life will be like with this person and make sure your thoughts are romantic and peaceful.
  • Say, “Our fate is sealed and we mote to be. This is done.”
  • Let the candle keep going till it burns out completely and never blow it out because it can break the spell.

You can do this spell for seven days straight to make the spell stronger. Most casters believe that doing this kind of magic on a Friday because it is Venus’s day is the best day.

There are other love candle spells that you can use that you can do for seven days, and you need a red candle and a carver to write the sign of your partner on the candle. You will have to say your intention out loud and be confident when lighting the red candle.

Once you light this candle, let it burn until there is no wax left. If it goes out, you can relight it whenever you can. Repeat your intentions each time that you relight the candle. One the candle is gone; you have completed the love spell.

Honey Love Spell

This is another fast spell that has been around for years and years. Many spell casters will use honey to make couples love each other more because of the sweetness of the honey.

Some consider that using a natural sticky solution such as honey can make the love stick.

Doing Honey Love Spells

Here is what you need to make this spell work:

  • Write the name of your love three times on a piece of white paper.
  • Move the paper 90 degrees and then write your own name 3 times where they overlap with your partners name.
  • Set your intentions and then write why you want this person to be in your life. Put this in a circle of the names and never lift your pen when making your wish.
  • Fold the paper and put inside the honey jar and make sure that your fingers touch the honey when you put it in.
  • Say, “Just as honey is so sweet, my partner will be sweet for me.”
  • Lick off the honey and then seal the jar.
  • Shake the jar and put it somewhere that no one will find it.

You can also light a love spell candle when doing this spell and you should choose a pink or red one so that it can bring true love. Do this ritual each day for a month and light a candle every other week. Always be careful not to leave the candle burning alone or not to let it catch things on fire.

Some spells that have honey will make the spell stronger when you add other things to the honey such as lavender, oregano, blue lotus, patchouli or more, depending on what you want. You can even add rose petals and thrones when you are dealing with hard times in your relationship.

Spells with No Ingredients

There are some spells that only use touch and words. Some easy love spells that have no ingredients are there and you just have to directly talk to the universe about the love that you want. These spells are not as hard sometimes and they are more special than other traditional spells. You can use these when you want to get your ex back or when you want to make the love you have with your partner stronger.

There are no limits to this kind of spell and all you have to do is speak the words that you want to say to make this come true for you.

Doing No Ingredient Love Spells

Here is how to do a no ingredient love spell:

  • Find a place that is quiet, and you will not be distracted. Get comfortable.
  • Do deep breathing and meditate to get rid of any negative energy.
  • Focus on who you love and imagine your life with them.

You can choose to change things like “Let them love me,” or you can imagine your life with happy times. You can do these spells with no ingredients and still get what you want.

After you find a place to do the spell, repeat it each day on the full moon or the first Friday of each month.

You need to be patient with this kind of spell because it will take time for it to work, and it will not work right away like other spells.

These kinds of love spells can make you love yourself more and you can imagine seeing you happy and doing things that motivate you to be the best you can be.

Affection Love Spells

Do you feel that your partner is distancing form you lately or that your love is not strong like it used to be? This could mean that your partner is not being faithful to you. Sometimes when people are married for a while, the romance fades out. This can also happen it new love.

Regardless of what the situation is, you can do spells that can bring the spark back into your relationship.

Casting Affection Love Spells

Here is how to cast affection love spells:

  • Have a red ribbon for passion and a pink for love.
  • String things together such as pictures of you and your partner. Do this on a new moon.
  • Tie the objects together with the ribbon and say, “As I tie these things together make them get closer to me.”
  • Bring the items closer together and do this each night while saying that over and over.
  • You can do this more than a month to make it work better.

A spell will need two things to symbolize your love for your partner. Once the objects touch, stop the spell because that means that you completed it. Do not do it again for a week and once you do it again you will see that you can solve relationship issues that you have with your partner.

Marriage Love Spells

These kinds of love spells work for people that are together and one is waiting of the other to propose. Most love spells casters do not use this kind of spell to bring people back together, but it can work for those that are needing to see love from a different angle or those that are going through hard things such as moving, having children or more.

Marriage love spells are there to get your distanced partner closer to you.

Casting a Marriage Love Spell

The best way to get a marriage love spell to work is to use a lily plant. They have white flowers that mean innocence and romance and are used just like the color of the wedding dress.

Feng Shui says that this kind of plant will bring peace and love wherever it goes. This can also help your partner to propose to you.

If you want to do something that takes longer, this love spell can sometimes work right away:

  • Replant the lily in your home in a new pot.
  • Put some stones at the bottom of the pot and put it in the bedroom or the other room that you are closest with your partner.
  • The plant has to have no seeds that can cross-pollinate with it.
  • Write down y our intention with your partner on white paper and roll it with a string around it.
  • Bury this paper at the bottom of the pot and put a stone on top of it.
  • Wrap pictures of you and your partner and put them in foil to keep them safe and put them in the right side of your lily plant and cover with soil.
  • Water the plant until new flowers bloom and then cut the bloomed flower and wrap it in a paper towel.
  • Let the flower dry out and then divide it into three parts.

Once you do this, add some sugar, tea and put the lily in it and stir it clockwise until the sugar and herbs are dissolved and then say, “Be my husband or be faithful,” whatever your needs are. Get your partner to drink this until it is gone.

You can do this for three days and then you will see changes. If you have no changes, do this again when the lunar cycle hits. Always use a freshly bloomed flower.

Can Spells Fail?

If your love spell does not work, then you might have things that are stopping it. This can be that you aren’t doing the spell right or that you are fighting too much with your partner. Negative energies can stop a spell form working.

Couples where one partner is cheating or there is unrequited love might not work because this is to restore relationships.

Can Love Spells Work Right Away?

If you are doing an easy love spell, you can master it and you can try to make it work. Some will work fast and other slow.

Can You Do These at Home?

Yes. Love spells can be done in your home, and you don’t have to go somewhere special to make them work unless the spell tells you.

You can know the difference between good and bad spells and make sure you are not doing black magic.

Get Love Spells to Work Right Away

When you create love potions and other things, these spells can be negative or positive if you are wishing without paying attention. If they work or won’t work, you need to make sure you are being honest.

How to keep a spell on track:

  • Focus on what you want.
  • Pick a spot that has fresh air and positivity.
  • Do the spell at the right time.
  • Do not reuse the casting tools.
  • Keep on track of your desires and never let anyone find your tools.

If you are new to casting, then you need to make sure that you are talking to someone that is a professional. Find a mentor to help you to know what you need to know. Remember that love spells only work if the other person has feelings for you.

Can Love Spells Backfire?

Yes. Love spells can backfire and can come back to you. You can have bad side effects because of the negative energy of the spell if you aren’t careful.

You need to set your intentions right and make sure that you aren’t trying to hurt anyone along the way. You need to be careful of what you do and if you see that your candle pops or does something strange then chances are that you are not putting the right energy into the relationship.


Love spells might work right away, or they might take time. Some people it takes a lot of time and positive energy for someone to fall in love with them. The spells can help you to find love and help you to be on the right path and they can help to increase your chances.

Once you know more about casting spells you will have a better time. If you want to fall in love, get a love reading and find out if something is holding you back from finding your real partner in life.