Getting Your Energy Back After Negativity

When you have to deal with negative energy and negative or toxic people, it can pull you down. If you have someone in your life that is like that then you need to realize that carrying the negative energy of others can be hard and that you have to figure out how to change the way that you handle things in these types of situations.

Many people deal with things in their life, and it is something that needs to be noticed. If you are dealing with people in your life that are negative or toxic, then you need to pay attention to what kinds of feelings they bring to you.

We often build up ideas about people in our unconscious mind and depending on how we are raised, these can be different for different people. Some people will come from great homes, and they will have a lot of love and support and they will be positive and have nothing holding them back. Other people will be raised in homes that aren’t that great and might even have toxic people that raised them or those that were not mature in their emotions. Everyone looks at the world differently and this is often based on the experiences that they have.

Your brain wants what is good for you and so sometimes you will change your brain and you will wire it in a way that you do not see negativity from others. Sometimes people will be negative to you, and they don’t mean to be and that doesn’t mean that they are terrible, it just means that they have probably been wired that way from a young age. They may not even be aware of how they are being. They may have thought this way their entire lives and they are not even aware of how they see things. Change is something that is needed but you cannot change people. You can send someone to a therapist, and they may or may not change but it is not you that is in control of this, but they have to be in charge of this on their own.

Having shame, guilt or other things put on you can cause you to feel out of energy and cause you to be down. Even when you don’t realize it, you might have weight that you need to get rid of. This weight can be negativity of others and the more you are aware of these things, the more you will see that you can make a difference in your life.

Dealing with Negativity

Feeling guilty takes a lot of space in your life and if someone can make you feel guilty in their negativity or in their kindness, what you feel is up to you. If you feel guilty and you haven’t done anything wrong, you need to figure out how to change these thoughts and feelings.

When you go to share things with people that are negative, chances are that they will not feel excitement or joy that you have but they might respond with their own views of your life, and this can cause you to have your vibrations lowered and cause you to even feel guilty.

The universe allows you to take on the energy of other people and things and when they lower your vibrations, you cannot reverse this, but you can learn how to keep your energies high and to not let things bother you as much. Once you change your own perspective of yourself you will feel more worthy of who you are and stop trying to please everyone else.

The same can be opposite and you can find people in your life that can bring up your vibrations and give you joy. You can find people that have motives to make you feel good and to help you through your problems. It is good to remember that you choose to feel guilty or to feel sad from what other people put on you. Find ways to listen to positive things.

When you have to deal with negative people, you have to be responsible to accept their negativity and if you choose not to, accept it then you can live a better life.

Keeping Your Energy High

Here are ways that you can keep your energy high:

Know Who You Share With

Find people in your life that you can share things with that will not put you down or make you feel bad. Even if you care for people that are negative, do not share things with them that will cause them to be negative or pull you down. You have to keep your energies high, and you should not feel bad for who you are.

Give the Emotions Back

If someone wants to give you their negative emotions, know that it is not up to you to take them. If they start, do not give them a chance to put you down or to be negative but just tell them that you love them anyways and move on.

Get Out of Negative Situations

Dealing with someone negative can be hard and you have to learn to take care of yourself. Do not let people put you down or be negative and if they start, walk away, or hang up the phone as soon as you can.

Set Boundaries

It is always important to have boundaries when dealing with other people. You can have soft or hard boundaries depending on the person, but boundaries are always important to keep yourself strong.

Lowering Vibrations

Pay attention to the people that make you feel more emotional and negative. Pay attention to your vibrations and if they are getting lower. You have to stop looking for people to approve you and you have to learn to find people that are not negative to be around you. Always keep your energy strong and cleanse yourself after dealing with hard people.

Have Fun

Learn to live your life and to have fun and not to be sorry for who you are.