Toxic Energy

Where you live should be a place that is sacred to you. This is a place where you live and where your loved ones live. Your home is the place where you refresh in your life and where you go to have peace and love.

Since your home is a sacred place, you want to make sure that you only have good energy in your home. The energy there has to be cleansed and it should be clean.

Some people will invite others into their home that are full of negativity or that are toxic. When this happens, it allows negative energy to come into your home. This negative energy can affect you and your family in a negative way.

When this happens, many people find ways to cleans their home and to change the energy there. When there is a problem, people will often smudge or meditate to cleanse the energy.

Getting rid of negative things in your home is not always easy and when the energy is really strong, it can be harder to get rid of. This negative energy will have such a low vibrational frequency that it can take a lot of work to cleanse the home and to get rid of this problem.

Some people have such bad energy in their home that they sometimes have to leave for a while. They have to go somewhere else so that they can cleanse their home and get rid of the energy that is causing them pain.

If you feel negative or hurt when you are in your home, chances are that you have negative or stale energy that is there and hanging on.

Your home needs to be a places where you are safe and where you feel at peace. If you are with people in your home and they are positive, they will leave your home with positive energy and you will see that it makes you feel good.

When they come in and they bring pain and hurt with them or stir up chaos, this will cause you to pick up those energies. You have to be careful who you allow to come into your energy because you want to have peace and calmness where you live.

When you go into someone else’s home, you need to make sure that you are positive and that you have high vibrations so that you do not cause them to have negativity in their home. By doing this you can improve their energy and allow their house to be full of goodness. Never take negative energy into someone else’s home.

If you enter into someone’s home with a toxic attitude, you will leave negative energy. Learn to get rid of this before you go in so that you do not upset others and cause them to have to deal with your negativity.

Make sure that you keep your own home safe from this negative energy and that you keep the homes of others that you enter free from negative energy.

You can spiritually cleanse your home and make sure that your energy is protected and safe.