Getting Rid of Negative Energy

The idea or concept of bad vibes is that of a sensation that resonates with lots of people, no matter when they may arise. Perhaps you feel a disconcerted feeling upon entering a certain room or maybe the negative energy from another person makes you feel down for the day. Sometimes, you may just feel off for no reason and need to lighten things up emotionally, physically, and especially mentally. To be able to discover and process where negative energy originates, you can look to the principles of chakras. The chakra system originates from the Vedas which is a body of ancient Indian scripture that references the chakras as an avenue to ascertain energetic imbalances so the body and mind can be realigned. For better understanding, you can say that a chakra spinning too fast is overactive and one spinning too slow is underactive.

Chakras are normally pictured as spinning wheels of energy that can spin in or out of balance. The flow of energy that keeps them spinning comes from our thoughts and behavior. We tend to notice negative energy more strongly. This can manifest as helplessness, jealousy, exhaustion, and anger which may be rooted in trauma that has been left unprocessed, limiting beliefs, or emotional wounds that have been left unhealed. Negative energy is lower and denser in its vibration causing the chakra to spin out of balance. When this type of energy is present in a space, it can be felt, even if it is not coming directly from you. When the negative energy comes from someone else can interact with our auric field leaving us feeling anxious, upset. or off balance in other ways.

We are much more intuitive than we tend to recognize so if you pause to ask yourself, you are likely to be feeling most of it from others. This makes it essential that we find ways to make our energetic field as resilient as possible to both internal and external forces. Below are a few tips to help rid yourself of negative energy if it arises.

Rethinking the Negative Framework

Even when things feel negative, they are not necessarily bad, just imbalanced or shadowed. When something is shadowed, it only means you have not shined a light on these issues and they have become more noticeable in others as a reminder to work on ourselves. Reframe your mindset to help yourself grow and let go of the preconceptions that have become unhelpful. Start this process by asking yourself questions about the negative emotions and journaling to bring them into awareness. This will raise the outer layers of the energetic field so the chakras can realign. Using breathwork can be helpful in the realignment as you work through the emotion.

Detach from the Energy of Others

Setting healthy boundaries is the best way to steer clear of those situations that may cause negative feelings or put you with others that are negative. If a specific event or person leaves you feeling negative, it is fine to say no to that person or event. You can also set internal energetic boundaries so you can avoid the negative vibes of others. Give yourself permission to let go of the feelings that are not yours to hold onto in life.

Take a Bath

Run a warm bath and add some essential oils or Epsom salt to calm the mind, body, and spirit. Oils with scents such as cedar wood, lavender, and eucalyptus are great options. Even sea salt can help cleanse and refresh the body.

Chakra Balancing Meditation

For this type of meditation, visualize the wheels of energy along the spine. Each is associated with a specific color as shared below.

  • Root Chakra – Red
  • Sacral Chakra – Orange
  • Solar Plexus – Yellow
  • Heart Chakra – Green
  • Throat Chakra – Blue
  • Third Eye Chakra – Indigo
  • Crown Chakra – White

Bring the different colors and placements to mind as you breathe into each one and give it permission to expand. This develops a relationship with each chakra so you are more aware of each.

Incorporate Mindfulness

There is no need for a long amount of time or a meditation pillow to give yourself a mind boost. You can take smaller breaks to incorporate mindfulness throughout the day, especially when working with or having heavy thoughts and feelings. Just take a moment to pause, feel your feet on the ground, and take three slow deep breaths.

Enjoy Nature

The earth holds powerful energy as a healer and can allow you to be supported and restored. This can be done in different ways with forest bathing growing in popularity recently. This is not the only way to ground yourself in nature, you can also just take a walk on a quiet, tree-lined street or spend time at the ocean while swimming, dipping your toes in the water, and breathing in the salt air. This will help you be grounded and centered as you feel more at peace.


Visualization is a wonderful way to find balance. You can visualize yourself surrounded by healing energy that pours through your body and down your spine. Envision your body filling up with warm light that refreshes and clears. This can create a positive energy shift almost immediately. No matter what you choose, know that ridding yourself of negative energy can be beneficial in many ways.