Energy Vampire

Energy vampires are people that take your emotional energy, and they use it to better themselves. This often happens to people that are sensitive or loving and are willing to listen to everyone.

These people will leave you feeling tired and drained. They will fight for your attention and make things always about them. They will be people that are strong personalities, and they are usually liars.

There are some people that are energy vampires that have different traits that might not stand out as much, but an energy vampire will always make you feel that you have no energy left.

There are different types of people that are considered energy vampires such as drama queen’s, narcissists and people that are manipulative.

An energy vampire will feed on you and will do what they can to get under your skin. These people often target those that are compassionate and loving. They will do this because they are able to get to them and get their energy because they will give them the attention that they need.

Energy vampire is not a diagnosis, but it is someone that will often have personality disorders that make them dramatic or make them behave in terrible ways.

This can be people that are narcissistic or those that are antisocial. These people do have diagnosis and health disorders and even though they have some kind of disorder, they also tend to lack morals.

Energy vampires can be extreme in their personality disorders and even though they are often good at what they do, they are often very manipulative and will prey on your good heart. They will never feel guilty for how they treat you.

Who is an Energy Vampire?

Psychopaths are definitely energy vampires, but they are not the only ones. Think of people in your life that drain you, those are also energy vampires.

Not everyone is narcissistic but sometimes when someone has a strong personality and wants to be the center of everything going on, they are ones that drain your energy. They are addicted to their own behavior and they are very self-centered.

Non-energy vampires will give these people the benefit of the doubt and will do what they can to try to help them and fix them.

Some energy vampires will develop these things from their parents, and they don’t even realize how much their behavior affects others.

An energy vampire is dangerous because they don’t even know that they are an energy vampire. When you have to spend too much time with these people, it can eventually cause you to get sick because of the stress they bring you.

You feel like you have to always walk on eggshells, and you are waiting for something bad to happen.

This type of behavior will cause you to have stress and can cause you to have sickness in your body. People that have high stress often have heart problems, obesity and will be depressed. Being around an energy vampire can be a risk.

Get Rid of Energy Vampires

When you are looking out for your own wellbeing, you have to protect your energy. This isn’t being selfish, but this is keeping yourself safe. Have self-care and self-love and get rid of these people out of your life:

  • Cut them out of your life by stopping any contact with them. When this is your family, it is harder but avoid them as much as you can. If you have to talk to them, do it by text.
  • Always have boundaries. Each relationship needs these and when boundaries are broken, get them out of your life.
  • You have to make sure that your expectations are not too high. You cannot fix everyone, and you have to make sure that you don’t live a life of disappointment.
  • Be too tired to hang out with people that make you feel bad. Give them a good excuse.
  • Never give your energy to these people because that is what they are looking for and they will come back to you.
  • There is a difference between venting to you and dumping on you. When an energy vampire dumps on you, they leave you feeling like things are your own fault.
  • Do not give them the chance to make you feel bad. Do not overreact with them and stay calm when you talk to them.
  • Pay attention to who is in your life and have people that are close to you that bring goodness to who you are.
  • Learn to say no when you need to. You don’t have to do everything people ask you to do. If someone doesn’t give you something good in your life, tell them no when they want to be with you.