Getting Rid of Old Energy

Getting rid of old energy can mean that you get rid of the feelings that you have even if someone has hurt you. You have to heal this energy in order to be a better person.

You cannot let your walls get so strong that you become inward, and you get insecurities that follow you around. This can make you feel that you have to be accepted or that you aren’t good enough.

If you have wounds, you need them to be healed. You need to listen to yourself and your gut feeling and find out what you need to do to be better.

Some people can listen to their own clear thinking and this can help them to be the best that they can be and to be mindful. This is a way that you can heal your energy.

The idea of energy is very confusing at times, but some healers are fast to show you that it is not dependent to believe in things to feel better. You cannot take away the hurt someone feels and take the energy and clear it without doing something about it.

You can learn to meditate and clear your chakras, but you have to get to a place where you heal your heart.

How Does Energy Work?

Everything around you and in you is made up of energy. Everyone and everything have their own vibrational frequency. This is something that is always sharing energy. The energy will fall when things are hard, and it will grow when things are of love and of light.

Dark energy is part of fear and will happen when you are negative. This attracts toxic relationships because it will match your frequency.

How do you know what your vibrational frequency is? You can do this by looking at your aura and by listening to the sounds around you. Do you listen before you talk, or do you just act out? Do you feel that you need to be a perfect person, or do you work hard and accept your flaws?

Are you creative and loving? Sometimes our frequencies get blocked when we do things and when we face challenges ore hard things. If we have to make a decision or we face conflict, the energy will change. How we respond to it can increase or decrease the frequency. You have to learn to handle your pain in a good way.

Energy work can help you to figure out what you want and connect with your spiritual being. This can help you to heal and to let your energy run free. It can open up your chakras and it can show you different experiences of both light and dark.

When your chakra is balanced and the energy is running right, you will feel less pain and you will not be as stressed as you normally would be.

Make sure that your mind, body, and soul are aligned and that you are clear in your intuition as to what is going on in your soul and body. Ask questions and see if something is holding you back.

Running Energy

You need to exercise so that you can have a strong body, but you need to exercise your spiritual being as well. This can help you to focus and have better energy. It can give you a clear space and help you to deal with hard things.

If you don’t feel anything right away, keep trying because practice is what works for most people. Learn to trust yourself and your intuition.

Be Grounded

Make sure that you are doing things to stay grounded. This can help you to heal and to stay present. This will help you to be in control of your emotions.

Grounding Cord

Sit up and put your arms and legs straight. Put your feet on the floor. Imagine light that comes and travels through all of your chakras.

Open the Seventh Chakra

Imagine light going through the seventh chakra and opening it.

Call Your Spirit Guides

Ask your guides to talk to you and to help you. Repeat your name and call out to yourself.

Grounding Cords

Wake up your bottom chakras and let your light travel from you to the ground.

Run Energy

Now that you have cords, you can run the energy through your chakras. Earth energy is from the grass and the ground and can enter your body and open up all of your chakras. This can help you to fill your aura with good energy and get rid of negative energy.


There is forgiveness energy, and you need to let this flow through your body. Forgive everyone that has hurt you and let your spirit fill up. Let the aura be strong and grounded and do this four times.

Run This Energy

Once you are grounded, you can let the energy go through any blockages that you have. Let the energy come and wash away anything negative.

Cosmic Energies

Let the grounding energy of the earth come to you and fill you up. Let it journey around you and raise your vibrations. Use the healing energy color of green and the golden light to give you truth and love.

Replace the Grounding Cord

Make sure that you replace the old grounding cord with something new. This can help you to heal. This will get rid of old energies and help you to forgive and to move forward. Imagine a flower or a rose going through you and then if you need to, repeat this over until you are better.