Restoring Your Emotional Balance

Restoring Your Emotional BalanceKarma is what you work on and it can be part of your past life.  What you are doing now effects how karma will play a role in your life.  This means If you make the same mistakes over and over that this can hurt you in the long run.

Karma in the past life is what your life looks like now and what you are doing pre-determines what your future will look like.  If you do not complete what you are supposed to do, this will carry over to your next life and will cause you to be unbalanced.

If you have made bad choices in the past, it will keep presenting itself to you over and over in your current life and the negative choices decide what will happen in your next life.  You need to make decisions based on things that are pleasant and not unpleasant like fear, doubt, lack and so on.  When you face these things, it could be karma that is showing itself form your past life.  Karma can accumulate in your past life and show up later.

Past Life

Karma is when negative choices are made.  You don’t create karma by having bad thoughts, bad thoughts can be cleared, and you can do positive things.

Negative actions are what we are basing karma on.  Each action we take will disconnect us from our soul’s path if it is negative and will leave you with a debt to karma.  Don’t think that karma is only something that happens in the past life, it can be part of your present as well.

Past Karma

If you want to know if karma is working in your life and is holding you back, you need to know a few things.

First, when karma is created, it doesn’t go away after you pass, it continues into your next life.  If you keep making the same mistakes over and over, this will be part of you in the future and negative things can keep showing up in your life.

The second thing is that karma carries on from lifetime to lifetime so not only can you carry the past karma, you can also add more to it.  When you are facing difficult things such as not finding love or child abuse, you are sometimes facing karma.

Another thing to note is that people in your life copy the debt you owe to karma.  The people will match your vibrations and they will show up to collect the debt that you owe.  They will put you in situations that you blame yourself or others for and this can be part of your mistakes.

Things that happen to you do not happen by accident.  They have a deep spiritual meaning and they are part of karma.  If good things are happening to you, you are getting good karma, if bad things are happening to you, it can be bad karma.  It is all about how karma plays its game.  This is a cause and effect situation.

The best way to stop karma is to use free will and to make positive choices that affect you positively.  This can happen through hard work and being aware of what you are doing.

Karma is not base don what you have done, and it is coming back to get you.  This can manifest itself into your other life and your new life as well.

Karma is not always a negative thing.  Making positive karma can reap you good things.  You need to learn about karma by putting positive actions into love and being compassionate for people.

The choices that you have made in your past can be what you are facing now.  The law of karma is never going to be broken.  What you harvest, you will reap.

You can reincarnate with the same souls in a different role.  If you were a child in the past, you might be that child’s parent in the future.  This allows you to see all points of view of life.

Karma is there to teach you and give you an opportunity to pay the debt that you have sown.

Discovering Karma

The karma that you have in your past life can play a role in your present life.  You have to understand what karma is in order to not fall back into the same path.  You need to ask yourself what lesson you are learning and what your experiences are telling you.  You need to find truth and peace.

You need to pay attention to similar things that keep happening to you.  You need help from people that can guide you and give you introspective help.  They need to point out your faults.

Go deeper in what you are looking for and let your soul heal.  Find freedom in yourself and live a life where you will not be burdened by what your soul has done wrong, but do right and reap the positive things in your lifetimes that will come.