Bamboo is known to be very useful yet it’s also lucky. Lucky Bamboo is a traditional name for this evergreen up-straight plant with long thin leaves. However, the real name is Draceana canderiana and it has little in common with the real bamboo. But it does have some resemblance with the real bamboo though it is smaller in size.

In China, for more than 4000 years it is considered as a symbol of prosperity. It is often used in Feng Shui – the practice where the world is viewed as the interaction of the five elements: water, fire, earth, wood and metal. With its green color and thin vertical forms, the lucky bamboo possesses all the characteristics of the element of wood. Wood means growth, and, according to Feng Shui, it grows wealth, good luck and any kind of positive thing you want to grow. It is considered that this plant attracts the flow of the positive chi energy wherever it is placed.

In nature, bamboo is a tall plant with strong stems and it is used to make furniture
                                                                                 Bamboo groves in Japan

How to make the best use of the Lucky Bamboo

The following combinations of the Lucky Bamboo are recommended:

  • Three stems attract happiness.
  • Five stems attract wealth.
  • Seven stems give good health.
  • Twenty one stems suppose universal well-being and prosperity.

Bamboo-good luck plant eightIn the East it is considered that growing of the wealth of the receiving person makes the giving person more wealthy. This makes the Lucky Bamboo an ideal gift. Lucky bamboo is given as a gift to guests on a wedding. Traditionally, when a stem is gifted from the bundle to a guest, this means sharing good luck. Also, when the guests on a wedding receive a bundle of three stems, the marriage will last long and will make the spouses happy. Great luck is attracted by the combination of twenty spiral-like stems, that is the symbol of any kind of friendship, compassion and care.This gift is called “the tower of love”. This combination can be placed in the south, in the east, or in the south-east sector of your home or office.

Sometimes you can discover that the Lucky Bamboo that you bought is laced by a red or a golden ribbon which intensifies its positive effect. If you want your Lucky Bamboo to give you the most of luck, choose a flowerpot with a picture of a lucky animal: this can be a dragon, an elephant, a panda or a frog. You can also hang the charms of good luck on your magic plant.

 Red ribbon added to the Lucky Bamboo attracts more of positive change.
Gold ribbon is often added to the Lucky Bamboo to intensify its positive effect.

How to take care of your Lucky Bamboo?

5154357_f520The Lucky Bamboo does not need much care. You need to keep the water fresh, changing it every week and add a solution from time to time such as an African Violet Fertilizer. The Lucky Bamboo loves sunlight, but not the direct sun rays. Also, it likes its leaves wiped once in a while! You can pot your Lucky Bamboo or just place it in the water, and to add an artistic eye, you can plant it in the transparent vase with colorful granules. The distilled and spring water is the best for your Lucky Bamboo!

They say, the Lucky Bamboo blooms very rarely but if it does bloom, you can see white springs of flowers with a strong and sweet smell. And this plant can stay long in your home attracting good luck and success.

With little care that it needs, you can keep the Lucky Bamboo in the office as well as at home.

Isn’t Lucky Bamboo an amazing plant?