In this world, we’re constantly anticipating everything to go wrong and we would do anything to prevent an inevitable disaster from happening.

It’s an exhausting to live this way and we may end up being sick. But the good news is that you don’t need fear to protect yourself because you have intuition, a much more potent and trustworthy compass that can guide you impeccably to your true path.

Connecting to your inner voice is incredibly empowering. Your intuition is your soul’s voice, it is the way your spirit guides you, inspires you and communicates with you. When you follow the guidance of your soul, you live a divine and inspired life, a life that is gifted with purpose, synchronicity, ease, and grace. At the moment I decided to let my intuition guide my life, my whole life turned upside down. My life is guided by a force bigger than me, a power that awakened me to wisdom, potential, and truth.

We can cultivate our intuition by following simple and easy steps:


Spend time in silence will help you hear and interpret intuition messages coming from the universe.

Sixth sense

Try not only to strengthen your five senses, but also work on raising your sixth sense

Be attentive to your dreams

While you’re sleeping, your cognitive mind rests and our subconscious mind come alive. So, when you wake up in the morning try to remember your dreams and record them in order to know what your intuition is telling you.

Be Creative

Getting involved in creative activities, like drawing, scrapbooking, or journaling, allows your intuition to speak up.

Clear your schedule and run away from your daily routine

Slow down. spend a day with nothing planned. Being busy and stressful make it hard to be sensitive to the quiet voices of intuition. Relax and clear your schedule and see if your intuition pipes up.

Spend some time in nature

Staying away from technology can open up the kind of intuition we need. We are outdoor species who like to keep ourselves safe from the elements, predators, and other true fear dangers.

Relax and Feel

Stay in a quiet place and try to relax. Stop thinking and give your mind some rest. All you want to do is to feel things around you.

Read books about how to maximize your intuition

Sonia Choquette’s Trust Your Vibes, Shakti Gawain’s Developing Intuition, or Caroline Myss’s Sacred Contracts.

listen to your intuition, not your ego

The ego will make several attempts to convince us we are crazy and doing the wrong thing, which will causing us to feel  doubt and fear. But the more we develop connection with our intuition, the better we become at making decisions from our higher self.

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