Psychic for Cops

Many psychics and mediums have special powers to find people that are missing.  Some can look at a map and sense where the person has been or if they are connected to a certain area.  Even one lady, Annette Martin has helped many police offers in the past.  All she requires is someone to show her a picture of the person and she can see what happens as if she becomes the victim.

She observes what they are doing, where they have been, and it is almost as if she is watching a movie in her mind.  She can even sense this in her hands and they get hot and tingly and she knows what part of the map to touch.

Martin was once asked to become part of a search and rescue in California for a man that was 71 years old.  He had disappeared from his home in 1997 and the police thought that they would never be able to find him because there were so many people in California to search through.

There were more than 30 people on the search and rescue team and they had searched as long as their bodies would let them, to the point of giving up, but one police officer pressed on and she decided that she would not give up.  Eventually, they have a picture to Martin to see if she could help.  She followed along the roads and when she reached an area, she felt a strong presence that he was there.

Even though Roberta Hauser, the lead police officer, was skeptical of what Martin had said, she sent out a search teem one more time and they found the body of the missing man in the bushes.  The body was found right where Martin had drawn on the map.

Martin worked for more than 12 police agencies over her years as a psychic and she helped to investigate many times.  Many police departments have turned to psychics over the years at one time or another to help but they do not announce this to the public.

One retired detective, Rich Keaton had used Martin’s services dozens of times and he truly believes that she has a psychic gift.  Even when you are afraid of psychic gifts and afraid of what you will end up learning, some people are such believers that they will get together with psychics in order to try to come up with answers.

One day, Martin had a vision, it was when she was becoming an opera singer and was at the top of her career.  She had a vision that someone had been murdered and she went to the police.  She even was able to tell who was responsible for the murder and that the man that had committed the murder had health problems.

The girl that had been murdered in a trailer park and left in a shed at the suspect’s trailer and Martin was able to tell the cops that and even give details on what the murderer would be wearing.  Within a year, they were able to find the man responsible and take him to prison.

This case made a believer out of many law enforcement agencies, including Rich Keaton and some of the others that worked for that department.

One person, Joe Nickell, did not believe that psychic gifts were real.  He even wrote for the magazine, “Skeptical Inquirer” which investigates paranormal activities.  He believed that Martin used what they call “retro-fitting,” which means that she told them things that were normal about the case and that it could have been anyone that did the murder and they could have easily been wearing what Martin had told the cops that the killer was wearing.  He also believed that the police gave her all kinds of things to go on and that he does not believe that psychics are able to do more than making educated guesses.

Martin tells people that even though there are skeptics, that her psychic visions are real.  Even if Nickell is not impressed, Keaton and Hauser still believe in her skills and they will always be forever believers after what they saw Martin do.

After Martin helped with the case of the missing man and the murder, she was asked by many other police departments to come and help them locate missing people and to solve murder cases.