Using smudging can get rid of negativity out of your home. Smudging with sage is something that often happens with Feng Shui, an ancient practice. This can change your space and make your body stronger.

Understanding Smudging

Smudging is a way that you can clear the energy around you and get rid of negativity. You can do this by burning a plant such as sage and letting the smoke fill your home. This will cleanse the area that you are in. As the smoke goes around the house, you will see that you can set good intentions and you can clear out anything negative. This is something that has been done in many different cultures and is sometimes found as a spiritual practice. This is a practice that is often found in the United States.

You don’t have to choose one material to smudge with and you can use different ones such as:

• Sage.
• Sweet Grass.
• Cedar.
• Lavender.

There are other popular herbs that you can use, and you need to find the ones that bring you the most peace.

Getting Ingredients

You can use different ingredients to get your home smudged. The best thing to start with though is to make sure that your house is cleaned. Get rid of anything around the house that you need to get rid of and declutter.

Be mindful as you begin to smudge and make sure that you are practicing this and that you have a clear mind. Don’t rush through the process and let it work deeply. This is a ritual that clear your space of negativity and so as you find the materials that you need, you need to make sure that you are open minded.

Look for a smudging stick and try some herbs that smell good such as rosemary or Mugwort. You can find different materials around your home that you won’t even have to purchase.


Have a candle close to you or have some matches or a lighter. You need this to light the smudge stick.


Make sure that you have a container that is fireproof. This is a way that you can collect the embers and make sure that ashes don’t catch your home on fire.  You can also use water, which is a great element to use when doing Feng Shui so that you can be safe from fires.


Sand can be put in a bowl, and you can use this to put your smudge stick out. Do this after you finish smudging your area.

Before Starting

Before you start smudging make sure that you have plenty of time to get it done. You need to make sure that you are calm and that your mind is clear. Sometimes it is better to smudge when you are home by yourself so that no one gets in the way of the ritual.

Prepare your materials and make sure that your space is clear of things that can trip you up or get in the way.

When you are clearing your area of negative energies, make sure that you have good intentions. Make sure that you know that you want to clear away negative energies and that you are welcoming good feelings and good vibes to come in.


When you are ready, begin smudging. You can start at the door of the house, and you can take your smudge stick to all of the areas. Let the smoke rise. Make sure that you go to every corner and that you don’t leave areas out. If there are areas where there are more people that gather, stay in that area longer. Get into closets, basements, cabinets, and any hidden areas.

Move the smudge stick up and down and in a clockwise area. Do this until you are back at the door again. If you have an upstairs, make sure that you do the stairs and all areas. Moving around space is called “circumambulation,” and is something that is a ritual that has been done over and over.

There are other things that you can do while you are smudging such as saying mantras and chanting. This can fill your area with more positivity than just smudging.

Ending the Ritual

As you get back to the door, say your final mantra and then imagine that your home is filled with a bright light. Imagine this coming into your body and your home.  Say your intention out loud and then end the ritual.

Your area is now cleansed, and you can do this as many times as you need to. This is a way that you can clear out the space of negative energy and you can make your home a healthy place to be.