Being an Indigo

Indigo people are people that are different. If you think that you are an indigo, you might be. There are signs that can show you that you are an indigo and here are some of the signs:

Needing to Know Things

Indigo adults do not just accept things as they are, but they want to know and understand why things happen. Indigos will question almost everything, and they will do what they can to find out the answers to the world.

The indigo will especially ask questions when there are things such as inequality and suffering in the world because they don’t understand why this happens.


Indigo people often have a problem with authority. They do not believe that people that are educated are always right, and they will not always accept what they say. Indigos probably did not have a great time in school because they didn’t always think things were done right.

They will often argue when they don’t believe in something, and they have a hard time being quiet. The Indigo is not a trouble maker, they just don’t take to people being treated unfairly.

Many Indigo’s will work towards being in the social or the political system so that they can share their views and help others as they do their job and find out new ways to become part of the environment around them.

Dealing with Hurt and Suffering

Indigo’s have a hard time seeing other people suffer and hurt because they are mostly empaths. This means that they pick up the feelings and emotions of others. When an Indigo has to watch people go through trauma or disasters, it can be very hard for them.

Since the Indigo is so sensitive to feelings, they find that they have emotional heartache even when they watch things such as the news and other things that can be bad happening in the world around them.

Loving Animals

Most Indigo people will be close to animals. They will want to work with animals that are in shelters, and they will even spend time in the garden looking for animals or getting close to plants.

They love to watch things about how animals act, and they believe completely that animals are as important as people.

Existential Feelings of Sadness

Many Indigo adults have felt depressed or have felt like they had no hope. These things happen to them even from a young age and this happens because they cannot understand inequality and hurt that people put on others. They hate when people do not love nature or when they try to harm it.

Indigos never feel that they fit in, and they have a hard time relating to other people. Most people will talk about the Indigo, or they will think that they are weird because they do not fit the norm of society. Even though they want to help the world, they are often put down because of it.

Spiritual Experiences

Indigo adults often have strong psychic giftings and they find this at an early age. Their family and friends might not even understand what is going on with them and this is especially true for those that have been brought up in religious homes. Those that aren’t from religious homes will often keep having an interest in spiritual things even as adults.

Indigo adults are often open minded about different religions and different spiritual things, and they try to see things from spirits to ghosts and they even believe in angels and other dimensions.

Indigo’s have a hard time dealing with things on the earth because they have a hard time with electronics, and they find things will act strange when they walk into a room such as televisions going off or lights flickering.

Indigo’s are often connected to the numbers 11:11 and see this number repeating often around them.

Purpose in Life

The Indigo adults want to know what their purpose is from the very beginning. The only thing that they start out knowing is that they want to change the world and make it a better place.

It is not easy for them to find a place to fit in the world because there is so much corruption such as in the social and political arena’s. This can be frustrating and hard for an Indigo to accept because they want to be in a career where they can make things better.

Once the Indigo begins to listen better to their inner voice, they will be able to find their purpose easier. They will be able to look at society and find out what social norms and values the world has. They will get a deeper sense of who they are.

These people can really make a difference in the world if they do not give in because they have a gift from the universe. They are able to take their spiritual giftings and bring light to a dark world.

If you think you are an Indigo, read above and find out what kind of signs that you have that point you to this kind of life. Are you sensitive to emotions and pain and do you dream about making the world a better place? If so, chances are that you are indeed an Indigo.