Have you ever wondered what prayer is and how it can be used in witchcraft? This is something that has to be right for you and what you want.

Praying with Witchcraft

Prayer is often something that is only used in religious purposes but praying in witchcraft is not the same thing. Prayer in witchcraft is the act of asking someone to do something or to be thankful for something that has happened in the spiritual world. You might want to praise the gods or the spirits that help you and that is one thing that people consider prayer with a purpose.

Some wiccans will go each morning and night to connect with the spirit world. They will use prayers to express their thinks for these things helping them. Catholics will pray with the rosary to ask Virgin Mary to help them with something and some people will pray to different gods and goddesses to help them with their life.

Prayer is one way that you can talk to the spirit world and how you can connect with them. Prayers can be long or short or they can be written before you pray them, and it can happen anytime or anywhere you are. It is up to you on how you choose to pray, and no way is right or wrong and just a way to connect to the spirit world.

Is Praying Different than Chanting?

Prayer is not an incantation which is something that you petition, and it is not an invocation where you are demanding something to happen.

Prayer is not chanting either even though some people will chant a prayer. Chanting is something that you repeat over and over again such as a repetitive word or a phrase and you do this to shift your energy and align your life with your intention. Chanting can be a prayer if you use it to reach a spiritual being and a chant can be an incantation if you use it when you are doing a spell.

A mantra is a phrase that you say over and over again, or you repeat to keep your mind focused on what you want. This is similar to an affirmation and a mantra or affirmation is usually said when you need a spell to talk to the spirit world. These are often said to keep your mind and your body aligned with the spirit world.

Chanting is something that is said over and over in a short amount of time, but a mantra is said to affirm things throughout the day or the weeks. You might say a mantra in the morning and the evening before bed. This is not a prayer.

Using Prayer in Crafting

Now that you understand that a prayer is different than other things, you need to know how you ca use a prayer when you do magic. This will be something general because it is not meant to reach a religion or a certain sect.  You have to find out what works for you and what is best for you when you do your own spellcasting.

A witch is someone that is in control of themselves, and they have the keys to the spirit world and when you do these practices, you are the one that has the power to connect with the spirit world and not someone that you need to reach to.

Who Are You Praying To?

You need to know who or what you are praying to, and this is something that is easy to answer. Are you praying to a spirit or a god? You need to direct your prayers at them if you are. This might be a question that you need to ask before you even begin.

Remember that if you spray to a spirit, you should do it because you want to and not because you think that you have to. People that are in wicca often will get into witchcraft and they do not know what they are supposed to do. They don’t know if they are supposed to worship the gods or goddesses or not and so they will pray to them even though they don’t even know who they are. This means they have no real connection to them, and they will often wonder why they are disconnected when they try so hard. This happens because they did not get a relationship with the god or goddess before they prayed, and they are not really connected.

Even though you pray, and you might feel like the prayers are going nowhere, when you choose a god or goddess to pray to you might not really be connecting because you are using prayers you find in a book or something your mentor told you about. You have to learn to feel really connected when you pray and when you are seeking to connect with the divine or you will feel like you aren’t doing anything. This can be hard for you when you really want to have a relationship and it might make you feel that the gods hate you. Some people feel that when they cannot connect that the spirit is not even real.

If you find that you are in that situation, stop praying and stop trying to make a relationship where there is none. If you have to force someone to have a relationship with you then you will not be able to believe that they are real. When you want to pray, you need to find a god or goddess that you feel fits with you and one that you are connected to.

If you are not wanting to connect with the gods or goddesses, then you can pray to your angels or your spirit guides or you can pray to your own self. You can pray to the universe or to the feminine and masculine powers. You can pray to anything you want to and anything that feels good to you.

Why Are You Praying?

Now you need to find out why you are praying. What is your purpose? What is going on in your life that you need to pray? Here are some reasons many people pray:

  • To show thanks.
  • To ask for guidance.
  • To help keep your life safe.
  • To ask the gods to help you.
  • To express your feelings.
  • To talk about what is upsetting you.
  • To get a clear mind about something.

How to Pray

You need to choose how you are going to pray. Some think that prayer is a singular thing where it is not. You don’t have to kneel and close your eyes to pray or speak out loud. You can do this in your mind, you can write your prayer in your journal, or you can speak out loud. You can chant your prayer, or you can speak it from your heart. Prayer can be done at one certain time or anytime you want.

You might want to look at traditional prayers to find out what you want to pray and how you want to pray. There are different traditions that you can look at and you can learn how others pray to their angels.

How you pray is completely up to what you want to do and there is no right or wrong way. Pray so that you feel connected to the spirit that you are seeking and keep practicing until you get it how you want it.

Do you Need to Pray?

You can decide if you want to pray or not. It is completely up to you if you use prayer in your magic. If you don’t want to do this, don’t do it. You do not have to pray if you don’t want to. You don’t have to work with the gods or goddesses if you don’t want to or if you don’t believe they are real.

No one can tell you if a prayer is right for you or wrong for you. it is up to you to live your spiritual life and when you are a witch and you want to connect with the spiritual world, you are the one in control of this. Do whatever you feel right about and do not let other people tell you what you have to do. This is the practices that you do, and you are the one that makes up your own rules.

Prayers can help you to connect to the spiritual world, but you have to feel what is perfect for you in order to really benefit from your praying. If you don’t want to pray, it will not help you to do so. Figure out what your own relationship is with the spirit world and go from there. As you develop your spiritual relationships, you may decide later you want to pray, or you may decide you don’t want to anymore.

As your journey goes, remember that it is up to you, and it is your own journey and not someone else’s. Listen to your intuition and let it guide you. Figure out what you believe in and what you think works for you. Do whatever makes you feel more connected to the spiritual world and that is really what praying as a witch is really about.