Signs You Are Reincarnated

When you lose a loved one, you will wish that you could have one more day with them, one more hug, one more kiss.  You will feel like they left you too soon and you will sometimes get your wish.

The truth is energy never dies and it goes back and forth and takes up many different shapes. When energy leaves one body, it goes into a new body or it comes back as a different life with a same or different purpose.

The person might take different, but their spirit will be in control and will make them shine from who they used to be.

Have you ever wondered if your loved one reincarnated and come back as a new person? Souls are often a sign and here are some ways to tell:

  • They left before they should have such as in a tragic accident or died suddenly. They left business that was not finished.
  • People talk to them like they are there such as toddler’s saying their name or singing a song that he or she did not know but the dead loved one did. The soul can speak and act the same way that they did the first time they were here.
  • The manners of a reincarnated soul will be the same. You will be able to tell by their laugh, things they say and their distinct qualities. They will behave like the person they were no matter what gender they are.
  • The characteristics of this person can be similar to the body they left before. Maybe they will have the same birthmark or mole or the same color eyes. Some people have the same hidden birthmarks like on legs or on their back while others have other similar features.
  • The eyes of your reincarnated loved one will open up and when you look into their eyes, you will be able to tell that it is the same person.
  • Pay attention to when the timing happens. Time has a strong meaning. Maybe a baby is born at the exact time that the person died, this can be the soul passing on.
  • One big clue is that someone will tell you how they remind them so much of your passed loved one.
  • A person that reincarnates will often have the same situations as they had in the first life. This can be a karmic tie and a karmic relationship that the person needs to finish.
  • If you are feeing sad at the loss of a loved one and someone comes and fills that void, chances are you will be dealing with the same loved one that has reincarnated. They will come to share the same space with you and fill the gap that has left you feeling empty and sad.

We never want people to leave us, but when they do, remember their spirit might return. Pay attention to the different signs and learn to recognize if their soul reincarnated.