Psychic or Medium: Which Should I Choose?

Psychic or Medium: Which Should I Choose?When choosing a psychic for a reading, it’s important to understand how different psychics choose to work. If you don’t learn the various psychic terms, you likely will end up feeling unsatisfied with your reading.

Psychic language is often confusing since there are many different ways to communicate similar meanings. Some mediums just call themselves “a medium.” Others choose to use the phrase “psychic medium. This is only the beginning of confusion.

Mediums and psychics use similar techniques to perform readings. The difference lies in the type of reading they provide. Here are some of the main differences between mediums and psychic mediums.

Mediums Communicate with Spirits

A medium communicates with spirits and the souls of people who have passed. They provide reliable proof of the afterlife by relaying messages to clients from people who have passed over to the spiritual realm. A genuine medium should be able to communicate accurate information about a loved one of yours that has passed that they could not possibly have known by conventional means.

If you opt for a psychic reading from a medium that offers readings based only in mediumship, you must understand that this is how they work. Mediums don’t make predictions about the future, tell you your fortune, or read tarot cards.

Mediums use their gifts to comfort those who are suffering after the death of a loved one. Besides communicating with deceased people, they often can also connect to beloved pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge. Mediumship is a gift that requires compassion, discretion, and tact, so most of them spend significant amounts of time developing and honing their gifts.

Psychic Mediums and the Clairs

Some mediums have psychic skills. Besides connecting with your loved ones who have passed over into the spiritual realm, psychic mediums may be able to read you and your future. If you want a reading requiring both mediumship and psychic skills, do your research and make sure the reader offers the psychic abilities you desire as well as mediumship.

Some mediums are also psychics. But many psychics have no mediumship abilities. Psychics work in different ways and use a wide variety of tools and skills to perform their readings.

At one end of the spectrum are psychics who don’t use tools at all. They work using the six “clair” gifts: clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairalience, clairgustance, and claircognizance. To better understand these terms, let’s explore them a bit more deeply.

  • Clairvoyance literally means “clear sight.” A clairvoyant can “see” events in their mind’s eye in a client’s past, present, or future.
  • Clairsentience means “clear sensing.” Clairsentients feel others’ emotions or pain as gut feelings or a gut instinct.
  • Clairaudience translates to “clear hearing.” Clairaudients receive intuitive information through their sense of hearing.
  • Clairalience is “clear smelling.” Clairalients intuitively receive information by smelling odors with no physical source.
  • Clairgustance means “clear tasting.” A clairgustant receives intuitive information through their sense of taste, often identifying memories of special beverages or foods associated with a loved one who has passed.
  • Claircognizance, or “clear knowing,” involves sudden knowledge that just seems to “pop” into one’s mind out of nowhere.

Some psychics read people simply by observing their auras—they sense the subtle energies contained in people’s bodies. Other psychics perform readings by holding objects that belong to the client, such as jewelry or personal care items.

Divination tools

To help them tune their energy to their clients’, many readers use divination tools, including tarot, angel, or oracle cards, runes, teacups, and scrying tools such as crystal balls or mirrors. Often, psychic readers who use these tools are self-taught. They work diligently to further develop their skills. They may not have been born with a psychic gift.

Divination tools serve to help readers focus their intuition on the question their client has asked. If you want answers to specific questions, it may be best for you to seek a psychic that uses tools. For a more general reading, you may find it preferable to work with a psychic that doesn’t use tools.

Psychic Methods

Psychic methods include numerology, astrology, aura reading, and palm reading. If you consult a reader who uses one of these methods, it can help you to know if the reader also claims to have psychic abilities. Many readers using these methods don’t claim to have any psychic abilities at all. These methods must be learned and studied in-depth, which may take many years.

Some readers using these methods also use their intuitive gifts. They will tell you, quite openly, that they use these gifts plus their knowledge of the psychic method to give you your reading.

Getting a Good Reading

The key to receiving a quality psychic reading lies in understanding the various ways in which mediums and psychics work. They don’t provide readings in the same way, so you shouldn’t expect them to.

To get the most from a psychic, research their abilities and skills. Don’t be afraid to just ask them about it: most genuine psychics are more than willing to describe how they work, because they truly want their clients to get the best reading possible. They want clients to thoroughly understand how they receive intuitive information.

If you expect to hear from a loved one who has passed during a tarot reading, you’ll likely be disappointed. Understanding how psychics and mediums work will increase the likelihood that you’ll choose the best possible reader and method for your intended purpose.