Clarity is one of those many aspects in life that gives complete and total focus… Without it? Our life will be a chaotic mess. It helps separate us from the mundane objectives and helps us move beyond into deeper and more satisfying levels of where we are going in life.

In this post, I will take you on a journey into what clarity can offer and how you too can attain it in your life.

First off, you may be wondering what exactly is Clarity? Clarity is when you feel satisfied and are focused on your potential dream focus of your desired dream in your life. To a person that has clarity and perspective they are often moving towards that dream and little to nothing stops them on the way to there desired goal.

First off, before I go over examples and demonstrate how to attain it let me summarize first, Clarity is when you think simple about a positive objective, yet still thinking smart, while letting go of all aspects that may get in the road.

Above – Clarity can often by seen like a flower such as the Sunflower above. It strives in it’s life for sunlight and beauty in order to attract the bee. In that striving in order for it to get to where it it needs to, it needs to adapt to its environment in order to change to be the best it can be in that environment and produce amazing flowers.

To Attain this State, Let’s Divide it into Two Common Attributes:

1. Meditation – Meditation is a very very powerful tool, the reason being is helps the mind eliminate false fears, stress and unburdened worries. By doing so, it helps the mind see potential of where you are heading with Clarity on your side. Daily meditation because of this is a great tool.

2. Acting on easy to follow goals – The second way of achieving clarity in life is acting on Easy to follow goals, these goals can be written down and are from the perspective of what you truly desire in life. Not things that you want, they are temporary, real life changing events, such as changing to a dream career, going travelling or whatever it is that that drives passion into your life.

We all have these desires, however some people choose to ignore there passions or dreams and give in to a basic job or career that never fulfills them. On the outside this giving in may seem like a good idea at the time but over time not fulfilling your dreams and passions in life tends to lead to the negative thought patterns that no human desires such as depression or unwanted stress and sadness. By simply changing the way you think, putting down aspects of life you want and desire then you can start to apply yourself in that direction, thus giving yourself worth and Clarity.

Now, Let me Give You Some Examples of Clarity.

Around the age of 26 I hit a bit of a brick wall in my life, i had all these desires and dreams yet did not know where to start. Something changed however and life seemed to drift by for months and months on end. This not knowing where I was going was effecting me. Not long after this experience I started writing down my dreams and goals and before I knew it, I had sold all my possessions and was left with one small back pack with my laptop to travel the world. You see, I stepped out of my comfort zone, I ignored the comforts and threw myself into life and what was my big dream at the time.

I jumped on a plane and traveled many countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam. This is just to name some of the the examples. You see, I had clarity to fulfill my dream and I lived it at the time, less thinking here and more action. Clarity boosted me in more ways than one, having many amazing experiences as I traveled the Temples in Cambodia and saw all the sites from the back of a motorbike for the majority of the time.  Even seeing these places by motorbike was a part of my dream idea of travelling and nothing stopped me there as well.

Now, you maybe wondering how long I traveled, well it was a bit over 4 years that experience and I learned a lot about life and many other cultures. However the important point here is that I did not give up on my dreams, I focused, saw it in my mind as achievable and made plans to get to that desire. Clarity was with me.

Another example of Clarity is the everyday and monthly goals, we all have them but are you really achieving them you need to ask yourself?

Sometimes starting small and building up is key here. You see the key is not so much making discomfort for yourself, the key is putting yourself where you visualize you want to go, baby steps is all it may take to get you there.

Take Action

Another aspect to consider is the Journey, enjoy it while making these decisions with clarity, do not let a goal stand in the road of satisfaction. Always revel in your accomplishments in your life and be proud of yourself as you make great decisions. After all, you are the driver of your life’s story. You and you alone and you always have choices in your life. So, make the decisions and act on them, give yourself clarity, come on, you know you deserve it in your life. Start making steps now to your desired dreams or visions of yourself and remember baby steps can get you there as well. However, action overall is key. So get active making decisions no matter how big or small.

Drop What Is Holding You Back

Lastly, let go of all the aspects in your life that are holding you back or that you feel are holding you back. By having Clarity it is not about excuses, it is about what you desire being fulfilled with simple action goals. Stresses, past experiences need to be let go of, you are after all living now, so act on that now and go for what your dream is overall.