How to Understand Lightworkers

Many people have heard the term “lightworker” but may not understand fully what it means. Everyone has a destiny in life and should be seeking to fulfill their purpose. Lightworkers also have a mission, but theirs tends to be more about other people and things rather than personal growth. Sometimes, they are called earth angels, crystal people, or indigos. These are people who put a priority on helping others and who want very much to make a difference in the world or somehow make the world better.

Below are four characteristics lightworkers all have in common:

  1. A Purpose

Every lightworker feels they are called to do something. They have a sense of purpose like no one else has. They believe their destiny involves something really important and feel it regularly.

  1. Urgency

A lightworker constantly feels like they have limited time to make a difference in the world, so they are always on the move. They often wear themselves out in their efforts but don’t seem to mind or even notice. This is their lifestyle.

  1. Sensitivity

Lightworkers are incredibly sensitive because they can sense the energy wherever they are. They tune into others’ feelings and moods easily and can also feel the effects of pollution, noise, and chemicals more than most. They are also sensitive to the presence of angels or evil spirits.

They are also sensitive to what others think, so they can easily be hurt.

  1. Natural Healers

Lightworkers, because of their sensitive spirit and positive energy, make for great healers. That may mean traditional medicine such as a doctor or nurse, but it could also mean non-traditional careers such as counselors, life coaches, Reiki practitioner, mediumship, or perhaps someone in the clergy. Healing the mind and soul is still healing, just as healing the body is. If you choose this type of path, be sure it is something you truly desire because otherwise, you will meet with numerous obstacles.

It is simple to identify the direction you should go in life. Take a few moments alone and ask yourself what would fulfill you? Start visualizing what it would look like for you to have the perfect, dream job? How would your day go? What would you do? Allow your thoughts to be free to go in any direction. There is your answer. That should be what you pursue.

Remember, you can’t change who you are. You are a lightworker and will always be. Understanding how to use your gifts and abilities is important in helping you fulfill your destiny.