Feng Shui

Feng shui is something that can be used in order for you to know your destiny. According to Chinese philosophy, all the facial features that someone has is important. Even though science cannot prove Feng shui, there are different trends that people use in order to align their beauty principles.

There are some facial treatments that people will get to improve their Feng shui. This is often called a “lucky  face” and when someone has this, the face can indicate if the person will get wealthy or not.

Lucky Face

A face can be seen as lucky or unlucky according to Chinese traditions. This has to do with the rivers and mountains that are found on the face and when a person wants to have a lucky face, which everyone does, they can figure out if they will get wealth and luck that they need.

It is thought that a person that will not get what they want and need will often have things like marks, spots and moles on their face. The things found in their face can cause them to have different challenges in their life. When someone has skin that is dark or a shadow, this tells them that their chi is not good.


The forehead is considered a mountain and can be a place of prosperity. If the forehead is round and smooth, it can mean good luck in Feng shui but if there are blemishes or moles, this is bad luck.

The Eyes

The eyes tell a lot and can tell if someone will have luck or not. It doesn’t matter what shape or color the eyes are but what matters is if they are framed and arched right, if the eyebrows are trimmed and if they aren’t droopy or sleepy looking.

The Nose

The nose is called a river on the face and if the nose is bigger and rounder, it can mean better luck. It should have no spots and no blemishes and can mean success over a man if the nose is right.

A good nose is one that is tall and proper. The nose shouldn’t have a hump and if it does, it can mean you might not get married. If there is color on the nose then it can mean that you aren’t going to have wealth.

The Lips

The lips are another river on the face and if the lips are plump, red, and full, it can mean good luck. This goes for men and women. If the lips are small or shaped weird, dry or chapped, it can mean you won’t have any luck.

The Chin

The chin is another mountain and if the chin is full and contorted then it will mean that you will have stability in your life.


The jawline is important too and if it is not defined then it can mean that you aren’t going to be lucky and that you are weak.


Having high cheekbones can mean that good wealth is coming to your life. Cheekbones that are fleshy can mean you are going to be successful.

Final Thoughts

There are different thoughts and traditions that have to do with your face and how it is shaped or how it looks. Not all of Feng shui beauty ideas work for everyone and it has to do with the persons bone structures and their body makeup.

The face plays a role in what Feng shui considers lucky and not and if your skin is the right texture, the right color and the right velocity, it can mean that you will be more lucky in your life.

If you want to improve your Feng shui, you can try to do things like get treatments or get surgery to make your face different. You can try derma fillers or laser treatments. Some people will even get implants to make their face luckier.

The treatments that you choose are up to you and if you want to have a face that is wrinkle free, you can try things like Botox or hyaluronic acid fillers. Other people might need to use Juvéderm Volex which is a filler that can make the face look more smooth and textured.

Having things like a V-shaped chin and a narrow nose don’t necessarily have to do with Feng shui but have to do with the trends that are going around. This is something that has become popular with women and not the lucky face idea. Some people are requesting more balance in their faces so that they can get the look that they believe will bring them good luck.