Most of the people strive for perfection to be happy and that causes great misery in the end. We need to stop trying to be perfect in order to reach happiness! Perfection is a manifestation of  other people’s vision of what we need to be. Let us decide right now that we are just fine as we are, what we are and who we have inside of us that we have not let the world see yet.

In case you did not manage to make the decision above I suggest you keep reading this article. I am sure that the below listed six points will be a useful guide for you to finally attain happiness in your life.

1.  Be yourself, not someone else people expect you to be, in order to reach your happiness. 

If you think of all the people you admire or look up to for a certain reason, my guess would be that at some point in their lives most of them have made the decision not to blend in the crowd. These can be souls who seemed to be “different” from the moment they could walk and talk. You will hear people say they knew there was something different about those people, maybe a different light shining around them. Other people experienced life-changing incidents or adventures and made a conscious decision to change the way they were perceived by others and themselves too. Then there are those who feel that there is something missing in the essence of their lives or personalities. They know it is in there somewhere… but how to access it? What note does this certain piano key play? And how does this missing key “fit in” with all the other keys they are already there and playing? What song are they trying to write and sing?

It is important that when you hear those voices suddenly out of nowhere, and tell you that you aren’t good, smart, tall enough, or the world won’t accept your opinions, thoughts, you try and connect with these voices. We need to heal where these feelings, and opinions of ourselves come from and accept that we have the power to change who we are, how we are and how we relate to our world.

2. Always do what your heart dictates. Not your mind, your heart.

It is time to give ourselves permission to listen to what the heart, the only organ with true intelligence, has to tell us. The mind is occupied and weighed on by the ego and is heavily influenced by everything we have been told, we have read, heard from other’s perspectives about us.

Light the joy in your heart, and allow it to take you to new and wonderful places.

3. Make the conscious decision to connect to nature.

Our society has become so far removed from the very source of our existence that we don’t realize that even a simple action can bring us back to a more authentic connection to who we are. This need not involve more than removing your shoes and socks and walking in the grass and feeling the ground beneath your feet, reconnecting you to Mother Nature. Going for a walk in the forest, on the beach, or even a park in the middle of the concrete jungle can help restore your connection to your inner being. Ask the birds and butterflies to come closer and listen to the message they want to deliver to you. We have lost our ability to communicate with the animals, birds, trees, flowers and so many other creatures and expressions of nature. We need to share this planet, instead of thinking we own it.

Imagine a walk along a path in a forest. The beautiful rays of sunlight stream down through the pine branches. Isn’t that pure happiness? We look up to the sky lift and feel the warmth of the sun on our faces. The fog suddenly starts to clear. We stop our walk to admire a deer peacefully resting. This is a moment in time that, if we allow it, will make us feel a connection to a deeper place.

4. Help others.

The sense of making a difference in another person’s life can have a very uplifting effect on you for a long time. Perhaps your elderly neighbor is trying to find the keys to her apartment with her hands full of grocery bags and you lend a hand to help her with the struggle. Do you have a tool that you could lend your neighbour? Do you know how to fix a problem, and can you help someone who has problems to sort out? Share your knowledge, advice and help with others and you are going to feel so much better afterwards.

5. Right in line with helping others. “Pay it Forward.”Give it away.

It costs you nothing to give someone a smile who seems to be down. Watch their faces transform.  You are standing in line to buy coffee and you hear the guy behind you mumbling to himself that he can’t find his debit card. You reach the counter and you say to the clerk, please allow me to pay for the fellow behind me. Can you imagine the joy and happiness he will feel as a result of what you have just done for him? And during the course of his day, perhaps he will find it in his heart to “Pay it Forward.” Be willing to give your heartfelt words to other people, a smile, a lunch, possessions you no longer feel are of use to you, can be very useful for other people. Perhaps these are things that can help them get back on their feet.

We have nothing to lose by sharing what we have, no matter how small or insignificant we believe it is. And the most important point is, be ready to do this without expecting gratitude. Offer a heartfelt help because you can and you want to. Remember the musical trio who made the decision to help the homeless man? What they actually did is not only taking the responsibility that a mean can have a meal but they also proved for the man that he was loved and important for strangers who couldn’t care less who he was or where he had come from, because they approached the poor man without prejudice – there was only love and caring in their hearts.

6.  Make the choice to do things that brings you happiness.

If you are feeling down and sad, you can decide to leave that feeling behind. Whatever those things are that bring you to a place where you can smile or feel a warm feeling in your belly, go and do it. Who or what is stopping you?

My wish for you is that you connect with that place inside of you, the true happy place, and make the decision to share it.