Get Rid of Crystal Negativity with Rice

Rice is one way that you can cleanse the negative energy off of your crystals. You can even use it to cleanse negative energy off of your life. Rice can balance the energies that come from the universe, and it can take the energy of the sun and release it to you.

When you use rice, you are grounding your crystal and you are charging it so that it can have energy of the sun and it can help you with your own spiritual energies. It is a substance that will take in anything that is negative and any imbalances that your crystal is feeling.

Rice is found to be used all through history as a way to cleanse energy.

What Does the History of Rice Look Like?

Rice is something that has been used throughout history and it is used to balance and restore life. It is found in fields and people have harvested this for years. There are many animals and people that live off rice and as the seasons change, the growth cycle comes in balance.

Japanese mythology tells us that rice was brought to the prince Ninigi, who was a descendant of the Sun goddess, Amaterasu. This means that rice is seen as a gift from the gods and that it is believed to hold high strength, health, purity, and knowledge that other foods don’t have.

China believes that rice is something that brings prosperity and abundance to the life of people that eat it. Having an empty rice bin is considered bad luck.

In India, rice is believed to cause fertility and when there are weddings, it is thrown at the bride and groom and sometimes they feed each other rice.

Even in the western traditions, rice is thrown at weddings to mean happiness and wealth for the newly married couple.

Rice Energies

Rice is energetic because it works with the sun and earth energies. It works as a way to charge the sun and it can ground energy around it. It uses its own vibration to charge the energy of things around it and because it has both the earth and sun energy, it is masculine and feminine.

Rice can bring harmony to your crystals because it can absorb negative energy and bring balance to the energy that something has. Not only can it take care of negative energy, but it can also bring balance to energies that aren’t negative or positive.

Cleansing Crystals with Rice

Here are some ways you can cleanse crystals with your rice:

Put it On Rice

You can put your crystals on a bed of rice for about 12 hours and it will cleanse your crystal. Put this in direct sun or moonlight and it will have extra energy cleansing.

Burying It

Another method is to bury your crystal in the rice. Make sure that the crystal is totally covered in the rice and do this for at least a day to get your crystals strong.

What Do You Do After the Rice Cleanse’s Your Crystals?

Here is what to do with rice after a cleansing:

Throw it Out

Many believe that after you use rice to cleanse your crystals that it will be full of negative energy. It is believed to throw this right away so that you can get rid of any bad energy.

Eating It

Others believe that you should eat the rice after it has cleansed the negativity of your crystals. This is believed because the energy is cleansed and cleared, and it is no longer there in the rice. They believe that throwing out this rice will cause there to be an unbalance.

You also can wash the rice under water to cleanse the rice if you believe that there is negative energy in it. Also, when you cook it, the steam will also cleanse it.

Turn the Rice to Water

If you don’t’ want to eat the rice but you don’t want to waste it, you can use the rice to heal yourself by using water healing. You can also use it for acne, a toner, sunburns, eczema and more. Mix your rice with water using 4 cups of water per 1 cup of rice and let it soak for at least 4 hours.

The rice will be able to soak up the water and then you can say, “Please take all the negative energy and release it from this water.” Strain the rice and then use it for body care.

Bathing with the Rice

Another thing that you can do is add rice to your bath. You can add this with essential oils and other things that can cleanse your own personal energy. If you don’t want to bath with it, make it into a foot soak that can balance your energy.

Water the Plants

You can turn your rice into water and then water your plants. This can give your plants extra energy and works well in nature.

Cleanse the Crystals with Rice Water

After you turn your rice into water, you can cleanse your crystals by putting them into the water and soaking them for a few hours.

Using with Flowers

Put your rice with flowers and other herbs so that you can cleanse your crystals and use this to get rid of negative energy.


Use your rice as a tool of meditation to help you to feel the energy of the rice. Hold rice in your hands while you begin to meditate and then let your energy flow between your hands and the rice. This can increase your vibrations and make you to feel positive.

Here are Other Questions About Using Rice to Cleanse

  • What kind of rice should I use? You can use any form of rice.
  • Should I avoid any type of rice? You should avoid rice that has been altered or has GMO’s in it.